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On Beta my mastery barely tickles anyone and getting any gear with heavy mastery will feel especially bad. I think it needs some tuning? Unless the philosophy/goal of TWW is to move away from mastery some buffs/changes should be made.

@85% gust heals for 36k, assuming you get a proc it’s 90k, which can also crit for like 180k if you get very lucky. I think Gusts with a crit AND resplendent mist was 200k with 104% mastery - which felt better but it again you need luck on your side and an unhealthy amt of stacking mastery at the expense of stronger stats that synergize better. Our health pools are at around 4mil health @ 577 ilvl / lvl80 to compare.

With the removal of EF’s 4x gust interaction and talents like mana tea/Uplifted Spirits favoring crit, plus the meta usually favoring healer damage stats, I cant see any reason for MW wanting mastery at all, nor do I see a reason to use the resplendent mists talent ever in TWW.

Resplendent Mists only having a 30% chance to do 150% more healing is pretty bad. They should either delete the talent and move tea of plenty up/connect it to Secret Infusion, or drop the proc chance of resplendent mists and balance the amt healed accordingly, or reduce to 1 talent node if it stays the same.

If the proc chance remains 30% it should probably be buffed because dropping 2 points into this talent feels pretty insignificant compared to every other option you can take in the bottom rows of the MW tree. It feels like a tier 2/mid tier talent

Resplendent Mists wasn’t that great in DF and was rarely used. I think I was one of the only people who tried to make it work in s1/s2 and while it wasn’t the worst thing in the world in raids ( where Id see a ton of Gusts healing and it felt amazing to EF+Revival ) it competed with much more fun, stronger, or reliable, options/builds.

Resplendent Mists feels off compared to everything else in the MW tree imo. I understand if you want to move away from mastery being as impactful but at this point it needs to be reworked, buffed, or deleted because that much rng on a healer/talent for it to use useful is…blehhhh.

Can’t agree more.
Without EF,our 1m Chi-Ji in M+ can’t provide burst healing when against 3+targets like before.
And that is almost the only scenario when Gust of Mists seems useful in M+.
If we going to talk about the Raid,meh.
I could say it is the worst mastery in all healers.
Maybe in PVP it has better single target healing contribution?
I don’t know.

BTW I think Resplendent Mists is kind of a failure since SL.If they trying to encourage MW for stacking mastery and it should never be a random proc effect,no matter it’s 30%,25%,or even 70%.
If it is so important for a healer,it shouldn’t be soo random.No healer really wanna gamble it when in crisis.
If it is not important for a healer,why should we choose it?
Especially when Gust of Mists has no scale advantage in most PvE situations,and the mechanism is way out of time.
Things like Crane Style,Resplendent Mists,even the Chi-Ji himself can’t save it.
So dear devs,from a long-term perspective,get to rework this mastery is truly the No.1 priority of MW develope.


Brewmaster Feedback.

Hi. I did some M+ testing with BM and was generally happy with the direction the spec is headed. Button bloat feels better without compromising the core of how the class plays. That said there are still some concerns I have for the spec.

BM sturdiness in Raid vs M+

In Dragonflight we saw all specs balanced largely around raids, but what works for raids does not always translate to working in m+. I was hoping to see something in the tree, a variable of some sort to adjust if needed to support the spec with trash.

Druids have Blood Frenzy (more rage), warriors have Into the Fray (more haste) etc. Monk has Anvil and Staff but Its value fluctuates quite heavily between dungeons (think with Dragonflight dungeons AA vs RLP) and its brew cd benefits don’t necessarily translate to our needs. It also does not feel great value to take vs other talents in bottom of tree.

Adding a stacking but not extending short DR or Armor buff to Anvil and Staff would create that variable. If you think of something like “each dodge gives 2/4% armor for 5 seconds stacking up to 5 times, additional stacks do not extend duration” then in raids this would typically sit around 1-2 stacks while in M+ trash you would hit full benefits quickly.

This is just a suggestion, it does not need to be that, but something would go a long way to assuring monks going into next expansion and if not needed it could always be scaled back. Having a repeat of the Dragonflight experience would be soul crushing.

Bringing something unique to M+

Monk lacks utility and identity in M+. I understand the need to avoid an utility arms race between tanks but still I think there is room to improve monk. Here are some suggestions.

Vivacious Vivications
Vivacious Vivications is now reasonably accessibly but the heal is woeful. At the very least Vivify should be buffed somewhat. There is room for some offensive/defensive interplay here. Perhaps something like Blackout Kick generating stacks to increase next vivify and Vivify consuming these stacks to increase damage output.

Making Large Pulls Happen
Shadow-Pan hero talents feel somewhat lacking. Since they interact with Weapons of Order perhaps casting WoO could buff your next two Keg Smash to reduce the range of non-boss mobs to 8 yards for a short period. This would provide a way for Brewmaster to Facilitate pulls that we struggle with.

