Feedback: Recent Updates to Holiday Events

Where have I said it’s broken? This is you once again putting words into my mouth and again its getting really frustrating. I could say you’re not offering any valid input much less are you “contrasting” with your own experience compared to ours. Your words are the equivalent of a “Get good”.

You’re once again overlooking our suggestions; which are far from “Give me free things” and more “There could be an alternative to go with what we currently have.”

Having an alternative way to obtain rewards is what I’m asking for and grinding Candy buckets/daily activities still in itself is a time consuming but more casual way that doesn’t involve fighting queues and banging our heads against the wall 15+ times a day for the hopes that we’ll finally get the drop.

I have said it nearly three times already and each time you’ve overlooked it. My above is my suggestion on how to fix it while keeping it balanced.


Not a single time in this post have I put forth anything towards you.
I’m speaking generally. The overall discussions in the C.C. forums.
You’re misreading what I’m typing and more importantly I’m misrepresenting what I mean.
I’ll detail my posts more in the future so there isn’t any confusion.

The Brewfest ‘revamp’ didn’t meet expectations. Two new static dailies in Valdrakken, candy-bucket style turn ins and a couple of cosmetics wasn’t really what I was expecting. I hope Direbrew gets the Headless Horseman treatment next year, the extra hardmode option is cool, and whilst it I personally didn’t find it difficult, it spruced up the boss a little and also the new design of the boss is far more enjoyable than the previous target-dropping, target switching chasing the head around version.

Hopefully something is cooking for a revamp to Ahune? Not sure if that thing has been touched since it was put in back in TBC.


I share your sentiment somewhat, but Brewfest has at least gotten a few updates over the years. I hope all the seasonal events gets some major updates. Having a more interesting fight is a good step but I hope that there is more on the way. New quests, new dailies/world quests together with new rewards on the vendor.

I’d personally love if they added more of the events around the world. I think it’s good that they have a main hub (example Brewfest outside of Ironforge) but it would be interesting if there was an expedition each year for the events.

Let’s say that for the next Brewfest, Alliance has the standard Ironforge one but also have a lesser group of dailies together with a Brewfest Caravan somewhere else in EK/Kalimdor (perhaps less used areas, good zones for this could be Twilight Highlands or Gilneas).

Looking at rewards, they could have done like Halloween where they add a cool themed mount to the TP but then have a recolor of said mount available through a quest chain (not daily).


I’d like to revive this topic now that we’ve been through a few of the Holiday revamps; It feels like of all the dungeon related holidays, Love is in the Air has been the most shafted in terms of limited time drops.

Love Rocket was already a very low drop rate chance to begin with and now they added the manuscript which is just as equally low.

According to Wowhead the manuscript from Brewfest had a .6% drop rate; thats a .60% drop rate normally if someone didn’t get it their first try of the day.

As for the Love is in the Air one? .06% Drop rate normally. This is JUST as bad as the mount itself which is potentially in the .01% if not lower. Not even the Hallows End armor was this bad at a recorded 1.6% drop rate.

Love is in the Air is also the shortest running holiday of all the holidays that have themed dungeons tied to them. With a large swath of the playerbase still struggling to get the Love Rocket even after the boosted drop rate once a day, I feel adding an equally low drop rate of the manuscript is honestly terrible design.

I was in the call in December where Ion said he wanted to respect the players time yet so far we’ve seen none of this respect of our time. Do we have to wait til War Within to be eligible for this respect?

I feel adjustments need to be made to get players moving along. I understand you want this content to last but it shouldn’t last 10+ years for some people. Holidays are meant to be times of relaxation, not stress and struggling.


I feel this on a visceral level. I got a new running total of 4,603 attempts at the Love Rocket today and have absolutely nothing to show for it with only 2 more days left of the event. Running with 71 characters a day has been absolutely demoralizing and an event in game that SHOULD be fun actually just makes me not want to log in anymore. I would actually be playing this game MORE if the event didn’t make me feel so horrible every time I finished my alts and walked away empty-handed.

  • Overall drop of the mount should have been increased, not just “1st attempt of the day.” It’s horrible design. It’s neither fun nor meaningful. It is not engaging.
  • Overall drop rate for limited time items should not be low in general.
  • Bad luck protection should apply to everything in the game (toys, mounts, pets, appearances, etc), not just over-powered legendaries that only a few select specs can even use.
  • Drake manuscripts should absolutely be a vendor item to farm out, not yet another abysmally low drop rate item. No one enjoys this.
  • Devs should think about rewarding players for participating in events, not making them feel like they’re wasting their time and being punished for putting in time.

I said this in that “Did you get it 2024” Thread, but I feel like each year they should tack on an increase to the drop %. It doesn’t have to be something too big and it doesn’t have to eventually lead to a 100% drop rate chance (I do believe there should be a hard cap on the amount of % increase it should stop at.) But as it stands now Love is in the Air is the most miserable time of the year for WoW players.


I agree both are low drop. I actually don’t know anyone who successfully farmed up the manuscript this year. The mount, their intent is clear it should still be extremely rare from the recent Q&A. I did enjoy the new items added to Love is in the Air but not the 60x daily this year (I used to farm this more 2-3 accounts in the past). I liked the heart ray and pet, the skybox toy was neat. Only things I have to show from farming this rng, are extra some AH goodies toy, pet, and yet another spare lovebird. Feralas resort quest for holiday achieve not part of the meta also was rng about every 3 days. I would say keep adding new items in future years but that doesn’t mean I am happy with the event, just the new goodies made it sting a little less.