Feedback: Same-Faction Battlegrounds Test

This is great and was much needed. Finally can grind honor in a reasonable amount of time. Please make this permanent.

Literal 1 minute queues and my opponents don’t all have full resilience gear because they had just as stifled queues in the past as me. I love it!

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The same-faction bgs are great. But pre-made with more than 5 players needs to be disabled or make them play against other pre-mades.

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Amazing change. Should definitely stay in the game long term.

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The change has only been terrible. You shouldn’t be disadvantaging alliance players because the horde want to have their cake and eat it too. Its not fair to punish the remaining alliance pvp players just to make the glutton of horde pvpers happier. If people want fast queue times, they should reroll alliance. You shouldn’t punish alliance by giving horde the olnly benefit alliance had. We dont even get more honor, we just get steamrolled by premades. RIP alliance faction pvp. Thanks Blizz >.>


We’ve fixed the setting that was allowing same-faction talk across opposing teams.


First game of same-faction queues: 1-minute queue, EotS with a final score of 2000 to 1993. What a close and fair game, I love it.

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Amazing change. Had our first full guild EotS premade going. We could never get more than 5-7 people before because of the extremely long wait period, for any bgs.

Now, we have lots of guildies who are excited about pvp and happy to queue up and play with friends, even though they have no or very little pvp gear. They actually are happy they can get honor gear now in a reasonable amount of time because of the instant queues. Some of them were even talking about leveling alts now just for pvp! They had abandoned the idea previously because it was a ridiculous time investment.

Only negative: same faction doing whispers, /s, and /y talking massive trash AND unable to report for spam or ignore these people harassing you.


Alliance aren’t gaining a disadvantage, they’re just losing an advantage they never should have had. The TBC devs never intended for 50 minute queues for horde and instant queues for alliance.


live exists… yes, and it’s a totally different game than classic. therefore “all the proof you need” is redundant because it doesn’t use the same tangents and variables.

and besides, if it takes 2 years to happen, that’s better than the crapfest taking place b4 this weekend.


and that creates balance huh, by giving one side more than the other. gotcha.

You’re right it is a totally different game. That’s why this change shouldn’t have even happened in the first place but here we are.

Blizzard made a trash nuclear option change instead of trying to coerce Horde to Alliance or rewarding Alliance for participating in PVP (badges/nethers/etc).

So here’s to the eventual 80% population Horde to 20% alliance just like live. Won’t happen today or even this month but give it a year.

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Kind of like how they catered to crying Horde?
Best racials, Best PVE scene, Highest population, Most PVP servers 30/70 in favor of Horde. They have one drawback of self inflicted long queues but they can’t have that. Daddy blizzard needs to come in and fix it.


Man you’re getting pretty worked up and angry. Relax.

^ this right here.
as someone who played horde from vanilla to icc, then had RL friends talk me into switch factions to raid with them, i can honestly say this is 100% correct. a majority of ally do not want to pvp, or at least not work for it. they rather get carried in bgs and arena and will leave after the first wipe. sure there’s horde that do this too,l but i’d be willing to bet there’s far more alliance doing it than horde.

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You mean like how the horde get to have fast queues AND the massive PvP population advantage?


and yet alliance in the forums still whine and cry how OP horde racials is the reason why there’s so much of an “imbalance”.

i guess when people believe a story, it’s best to stick with it and keep pushing it, right?

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If you want alliance perks play alliance, if you want horde perks play horde. Alliance have poor pvp perks and fast queue times, horde have BiS perks and long times. Its not fair to have the best pvp racials and the instant queue times. It just isnt. This is how everyone that wants to pvp rerolls horde, leaving the rest of us screwed over.


after running bgs all day, here’s my thoughts and observations:

  1. queue times are awesome. finally we can play a game the way it’s meant to be played.
  2. premades need to either be broken up or kept but matched against another, with pugs filling in any empty slots.
  3. this morning started out fun- i suppose from not many knowing about the changes at the time; it was pugs vs. pugs. bgs were really fun and even won a few. as people learned of the change, more and more premades must’ve started joining. the last 4-5 bgs were pugs vs. premades, and i’m sure you guessed it- they were all loses. people start afking after the first flag caps or wipes and whine to the rest of the team to just “let em have it”.

the change does look promising, but something needs to be done about premades… honestly, it’s no different from a bunch of solo pugs vs. a team full of twinks.


You can remove racials from the game ,I would never switch to the side of these cry babies. When humans got two trinkets it still didn’t even cross my mind. I have a feeling most Horde feels the same other than the top 0.1% elite PVP arena guys. Literally doesn’t impact the criers negatively at all just makes it possible for the other faction to get rewarded as well. The logic that making the game worse for one faction to force them into joining the opposite faction is beyond stupid. PVP lovers are way more likely to quit all together than being forced to join alliance.