[Feedback] Gurzogs Own warcraft Universe

Ok So one of my pet projects for the last 8 months or so has unironically been to create a “Custom multiverse” if you will of warcraft.

I am looking for feedback on the whole thing. Basically I have covered much of both Chronicles 1 and 2. But I did some changes for the lore to have it be more about “Character choices and personality” interact with each other.

There are homever some stuff I want to announce before going into the lore.

Alot of my choices are based on certain elements of Warcraft being altered. There are alot of similarities but also alot of disparities.

For instance I decided to do away with “Peasants” and “Peons” to instead basically make it more of a “Laborer” change. Basically they are much like soldiers as in they are able to construct stuff. IF you are familiar with Starcraft 2 coop basically think of this as Mengsk Soldiers etc.

Peons and peasants are in my opinion stereotyped of being dumb and while I find it to be part of warcraft… I just didnt like the stereotype.

Anyway moving on… As I want the world to be more about choices and Personalities as opposed to “x has been corrupted by the old gods, light, etc etc” I chose to do away with the Old gods. I found them too powerful I go more into details with this, but entities such as Faceless and other old gods minions exist. The Sha exist but they are more in line with “Shadow magic” which in this universe isnt “void magic” its basically a mix of Shadow and light. A balanced form of it.

I have a few other ideas like “Titans live” sort of etc etc. Anyway I am looking for feedback on Most aspects of the story.

And unlike BLizzard I want to change stuff. For instance the Ra-den and Lei-shen stuff isnt set in stone, and i wanted to rewrite it mid writing but couldnt do it per say as I wanted the other lore in place.

Anyway for the length: Currently I am at the end of the first war there are some plans for the future and things I want to do with certain characters. It’s a very alternate take on Azeroth. While much remains the same.

I am kinda new to google docs etc so please do provide feedback on my technical knowledge as well ^^.

The whole doc is about 17 pages long.

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Think i fixed the link.

I legit wasr hoping for someone to find SOMETHING to provide feedback.

Look I am a Terrible writer.

Like complete garbage. I dont want your pity though I want your burning feedback. I made this because it is literally my last light in a world filled with darkness where warcraft lore is so terrible and HORRIBLE that I admit mine takes are probably far worse. but jesus christ I just want the lore to make some sense. This is literally the last bits and pieces that hold warcraft as a FRANCHISE together for me.

It’s that SUNDERED to me. It shouldn’t be but DEAR GOD IT IS. I have to resort to fan creation to hold it together.

Well, I can offer something close.

It seems like you are one of the more… dissatisfied fans… on the Forum. So, it is a curious endeavor to see you undertake. But if you enjoy it, and it channels what you loved about the franchise instead of what you hate, maybe that is good.

I dare say it could belong in Fanfiction - but you probably wanted Feedback from people on the Story Forum in particular. I won’t be too harsh on that point. Things have died down here. Alot of the more opinionated people have scurried to the dark recesses of Discords. Maybe a year ago this woulda gotten more discussion and argument.

The future of the Franchise itself is very much in limbo, and as a matter of fact, so is the past.

Some people completely ignore the lore and use the game as a back drop while they play out RP totally unrelated to the lore.

What ever floats your boat.

But as far as a canon lore discussion, we have what we have until it changes - either through proper development or hammer fisted retcons.


Looks like you’ve taken some of the Jailer’s words to heart.

“Too long I endured the makers’ flawed design. I will forge a new reality…”

And I sympathize (especially to the Jailer’s first sentence).

I’ll have a look and give feedback for what it’s worth.


I’m not going to comment on the lore bits themselves on your document just yet, simply because it’s been a long, long day and my eyes are really really tired. I will read through soon, though!

A bit of advice on google docs and big documents that I CAN provide, however, is that Headers and the Outline are your best friend - especially on projects like this. This is a link to an RP campaign outline I made for my guild years and years ago, and you can see how helpful headers and an outline (on the left side) can be.

If you plan on continuing this project, and it gets larger, adding these will let you jump down to different sections without scrolling for ages.

Also, kudos on taking on this project; I’m a fan of the idea, and even tackled it myself a while back with my A Proposed Revision 🖊 rewrite of the WoW Lore.

Going to bookmark your post and see where things go.

This is me these days; I try very hard to ignore Shadowlands entirely, and act like we’re just chilling on Azeroth rn. When people bring Sylvanas’ and the Shadowlands, my characters go “people are still hunting for her”, and “Shadowlands? I’ll believe it when I see it; it’s all just rumors and hyperbole.” Both of these things have suited me just fine.


Honestly when it comes to blizzard and story I am basically.