[Feedback] Battle pet skins (colors)

This topic will probably rank very low in terms of something that needs addressing, and probably only a minority within the battle pet collecting community even care about it. Still, I’d like to provide feedback on battle pets that come in multiple skins (colors).

First off, I’d like to say that I LOVE battle pets that come in more than just one color. Namely wild battle pets because it gives me something extra to search for. Skins are to (some) collectors like different breeds are to (some) battlers - sometimes you want the right one or even all of them.

Wild pets are usually readily available so the search isn’t too tedious. With patience and persistence I can find just the right color (and hopefully the right quality at the same time) eventually. Do I HAVE to? No. But it’s how I choose to play, and it provides me and other like-minded collectors with something fun to do.

Even better are the color-changing battle pets (Dragon Kite, some of the RWL pets, etc. to name a few). Pets that, when summoned, can pop out sporting their alternate color(s). To me, these are fun AND it’s like collecting all of the additional skins without having to take up more slots in my Pet Journal. I do love being efficient.

My issue with battle pets that come in multiple colors are the non-wild pets. I find dropped pets and/or caged pets that come in more than one skin pretty frustrating.

Not only am I fighting RNG to receive the dropped pet, I then have to hope RNG is on my side and the “right” color will be added to my Pet Journal.

Being able to buy/trade caged pets in situations where you want more than one can be helpful, but the problem with looking for a caged pet with the “right” color is that there’s no reliable preview of what the pet you are buying/trading looks like. The AH always shows the default pet color, and there’s no preview at all if buying/trading directly with another player. It’s a gamble whether or not you’re investing in the one you actually want.

Additionally, there are a few non-wild pets that come in more than the 3 allowed slots in the Pet Journal. Sure, you can cage them and keep other skins in your bank, but it’s a clunky workaround that doesn’t allow you to fully appreciate all of the skins for that specific pet.

Am I suggesting doing away with additional colors for non-wild pets? No! I appreciate the inclusion of colors that would otherwise be unavailable to us. However, I’d like to propose that non-wild pets be handled differently than wild pets.

  1. Instead of keeping whatever color you learn, how about making non-wild pets always color-changers (if they come in more than 1 skin)? It allows collectors to obtain all the colors in a much more efficient manner. Plus you don’t have to subject yourself to possibly being ripped off by traders/sellers who claim a caged pet is one color but it turns out to be another.

  2. Another option would be including a better AH preview of caged battle pets. Show us what the pet looks like (not just its default skin) so we can better decide if it’s worth the investment. From what I understand, once learned, non-color-changers should keep whatever color they initially spawned in as even when caged. If this is true, the color-id should carry over to the AH and between trading.

  3. And one last possibility (this is my least preferred), adding separate pets with the same model but using those alternate skins. Many collectors find re-skins disappointing and uninspired though. Limiting all non-wild pets to just one skin, and adding more of what many consider “the same pet” just to make different colors available would be the easiest/quickest solution, but the least fun and creative.


  • Collecting wild pets that come in multiple colors - great, engaging, I appreciate the addition of more than one skin and allowing us to obtain them
  • Battle pets that are ‘color-changers’ - fun, efficient for collectors
  • Cageable non-wild battle pets that come in multiple colors - overall frustrating due to RNG for the drop + RNG for the “right” color, not to mention a few have more than just 3 extra skins, and poor preview of what’s availble on the AH/between buyers/sellers
  • Suggestions - Non-wild pets with more than one skin should always be color-changers OR add a better way to preview caged pets (not just view default skin) prior to buying/trading OR adding more reskins so collectors can have access to those additional colors

Agree, disagree, don’t care - if you read through my wall-of-text, thanks. :sweat_smile: I hope a at least a few collectors can relate, and maybe Blizzard will take this into consideration.


There isn’t anyone whose opinion I value more than yours. But this is just one spot where it just doesn’t matter to me.

IRL, I have gone through a “less is more” transition and it bled over into my pet collection. There is really only one pet - Nexus Whelpling - where I have a use for different breeds. There are a couple others I keep simply because they were a pain to get (Minfernal, Silithid Hatchling) and I can’t decide which one is best.

But colors? Just not my thing. With well over 1000 pets, I could summon a different one every day and not get to the end of my collection in 3 years. At a certain point it’s just overkill.

I’d settle for fewer pets that differ in name only (like the 1001 snakes) and more variety in moves.

But if more colors makes you happy, I have no problem with it.

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Absolutely understand and respect this sentiment. Color-collecting is an ultra-niche style of gameplay that’s in an already niche aspect of WoW.

Skins definitely aren’t impactful to Pet Battles in the same way that breeds are. It’s just a fun side project a handful of collectors have. :slight_smile:

I figured I’d still throw out some feedback anyway. I’m not expecting anything, but I’d like Blizzard to be aware that ‘hey, even though it’s a niche thing, someone out there cares about it, so uh, since it shouldn’t hurt/impact anyone… maybe keep it in mind when designing future stuff.’ :sweat_smile:

Hello, and yes i do relate and am in favor for your ideas. More than once i have passed by a blue wild pet to capture a lesser example of the same, just so as to have that pet in the color i craved. As an example, consider the BfA Boghopper. This pet i hunted not looking for quality so much as a red streaked with yellow skin! Caged pets? Never occured to me we could have the option. It would be a fine thing to see a pet ‘in the skin’ before buying it. Seems reasonable. Also, let it be noted that having that option would cause me to peruse the AH more, looking for that ‘perfect’ pet and spending more time in the game. Blizz would probably like that.

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