Fashion Battles Beach Bash (Tmog Competition)

:fire: :beach_umbrella: Summer Beach Bash Transmog Competition! :beach_umbrella: :fire:

-When: 6/26/2020
-Time: 6:30pm(Realm) Competitors show up 6:15pm(Realm)
-Where: Gallywix’s Pleasure Palace, Azshara
-Host: Fashion Crafters (This is not a Guild run event, but we have a lot of people from the guild that help the event!)

-Anyone is welcome to attend, warlocks will be at the ready for summons
-Transmog Theme : Beach Bash!

:trophy:Winning Prizes
-1st: 10,000gold + Rubystone Panther (Jewelcrafted Mount)
-2nd: 5,000gold + Sapphire Cub (Pet)
-3rd: 2,5000gold + Cushion(Toy)
-4th: 2,500gold + Cushion(Toy)
+Everyone will receive a gift bag for attending.