Feedback: Sunfury (FINAL EDIT)

Hey everyone,

Blizzard’s mage hero trees have been amazing so far, so much so that I’m kinda feeling inadequate about my previous tree ideas.

Well this ends now! I challenge Blizzard to a Tree-off!

For this challenge, it’s my tree (or anyone else who wants to make a tree) vs Blizzards, and we see which is better! There’s only 1 tree left for Mages, so it’s the Combination of Fire + Arcane Hero Tree (currently called Sunfury).

Without further ado, here is the tree. I changed the name from Sunfury to Flamewarp Destroyer to better fit my theme. It revolves around Arcane and Fire’s cooldown windows, with a Flamewarp aesthetic (think Combustion but purple/Arcane-colored flames).

The lore around it revolves around mages in the Kirin Tor experimenting with Flames that feed off Arcane energies present all around them instead of normal combustible matter. This resulted in the discovery of Flamewarp, which is incredibly unstable and short-lived but burns very hot as it consumes all the nearby Arcane energies. Users of Flamewarp magic are often killed by their own use of this magic, and those that survive wield such power that they have been granted a special elite rank among the Kirin Tor: the Flamewarp Destroyers.

:fire: :fire: :fire: Here is my tree: :fire: :fire: :fire:

Visuals/What I envision:
  • Flamewarp Archon form: something like this but with more fire than electricity:
  • Flamewarp Beam: Large laser that travels very quickly to the target and explodes on contact; looks like this:
  • Flamewarp Blast: Same as flamewarp beam, but smaller (~1/4 of the size of Flamewarp Beam)
  • Flamewarp Missiles: Same as Flamewarp Beam, but even smaller since you shoot 8 of them quickly (~1/10 of the size of Flamewarp Beam)
  • Flamewarp Obliteration:

Obviously, this is taken from Diablo 3, which absolutely knocked the mage visuals out of the park. Fantastic game btw

May the best tree win!


Wow I love this!

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Very interesting ideas!

Question: How are you making your mock-up? Is it just photoshop?

EDIT: I thought I’d have a go. Here’s a quick concept for a Blood Mage I just came up with in about an hour or so.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Verdant Spheres
Unstable Magic Drain Mana Erosion
Cauterizing Blink/Fire Within Verdant Power Siphon Shield/Incanter’s Ward
Spellflame Mastery Dark Arcana Dismissal
Summon Phoenix

Verdant Spheres: Activate to gain a charge of Presence of Mind (Arcane) or Fire Blast (Fire). 3 charges. 30 sec recharge. Verdant Spheres float around the Blood Mage’s head. Color is green by default, can be changed in Barbershop.

Unstable Magic: For each Verdant Sphere charge on cooldown, your critical strikes with Arcane Blast and Pyroblast have a 25% chance to explode dealing 20% of the total damage as spellflame to nearby enemies. Deals reduced damage beyond 5 targets.

Drain Mana: Dealing damage with Clearcast spells or Hot Streaks reduces the recharge of Verdant Spheres by 1 sec.

Erosion: Your arcane and fire damaging spells cause your target to take 1% increased magic damage for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times. New stacks do not refresh duration

Cauterizing Blink: Activating Blink heals you for 10% of your total health over 6 sec.

Fire Within: Casting Magic Missiles with Clearcasting and Pyroblast with Hot Streaks causes you to heal for 6% of your total health over 6 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once ever 20 sec.

Verdant Power: Activating a Verdant Sphere increases your spell power by 10% for 10 sec. Your mage’s body becomes wreathed in spellflame the same color as your Verdant Spheres.

Siphon Shield: Places a magical barrier around targeted ally, reducing magical damage taken by X% for 1 min. Whenever your ally takes damage, you are healed for X% of the damage dealt and gain X% critical strike damage for 10 sec.

Incanter’s Ward: Places a ward over your targeted ally, absorbing X damage for 30 sec. and increasing the magical damage they deal by X%. When the ward expires or is destroyed, you refund a charge of Verdant Sphere.

Spellflame Mastery: Arcane: Casting Arcane Barrage launches a Pyroblast at each target. Fire: Casting Pyroblast launches an Arcane Barrage at your target.

Dark Arcana: Each time you activate a Verdant Sphere, you gain a stack of Dark Arcana. For each stack, you gain an additional 1% Mastery. At 12 stacks, your next Nether Tempest (Arcane) or Living Bomb (Fire) deals 350% increased damage.

Dismissal: Casting Blastwave or Supernova causes all targets to be dismissed to the Twisting Nether for 6 sec.

