Fates Call Recruiting

Fates Call was created on January 16, 2009. We are the last original (server day one) guild on Borean Tundra. Obviously Shadowsong being one of the first Servers, there are a few much older than us, but hey, 8 years is a good deal of time, especially after the years of guilds being formed just to make someone money.

The idea behind the guild was one to create a place for “mature” World of Warcraft players. No, not just for old people, but a place for players who have kids and/or are married. Or people who are serious about school but still want to have people to enjoy the game with. In short, we created a guild for members who have real lives. We are a close knit group that enjoys all aspects of the game together with the understanding that families/real life comes first. These were the basic principles behind FC in the beginning and they continue to be today.

We are a little bit of everything. So whether you enjoy PVE, PVP, or just want some fun people to hang out with we may be for you.

We are currently recruiting all ages and levels of experience. We have a great knowledgeable group that are willing to help out when we can, many with experience back to the beginning of WoW. While the majority of the members are adults, we do accept those under the age of 18. We have recently added many returning players of all level ranges and many new players.

Everyone deserves to have a guild to call home, regardless of level or experience, or years played.

If you are looking for a “Hardcore Raiding” guild we are not for you. . You will never be required to raid with us. ***Our raiding style has been very successful for us but as always anyone is welcome to apply solely to enjoy our atmosphere. If you do join to raid, keep in mind that our raiding style is not that of a “raiding” guild. Raiding is not a job and while we do expect you to be on time and be prepared, we also strive to keep it fun.

We are currently recruiting for the raid team, and have room for anyone just looking to join.

Apply in the guild finder or whisper anyone in game for an invite

So, it seems cross faction guilds are coming. Who amongst our Alliance brethren would like to join a Horde guild that has unlocked all of the guild perks and rewards?

Fates Call is accepting requests to join the guild from both factions. We are a long standing guild on US Borean Tundra/Shadowsong. In the past we have had raid teams complete heroic AoTC achievments going back to when they were introduced. We have never been all about raiding. We have had raid teams and have had groups in the past interested in Ranked PvP, we have tried to be a home for people to play however they wish in the game. The guild was founded on a principle that people have real lives, and that real life happens. The game should never take a front seat over your life.

We have members that log in at all times of the day, not just those that pop in to run Mythics for the week or for raid.

What are we open for? Certainly we would like to recruit people interested in raiding, or doing content as a guild. We are open to anyone interested in raiding, and our focus has been to complete heroics. We decided long ago that mythic raiding requires a much higher commitment of time, and did not want to be faced with making demands on a persons time.

Obviously we would certainly like to have people that enjoy running Mythic dungeons, and if needed I can create special ranks to help cover repairs etc.

If you are an Alliance player interested please look for our cross faction community channel. In the search filter you will need to check off cross faction, then just search for Fates Call Cross Faction. You should get an automatic invite to the community channel, and as soon as someone sees a request we can add you to the guild.

Thank you and hope to see some new faces soon

We are still around and still have people logging in at different times of the day. Been seeing a lot of old names popping in that have been offline for months. Currently we are more of a social guild. If anyone would be interested in forming any kind of team, it would certainly be welcome.