Fates Call Guild Discord change

So it seems that the raid team has decided to leave the guild, and unfortunately they also had ownership of the guild Discord server. If you are still in the guild and need the information for the new guild Discord, it is in the guild information and included in the message of the day.

While we were removed from the previous Discord, we were sent a screen shot of what was posted after. What was said about us was uncalled for and just hurtful. We have been aware for awhile that some were talking about trying to remove us from leadership of the guild. I have been running the guild for a long time, and think that I have set it up to be fairly self sufficient. For the last few years we have had personal issues we have dealt with and were not online as much as we had been in the past. But we were never completely absent, and if there were any issues we were available to handle them. Obviously there were a few that felt that things should be run differently. We will rebuild the raid team as we have done in the past, and the guild will continue on.