Summon Phoenix: Casting Arcane Surge or Combustion grants 3 charges of Verdant Spheres and launches a Phoenix of spellflame at your target, dealing X% spellflame damage instantly, and an additional X% spellflame damage over 15 sec. Activating a Verdant Sphere during Arcane Surge or Combustion launches an additional Phoenix.


Lots of interesting ideas here. Approaching this from an Arcane angle it seems a bit too fiery for my tastes but I guess it all depends on how you envision this “flamewarp” (side noted: why not “spellfire” which is nomenclature that already exists in the game?).

If it has cosmic/celestial vibes I would be all down for it, especially if this archon form resembles that of wizards in D3. But knowing WoW devs if they implemented something like that it would probably end up looking like the elemental ascendant forms shamans use (the ones with the same dated visuals from Cataclysm) and slightly recolored fire.

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Netherwinds - Increases Nether Tempest haste by 300%
Hypernova - Knocks enemies up and away from each other. 30yds.
Spellflame - Arcane spells apply Spellflame to the target for 12 seconds stacking to 3. Increasing spell mastery by 10% / 20% / 30%. Nether Tempest applies Spellflame to all enemies hit.

Not quite, I’m just downloading previous trees and editing them in paint, then using Wowhead and using the Inspect Elements tool to modify what it says on the page, then print screen onto the tree in paint.

People made the same comment about me changing Spellfrost to Frostwarp.
The reason is that the name sounds so awful. What the hell is a spellfrost? Frost spells are already spells; why spell frost?

Arcane magic, however, is known to warp things, including time (as an example), meaning the combination of Fire/Frost with Arcane would warp it with Arcane energies, thus creating Flame/Frostwarp respectively.

Fully agreed; visuals for this are very important, and you guessed correctly. I envisioned this looking like Diablo 3. I updated my first post to reflect what this would look like with example images.

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Wow this is really swag and cool. I agree COMPLETELY!!! love from sweden.


Tell me more about your mage rotation

Are you ok?


Cast fireball, I dont care how small the room is I want to cast fireball

Um… what??

This reads like it was written by ChatGPT.

I asked my friends and guildmates to look at my tree and now they’re all trolling me

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very cool ideas :+1:

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Holy guacamole this makes me want to play your version of mage

ZOMG Brainard with another BANGER of a post. You’re so smart and handsome. Please continue posting about mage talents!!!1!!

Since there’s no official feedback page for Sunfury, here’s my post:

:mage: Overall Feedback :mage:

This is an excellent tree. I begrudgingly do not know which tree I like more between my Flamewarp Destroyer tree and this Sunfury one (I almost want the mage community to be polled to see which is better honestly). There are some very minor issues to discuss, but overall this is a slam dunk. I would rank this tree in the range of A to A+ for Arcane. I firmly believe this may be the best hero tree released to date.

Suggested Changes

  1. Codex of the Sunstrider: Greater Pyroblast currently is coded to do [800% Spell Power] Fire damage to a single target. With 5 Spellfire spheres, this means the Arcane Phoenix may cast up to [4000% Spellpower] Fire damage completely independent of your own casts (since this is a pet casting it while you do your own thing). This damage seems a little steep to me; I would be careful of the tuning on that Phoenix. The same can be said of the Arcane Surges in AoE; Surge is actually quite strong in AoE (as I’m sure you know).
  2. Spellfire Sphere and Rondurmancy: At 5 stacks, the passive from these Spheres gives a flat 20% damage boost that is present at all times outside of Arcane Surge windows (and still present to a lesser degree during your Arcane Surge unless if the Phoenix consumes all of the Spheres at once). This feels like a lot of damage to me; similar to Codex of the Sunstrider (and with the massive amount of Haste granted from Mana Addiction [doubled with Memory of Al’ar]), this tree might provide a very large amount of damage.
  3. Burden of Power: I actually think this should apply 2 seperate buffs that apply to Arcane Blast and Arcane Barrage independently (even if the damage has to be lowered to, for example, 25% for both). This is mainly because there is a scenario in single target where you want this to apply to Arcane Barrage during your cooldowns (i.e. with Arcane Harmony at the end of the TotM window), but it may unfortunately get consumed by Arcane Blast.
  4. Memory of Al’ar, specifically the Arcane Soul buff: Relative to the other talents on this tree, Arcane Soul feels a little weak in comparison (unless if Clearcast AM is massively buffed in TWW; unknown at this time). I only mention it because it is a capstone talent and usually those are stronger, but given how strong everything else here is, you could completely get away with leaving it as is.

In case you didn’t see it Blizz, this is the Flamewarp Destroyer tree I’m talking about: