Favorite Food/Recipes?

What’s up everyone, I’m looking for some good food to make. What’s everyone’s favorite food and/or recipe? Since this is WoW GD uuhhh what’s your favorite food in game?

There’s so many things I wanna cook but my little brother and sister are such picky eaters that it’s hard to find something we all like :confounded:

this restaurant i live close by had breakfast for dinner specials all week

the mrs. and I shared a monte cristo with raspberry sauce and the kids had these sliders with fried chicken, ham and cheese between blueberry muffin tops and maple syrup drizzled all over :drooling_face:

it’s great to give into gluttony once in a while

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threw a fish at somebod

Wild can eat 5x[Lovely Cake] and not gain a single pound! I am super jealous.

Ever since I fished up The 1 Ring, I’ve started to prefer my food raw and wiggling.

There’s a lovely NPC named Rona Greenteeth. You should check out the yummies she’s cookin’.