Feedback: Conduit of the Celestials Monk

You’re not quite forced into a melee-only style, but since MW is counted as a melee, you’re going to be in melee range of the mobs, anyways. Refreshing Jade Wind and Celestial Conduit being shorter range also precludes you to being in melee range to effectively hit the raid.

You can still have a caster playstyle with this tree, though. Treat Courage of the White Tiger as a bonus if you don’t want to use a melee healing playstyle, but want to do damage.


Great tree and glad to see essence font gone


I play more of a hybrid build so I’m always in melee anyway but none of this sounds good to me. The current design of RJW leaves a lot to be desired and is a talent I never take. Maybe I’d play it in M+ but I doubt I’d enjoy it.

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This goes for both trees, but Conduit of the Celestials especially just reinforces the need for Monk talent overhauls


Is the follow-up Conduit also channeled?

Eight seconds of channeling an ability seems like a lot.

We found an error, and we’re updating our blog post to reflect this:

The tooltip for the Courage of the White Tiger talent should read: “Tiger Palm and Vivify have a 15% chance to cause Xuen to claw a nearby enemy for Physical damage, healing a nearby ally for 15% of the damage done.”


Any update on the error that we still have 3 statues as capstones in the class tree? :frowning:


Does this mean that Vivify is going to do a portion of its healing as damage? Is it single target? Split? Or is it going to be a flat value? Could you elaborate a bit on this please?

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The theme seems interesting for sure. While I don’t mind essence font too much, I think Celestial Conduit should do it’s effect during essence font (bringing it back to life) while WW could have it during FoF.

While this would mean that the effect should be toned down since it happens more often, I think it would make things more interesting while updating the kit of both spec channeling spells.

While I’m not too fond of essence font, I feel it’s still an iconic ability of mistweaver, and I like it when I play clouded focus in raids with upwelling :man_shrugging:

edit: While I don’t know what’s cooking for WW spec, I’m not sure how this ability incorporates itself into the rotation properly. Another channeling feels bad for sure and it has to be pressed a second time to trigger the capstone (how does that interact with mastery?)

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Overall looks really fun. Like the Shado-pan it needs fine tuning and real play testing to see what actually works.

Here is the thing I LOVE about this one for WW. It adds options. WW can choose Celestials for the utility and aoe or Shadowpan and more punching of things.

For WW if both options are just mostly DPS increases then we will never get to use the under tuned one.

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For Mistweaver, it seems pretty fun. Essence Font needs an evolution; it’s rarely ever the correct decision to let it fully channel.

For Windwalker… jadefire stomp’s 10 second maintenance buff and rushing jade wind are straight hot dog water. They’re the most unfun parts of Windwalker. Having the tree include them just ruins it.


Note: Wrong character to post as, main is Kexti-WrA


Mechanics: As a fistweaving main, this is all pretty awesome in terms of mechanics and “feel” in how I imagine playing it.

Theming: Utilizing all celestials is so cool

Interactivity: With potential concerns towards the key talent being a channel, this feels like it’ll be fun, meaningful, and flavorful to play


Graphical Spam: I do hope that compared to other hero specs that this doesn’t actually create more pets for us. One celestial summons is cool, potentially creating multiple is incredibly annoying. If its simply a “Xuen appears over my character and attacks” without being a literal target, that’s great.

Melee Channels: For WW, another channel in melee (that can be kicked in PvP?) doesn’t feel very exciting or fun to press. I’m sure the numbers here can be tuned to usable, but it doesn’t seem as intuitive to press vs FoF or other rotational abilities.

Spec Divergence: I do hope Master of Harmony still is intentional with fistweaving, as I’m not convinced someone who just wants to castweave would have a compelling gameplay reason to play Conduit, and sort of expect the opposite for our other hero spec.


RJW: It feels like the keystone spell is basically new Essence Font, which is whatever but the rest of the talents are neat. RJW is pretty meh on both WW and MW in terms of feel. If the abilities here still trigger it regardless of if you have the talent, it might be worth making RJW be a healing and damage talent that gets extended via celestial activations, rather than something fairly passive.

