Fates Call open to cross faction members

I believe May 2nd we will see the ability to join guilds cross faction. I know there are a great many people I have played with over the years that have characters in both factions. I am putting out there for any interested that we will be open to anyone from the Alliance that may wish to join.

Feel free to request through guild finder once it has been added to the current expansion.

I think as per this post https://worldofwarcraft.blizzard.com/en-gb/news/23934662/play-with-more-friends-with-cross-faction-guilds you will need to be bnet friends or in a community with someone to be able to invite them to a cross faction guild. Perhaps the move here is to make a new community for Fates Call and there is a way to embed an invite link here in this thread? I haven’t used the communities feature much since it was put in. Otherwise you can always add your bnet here :slight_smile:

  • Kor the Draconic Weaponsmith
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Thank you. I need to look into making a community.

They don’t tell you about all the work involved being in Guild leader club. Lol

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They really don’t, but it’s fun to see your community grow and thrive

I use to work hard at promoting doing things as a server. Even after we were connected to Shadowsong. Doing crazy things like a level 1 troll race from the troll starting zone on foot to Loch Modan. Doing an annual server Christmas card. When we became part of 8 realms, it got overwhelming to consider organizing. Maybe I need to start doing that again.