Feedback re: Hotfixes

I want to say I appreciate the humor added in among the recent Hotfix notes on the Hotfixes news page! I got a chuckle from several of them!

Which forum should I use so that those who write them will get this message?

The developers can get feedback from postings in non-Support forums like General Discussion. Also, I guess that if you use the in-game suggestion feature, they would receive it and you wouldn’t have to deal with the General Discussion crowd’s commentary.

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I am aware of this. However I don’t think the developers are the ones who write the news articles. I want to thank the writers!

I mean I’m not sure the humor was the developers’ idea.

I work in the industry, though not at Blizzard. I assure you, the writers (of material like documentation and patch notes) are in fact developers, even if they never write a line of code. Likewise the testers, the systems folks, and even the managers and producers.

The days when the code monkeys were an isolated priesthood are long gone. If your output goes into the final product, you’re part of the dev team.


That’s very interesting! Thank you!


There’s a thread with some of this week’s hotfixes in General Discussion. GD would be a good place for feedback on this.

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I liked this one:


Wash your hands. Wear a mask. Maintain social distance.

Thank you! I posted my feedback in that very thread! An excellent place indeed!

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