SooM: If there’s a way to add SooM to the Tiger Palm triggers, that could add space for more traditional casting and add a benefit for WW to use SooM and not just have it as a tax talent for the left side of Monk; Likewise, making vivify more juiced for WW to make it a more appealing utility button feels directionally correct?


Can we get some clarification on this? Will Essence Font be baseline or removed entirely?

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I don’t like the channel ability, but there are some talents that look pretty cool.

One specifically heart of the jade serpent is looking insanely awesome, it’s basically a mini serenity, which will work excellently with storm earth and fire. As for actual serenity, no idea, i don’t even know if the chi spent in serenity will count towards the 30.

Hmmm not only is this another button. Not only is this another channel, but it also adds back two of the worst maintenance buffs in the game and it’s not even close… talk about not cooked. This is still alive eating grass in the field. One of the only classes in the game (Yes, all three specs) that actively request button pruning, and you add another button that’s a 4 second channel… Also I don’t think anyone likes serenity. Please change how it works. Half the people that play ww stop as soon as they see serenity being the recommended spec. Make this channel replace and existing button at the very least. Fof, sck, rjw, something.


There are two changes that can save this tree for WW monks.

  1. The channel needs to be removed first and formost. FoF is already enough channeling for the spec and we don’t need any more, especially a 4 second channel.

  2. Rushing Jade Wind needs to be reworked to fit into the rotation without competing with blackout kick in the rotation. In order to accomplish this, I’d propose that expel harm is removed from the effective rotation as the “press on CD” resource generator, and simply put RJW in its place. Keep it off the GCD, Keep the same energy cost as Expell harm, and have it generate one Chi. This removes the need for us to (confusingly) cast a self heal in our core rotation. We already have an instant cast self heal with Vivify, and the majority of the time we cast expell harm, it’s for Chi, not HP. Just have that button in the rotation upkeep RJW for us and it will keep the effective rotation (That already works quite well) essentially the same, while incorporating the spell into the rotation and also maintaing the buff.

Let me know what y’all think of the RJW proposed change.


I am hoping that for the purposes of PvP the Celestial Conduit is uninterruptable. Nothing like making a cool capstone on a 1.5 minute CD that gets instantly interrupted and potentially locks you out of casting additional spells after.


It’s better than current RJW but I’m not sure it is good gameplay. The problem with RJW IMO is that is does terrible damage, has a super short CD of 6 seconds and is on the GCD so it’s actually DPS loss to use it. Your proposal solves the GCD problem but wouldn’t that really just mean that most WW are just going to macro it into all their rotational abilities.

The right side of the hero tree is definitely the problem IMO.

  1. If we assume RJW doesn’t change Yu’lon’s Knowledge is basically a dead talent for WW. Who is going to take a talent that the only benefit is that you get slightly more damage for 4 seconds of a 6 second cycle when the 2 RJW overlap and requires you to choose RJW over better talents? And the talent clearly wants you to hit the terrible ability every 6 seconds which since it is on the GCD is going to tank your DPS by a lot. Obviously, I’m assuming 0 haste here and the math is different if you stack haste but who is going to stack haste just to try to get 3 or 4 RJW to overlap for 1 second? Oh and again since RJW is on the GCD it would be the only ability you cast in order to do that. It’s just such a bad talent. Maybe if instead of overlap the talent caused RJW to stack and refreshed the duration with each cast (and obviously would need a stack limit then) the talent would have use. I personally don’t like maintenance buff gameplay though.
  2. This leaves Restore Balance as the only real choice. You don’t need to talent into RJW with this hero talent so it’s just boring extra damage.
  3. Flight of the Red Crane: thankfully this also triggers off SCK but the RNG of this is not going to be fun. Sometimes when you spin you do more damage. Sometimes you don’t.
  4. August Dynasty vs Inner Compass doesn’t seem like it would be close to equal to me. It seems like Inner Compass is just there because they needed a talent for WW that don’t use Jadefire Stomp because there are many that hate the ability. But 30% extra damage to our hardest hitting ability is surely going to outperform 3% to a secondary stat that doesn’t even have 100% uptime, especially since we just don’t scale well with secondary stats in general.
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Even if it’s not kickable you can bet it’s going to be instantly CCd.


yeah its giong to be a port behind pillar cast for sure. 4 seconds is a long freaking cast