Feedback: Voidweaver in The War Within

The new talent, Entropic Rift says it procs when you use Void Torrent. However, Void Torrent is still far down on the Talent Tree according to WoWhead. Are we going to be forced to use this skill in TWW or are we going to have an alternative spell that procs Entropic Rift?

Secondary Concerns:

Also can we please, please, PLEASE have a Glyph that completely TURNS OFF Shadowform? Even with Glyph of Shadow it hurts the eyes and makes for a lot of flickering especially when Dragonriding. It does kinda suck you know? Not being able to enjoy my character’s appearance and spell casts, unlike the other classes.

I’ve also a secondary solution in the event some feel a need to oppose this request, or raise the concern about how their gameplay / arenas / etc. etc. would be impacted if the Priest Class can ‘hide’ Shadowform. If such concerns are deemed valid by the Devs, then I’d shift my request; and instead humbly ask that Blizzard please make us a glyph option that at the very least replaces Shadowform with those lovely orbiting Shadow Orbs we had in Mists of Pandaria.

The reason for my request is two-fold. Void Elves can’t enjoy their racial due to Shadowform, and no one can enjoy their character appearances with it. It’s a hold over from Classic that needs to be reworked or turned into a visual toy like Water Shield was.

Thanks for reading the questions and requests. Hope to hear back soon on the situation with Entropic Rift!

Looks great so far. I’d buy your teams a coffee if I could (or a few beers)!

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Unlikely, Voidweaver isn’t the only hero tree where this is the case.

It says Mind Blast in one section and void torrent in another, I think it will trigger off of mind blast though.

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It triggers from void torrent for shadow, and mind blast for disc.

If it triggered from mind blast for shadow it would have 100% uptime.

It’s interesting that disc will get basically 100% up time but shadow won’t, seems like it should for both

Disc’s cooldown on mind blast is a LOT longer than shadow’s

They already said in an interview that they would adjust the position of talents required for hero trees to be more accessible.

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I really do not like that voidweaver is going to be pretty useless for arena and can be massively useless in pvp, every single class has massive mobility. So the core part of our mechanic won’t be useful, and can just be stepped out of.

Incredibly lame.

Just make it stick on a target, and be immune to dispel. Makes it way more friendly I imagine for raod m+ and pvp. Instead of our damage being in other players hands.


I’m so, so tired of playing shadowfiend as disc, and this is just more of that.

And against new oracle, I don’t know why I’d ever not play voidweaver on Disc. About the only attractive part of Oracle is increased atone duration, but 1s is not enough in comparison to boosting our fiend a ton and giving us an even more powerful Shadow Covenant.

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if this is only triggered by void torrent this I hate this design.

Good luck casting at all in PVP.

my soul can’t even anymore.


Did you not see the talents that reduces speed by 80%, plus if you have critical on Mind Blast it’s pretty much a root

Shadowstep, freedom, charge, heroic leap, roll, fel rush , blink, port , burning rush, divine steed, dk divine steed, leap, shaman jump thing, evoker movement thing.

Just any of those abilities in the 10-15 seconds before this hits. And the messed up thing is that isn’t even all of the things that completely remove it’s impact.


Agreed 100 percent.
Not even only arena, pvp overall.

Imagine trying to cast one void torrent without getting hit with some form of cc. It crazy.

Especially with everyone macro abusing or bot abuse

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True, but we have other cc to mitigate some of those abilities. Honestly haven’t pvpd in a while so I may be off base here. But I think that psychic horror, void tendrils etc, would help in a lot of thise situations.

There is almost no realistic scenario in which a halfway decent player will be in this ability at the end of it. Mobility is insane at this point for basically every class but priest.


What’re you thoughts on the other option? The 20% increased movement speed? Maybe they should add caveats to the ability or clarity with how it will work with other classes. Im sure we will get more info once testing is underway.

Pvp has gotten to a point where casters are pretty much dependent on instant casting most of the time. No amount of movement speed will help against the high levels of gap closers melee classes have now.

Sp do not have anything that really protects them while casting

Void torrent casting while moving is a step in right direction, but it has a cd… a long one at that with no spell lock/kick protection .

Maybe if the spell itself is reworked to have very low cd, then it wouldnt be as bad.

But casting mind flay and void torrent overall in pvp has always made them into a target dummy getting kicked abused.

I really wish addons were removed to stop the kick abuse. Same for the kick macros, now bots too


Ya ive played SP main since beginning of BC, when I did pvp a lot it could be rough, and I feel that 100%. Maybe we will see a pruning of mobility, (doubt it). But hopefully us having these conversations will help change it, (not holding my breath lol). We need Publik to go on a PR campaign for us.

It’s silly and dare I say it down right stupid and insulting at this point where you can see other classes having increased mobility (Death Knight mounting in combat) or immunity to knock back and interrupt effects (Colossus Warrior) options within the new hero talent trees. They actually have next level toolkits to play with.

But with Voidweaver and I’m going to bet all the hero talents for priest let alone our base class/spec talents don’t provide these types of qol enhancements.

I mean if they made it so during Void Torrent you became immune to interrupt and knock back effects or something like that then I can see it having use that actually makes Shadow a threat instead of just auto interrupt and shutdown the entire spec… again just like with the old Voidform garbage problem.

There is nothing interesting in Voidweaver that makes you stand out and have to play differently around if you were facing one. It’s just same old auto interrupt and move on while shutting down Shadow almost completely.

It really is a 2 level class design system with Priest having its own category of punching bag.


I hear ya on that. I’m surprised they haven’t put a blue post for our thoughts on this.