Feedback on Healing [Gameplay] [UI] on the topics Damage Spikes, Debuff Tracking and the Adventure Guide


Healing is certainly a role many players seem to dislike picking up. From my own experience and what I encountered, this doesn’t have to do with the role and the job attached to it. The Requirement to heal goes beyond learning a “rotation” or watching health pools. While a bunch of the recent additions to the UI such mouseover have been helpful, there is a lot of work ahead to make it accessible.

To heal efficient, a player is required even in Heroic Content to run multiple weakauras or display options for debuffs and blacklisting non-important ones.

A new player in this role gets overwhelmed by it, and the extra steps setting these up is tedious work to do at the moment, esp. if you need 3rd party tools (addons).

Some of the changes I would like to suggest here are even beneficial beyond the healing role.

Introducing Players to Mouse Over right away

Currently, Mouseover is an option that is turned off by default - certainly it would help esp. in follower dungeons to introduce players to learn about this function and its benefits. It should also be a part of the new player experience. Maybe even as an ingame video tutorial which displays how to use mouseover spells.

Displaying Debuffs as you like! via the Adventure Guide

The Adventure Guide certainly packs the power to help players reading up on certain boss mechanics and debuffs. It could also help in the customization departement how debuffs are displayed on unit frames.

As not all debuffs are as important players could choose to have them displayed very small or not at all. Since some are simply healchecks or not disspellable by your class (f.e. bleeds).

While the adventure guide only displays bosses at the moment, I can only incentivize to thinking about adding these options to dungeons as well and offer a read-up on any trash mob in M+ and what they do. Currently dungeon players often times have to hand pick spell ids from Mythic Dungeon Tools (a 3rd party tool) to track certain abilities - having these easier to pick up and customize in the default interface would be a blessing.

Offer Defensive Cooldown Tracking in the UI

As a healer you are required to track these to know if someone can still help themselves if the situation is dire. It is long over due to have these added to the interface in some capacity besides raid / player frames.

Current Healing Gameplay Design is really not fun for the average player and discouraging

Certainly it is not a secret non healer defensives are getting weaker by the minute - A lot of the current design esp. in keys and high content isn’t much in the hand of the player itself and more dependent on the healer. Having damage spikes from time to time is fine but it gets toxic when you always stress out while healing - personally I think the game was alot better when healing was more about mana management and not who can press his buttons the fastest. Healing gets to a game where only the healers with the highest throughput are considered for content - there is no space for slowpace group heal designs.

High Damage Spikes also create a troublesome environment for classes that lack constant healing and are vulnerable to rot damage (constant damage events).

Therefore, I would advise a pruning of defensive cooldowns for dps players and a complete redesign how damage events happen in WoW. While this is a complete shift in gameplay design philosophy, I think it is necessary to keep wow engaging for new players.

Please note, I’m not a main healer myself and a lot of these observations have come from talks with CE Level Healers and my own adventures into the role. I still hope this is some valuable feedback.

As my term in the council is about to end, I couldn’t finish my post on this issue how I would like and it is certainly missing some notes and ideas that aren’t fully fleshed out. Still, I thought it might be good to have a talk on it here.


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It’s true that healing in WoW can be complex, especially in more difficult content. Mods like Weak Auras help, but dependence on them can be a barrier for new players.

This is an interesting point. WoW has evolved towards a faster pace of combat, but this may turn off players who prefer a more strategic style of healing.

Very good write up for this topic. I do heal pretty frequently in moderate key levels, and sometimes in mythic raid when we are short heals, but overall I found the changes they have made to the UI and especially with mouseover option to be a very good direction.

I personally would like mouseover to be enabled by default, but that may just be me always using mouseover macros, thus freeing up my character specific macros for other things. I do know alot of healers that don’t use mouseover though, they instead use certain healing addons using combination clicking and what not.

The UI does have a feature to display only dispellable debuffs if using raid frames, which I use for party frames. This does show all dispellable debuffs that your class can take care of if you are talented into it, but perhaps some of these options could be brought to the attention of the community a bit more.

I think that healing, in general, needs to step away from how much damage you can do in keys, to be more of can you keep everyone alive. It does get stressful the higher you go, the more dps/healing you need to do. Your idea of removal of defensives is an interesting idea. There are a few classes that defensives is a real issue, especially certain pulls/bosses that have multiple mechanics going off and you need your group to use their defensives effectively.

Although, I think there definitely is work to be done with affixes/mechanics/defensive usage/etc., I really enjoy healing, but understand getting new fresh blood into that role may be tough.

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+1 on all the UI changes, would def let me feel less jarred attempting to play it.
I’ve seen a lot of healer on twitter and such saying healing feels too powerful again so perhaps cutting some buttons that over-bloat certain classes would also benefit the average fresh healer player.