If you think in terms of current dungeons, it could be used to group the mobs for the first big double pull in TKO and could be similarly used in RLP ring area to more easily position the patrols with the stationary packs. I feel this would provide monk some needed control without duplicating utility from other tanks. This also fits the shadowy theme of the Shado-Pan.

Enrage Removal
The enrage removal from Pressure Points is a welcome addition to the spec. The double dipping of having it tied to existing utility is understandable considering button bloat but still feels somewhat bad. If we are going to double dip could we also add the enrage removal to Ring of Peace. Powerful yes but not game breaking considering using these abilities for enrage removal often means not using them for their original purpose.

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This is about Whirling Dragon Punch.
Am I missing something here, Revolving Whirl is supposed to make WDP better in AoE.
However in order to use WDP we need to have both Fists of Fury and Rising Sun Kick on cooldown at the same time. Yet we do not use RSK in full AoE situations as its damage doesn’t scale with the number of targets.

Wouldn’t it be better to make WDP only require FoF to be on cooldown so the ability could be used freely in AoE situations where we don’t use RSK?


Reminder that you haven’t put in the monk magic stagger buff from almost 2 months ago, not on live or in beta. Please put this in the game or at least communicate you aren’t applying this change. Link to the blue post below for verification.


White tiger statue nerf also is not applied

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Devs, can Ring of Peace affect raging with a talent? I think this makes sense considering the name. Also would be neat if another class besides besides evokers can handle AOE raging.

Please and thank you.


What happened to the datamined glyph of jab? It doesn’t exist on the beta from what I can tell. I just want to use my weapons again like MoP :frowning:


I really miss Skyreach. Not playing around with the Crit Buff which I’m glad is gone…just the dash portion. It’s not game breaking it just feels weird after using it for all of DF.

How about with Rushing Reflexes talented instead of automatically lunging at a target after rolling we instead get a Buff that replicates the Sky Reach dash with the next use of TP?


Request for Lighter than Air: provide a momentum option, be it via the Monk trainer in the Peak of Serenity or a glyph.

I use Roll to roll away a LOT and it is super counter intuitive already to double-jump right after roll to then jump back. I can absolutely see the use of it, don’t get me wrong, I would like the option to roll and then double-jump in the same direction.

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This is a great suggestion.

I love that WDP is viable again and I love the support node options but we really need a grace period when this becomes active.


I’ve suggested this in the past, but seeing Monks are up for a half baked rework I’ll suggeest it again. Make WDP a buff or stack based ability, when both RSK and FoF are both on CD gain a buff / stack that allows the monk to use WDP when they see fit, it would solve timeing issues and allow a better flow and experience for the player.

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Im sure tuning passes will be incoming. Reminder to look at Shado pan least on the brewmaster front.

You can get 10 stacks of flurry strikes pretty quickly… Long long before spending 400 energy… But bigger issue is the damage the flurry strikes do is abyssmal. Other hero talents across other specs reaching 10+% where as this is hovering around 1 %. Also CB when in Shado Pan is lack luster at best. Master of Harmony you get 2 charges but here it seems weak in comparison. You are getting a perma 10% DR but still might need monitoring. Finally, against all odds since Flurry strikes is only going to 10 stacks this isnt even getting to Max of 20 stacks listed on the spell

Another request to undo what you’ve done with Chi Burst. Making it a rotational proc severely limits our ability to use the ability as we want from any range because we’re stuck fishing for procs in melee range. It just needs to be an instant cast ability on a 30 second cooldown.


I was surprised that with the new version it wasn’t changed to be instant cast. Like why?


With solo queue rated blitz looking to be the dominant form of rated pvp, I’d like to see a small adjustment to the Peaceweaver pvp talent for mistweaver monks.

I intend to main mistweaver and do lots of rated blitz with it, but I also feel that Peaceweaver may very well dictate the healer meta in rated blitz because of its 2 second magic immunity for the entire team.

2 seconds may not sound like much, but when it’s applied to an entire team, especially with two mistweavers doing it back to back, it’s a little bit too strong.

1 second raid-wide magic immunity would be perfectly fine, like priest’s 1 second Phase Shift which is also good.

Honestly my true motivation for posting this is because I enjoy mistweaver gameplay but I don’t want rated blitz to be heavily skewed in favor of whichever team has the most mistweavers. No easy wins for this yak, please

This is not only a very suggestive sentence, but probably also wrong.

Yes, it will be hyped at the beginning, but it will quickly become apparent that there are too many random factors. This will make the community even more toxic and many serious PvPers will quickly turn their backs on it and only use it to cap alts.

But I agree with the rest. Nerf Peaceweaver!

I honestly like the change, I would have never taken it before the change, it was always horrible to press and felt bad when it was used. I like chi wave better esp for pulling but outside that felt dead as well to use in a rotation with how much brew has, so both changes I like. Chi wave free damage without having to press a button which is nice and burst you get a proc so feels good to use esp if you can get a lot of procs.

I know everyone can’t be happy, so hopefully they come to some form of middle ground.