Fel and Holy magic crashing together

Due to my RP… I have a feud going on with another Illidari, but that is besides the point. I was sitting thinking to myself, what would happen if a holy wield flew holy magic at an Illidari. What would happen… Cause my Illidari is a fel hound, consumes magic. So what would happen if she consumed holy magic, or had holy magic thrown at her?

Meant to ask this question on this toon

Now I don’t think we’ve seen this specific thing in lore, but I think this is kinda a however you wanna play it thing. If it were me, I’d play it off like you ate something REALLY bad. So like… feeling very ill. Like that’s how I play my lady when she takes in any fel.

I mean, I was thinking that. Possible bad acid reflex type of deal…

Fel reflux…now there’s a revolting thought.


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I mean, would make sense. Just end up puking with the fact that light hit her.

You ate the equivalent of a Holy Ghost Pepper. You will most likely survive it. But you’re just gunna wish you were dead.

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Didn’t we see this with Xera and Illidan… it goes boom :boom:

That was more of a forced conversion to Light by eliminating the Fel, leading to an UNO reverse Fel attack against a being of Light.

But light and void are the universal opposites, with arcane and fel being opposites. I’m just trying to understand what kind of reaction is expected from them clashing. Oan xera was forcing the light into him and he repelled it with his fel and then destroyed her so it seems that the stronger of the two will destroy the other.

It’s all Warcraft mana at the core, no?

Another person more or less came up with this…
Maybe fel, light, void, ect has a general magic energy “thing” which forms the foundation of any force specific magic. If mana is this energy then when you consume the light magic, you are digesting it and absobing the mana in it.

In regards to Fel Hounds any and all magic can be devoured. Now will it be pleasant? Probably not? I think it would be similar to how Forsaken react to Light magic, which is to say ‘not very well’.

Which raises the question of how Calia is going to handle all that…I’m sure it’ll be fine!

That’s my take on it though: You can do it, you probably won’t like it though.

Given game mechanics in Tomb of Sargeras on Maiden of Vigilance? Violent soul shattering explosions?

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Yep goes boom lol

Make it explode! Do it!

I think it would just be unpleasant, similar to as described above like eating something bad.