Family Matters (( A+H RP))

Carena Meia Vhitaker-Vasile sighed as she walked up the dirt path from Garden of Respite in Bastion. She looked up at the sky. Golden and bright; even at night; at least she thought it was that time. Bah! Really bright as it hurt her already damaged eyes.

She wished she hadn’t broke her shade-tinted glasses when she had first come to Shadowlands. Granted she was wearing her dark framed glasses that wasn’t shaded. Heh, it was still better than nothing as someone could fall off Bastion if they weren’t careful.

Some wore glasses in order to look more ‘intelligent’. Not her, she needed glasses in order to be able to see more than ten feet in front of her- and that was during the daylight hours. Nighttime or in buildings with poor lighting, her bad vision was worse. Maybe five feet at most was all she could see without glasses and that was fuzzy shapes.

One might wonder why she had even come to the Shadowlands. Right now, it was doing a task in Bastion which she had finished a bit ago. Her main reason she had come was to look (in her case hear) if the souls of her relative, Uncle Greywell along with Malgekk and Donrick were in the Shadowlands or rather The Maw, as she found out since arriving.

She sighed irritably. A mutiny happened one of the families ship; Henrietta’s Bane around the time Nazjatar was revealed on the ocean floor. Normally, Uncle Erdin was captain of that vessel but due to family emergency, Uncle Greywell was standing in as Captain at the time.

His flagship was undergoing repairs and upgrades plus most of his crew went off to Darkshore to fight for ‘vengeance’ for Teldrassil including his first mate, Tiberius Tibson. Greywell didn’t mind covering for Erdin.

Uncle Greywell usually would have been able to spot the mutiny and prevent it but due to distractions and trickery, he was knocked out and taken captive in the mutiny that happened during daytime along with Donrick- the oldest crewmen onboard, Tibson- Tiberius’s worgen son, and a passenger; Coriani Arrowind, a blood elf huntress and her gryphon pet Featherwing.

Failiani Arrowind, Coriani’s young adult rogue cousin, was also on the vessel on the time of the mutiny but was able to escape thanks to grabbing a hearthstone and using it. Car found the scared, weak blood elf rogue in Anyport who told her about the mutiny. The young adult elf was recovering slowly from injures sustain being held on a Kul Tiran pirate ship as a slave.

A short time before finding Faili, Car obtained evidence from Freehold that ‘Little’ Finn, the tall worgen second mate of the vessel was looking to willingly join Queen Azshara and mutiny against the ship; bringing any surviving prisoners as ‘gifts’ to the Naga Queen. Her intel indicated he possibly had aid from a void elf female but she hadn’t expected to hear that over half the crew joined in his plot as well.

She sent a letter to Vailey Vhitaker-Vasile; her cousin and co-captain of the next ship they were to be in charge of, asking him to make amends with her over a prior incident by keeping an eye on Failiani and let him know of the mutiny takeover. Carena then took off on Gryphy- as she found out he could fly long distances- in an attempt to find Henrietta’s Bane and help take back the ship.

Did they find the missing ship? NO, instead Gryphy ended up flying to Nazjatar with a few small stops along the way. It actually surprised her at the time considering he had worse sense of direction of any gryphon she had seen and heard of. If he could find that blasted place, in theory anyone should be able to.

After being healed of a nasty illness she had before arriving on Kul Tiras by an Ankoan healer, she decided to help out with the battle while keeping an ear out for the missing vessel during the time she was there. It never came over the water wall and from her info; the mutineers were searching for Nazjatar.

Either they had been dealt with or they had even worse sense of direction than Gryphy. She got her answer from Vailey after the fighting in Nazjatar died down and she went to Anyport in Drustvar to check on Failiani and him.

Vailey showed him a letter from Uncle Erdin; explaining what he knew concerning ‘his’ ship. He was still having to deal with the family emergency (his wife, Sandra Lily had been seriously injured in a fire and he had to take care of her and their two younger kids) and wasn’t able to meet in person with them.

Basically, Malgekk- Greywell’s third mate on his flagship and main cannoneer who was a former peon- was able to get aboard and free the captives from the ship’s brig, killing the insane void elf the mutineers had stowed aboard.

With the arrival of ‘Tall’ Dale, Erdin’s first mate (despite his nickname, he was short in height for a worgen), the mutineers were dealt with ruthlessly; mainly by Uncle Greywell and they got control of Henrietta’s Bane. However; Dale was seriously injured in the fight (he was wearing a red shirt) and the ship itself was cursed a few minutes before the battle was over.

Hence, they had to abandon the ship before the curse took full hold. Erdin was able to talk with Greywell briefly via a scrying stone in a stairway that lead to the deck while a lifeboat was put into the water.

Erdin and Greywell talked about the situation and few other items including that an island had been spotted, seemingly abandoned. The lifeboat could make it there and with any luck, he would be able to summon a portal and be back to the docks soon; hopefully in time to get Dale to a healer as there was no medical supplies left on the ship.

After a few minutes of the ship being abandoned, it was overrun with void-colored tendrils that destroyed the scrying stone. The family still wasn’t sure if the Henrietta’s Bane had sunk or somehow still able to float due to curse but Car and Vailey were ordered to keep an eye and ear out for it.

Uncle Greywell, Malgekk, Tall Dale, Donrick, Tibson, Coriani and her pet Featherwing didn’t return a few days after abandoning the Henrietta’s Bane. Days, weeks, several weeks and a few months passed by with no sign of them at the family docks or anywhere for that matter.

They were still missing. Either the island was inhabited by hidden hostiles and they were taken prisoner or her uncle hadn’t been able to get a portal up for some reason and they were still stranded there. Car leaned on the latter thought as did most of the family and Failiani.

This mutiny had an effect on them; including the family business that was formerly piracy. Greywell made a brief suggestion before abandoning the ship and Erdin as well as Car and Vailey agreed and decided they would attempt to reform piracy into a force of good. Pretty much an impossible task but someone had to try and it might as well be them.

Greywell’s crew of his flagship- well, the ones who had survived fighting in Darkshore and come back- had agreed to it as well. This latest mutiny plus the Teldrassil burning had a reforming effect on them.

The family’s business priority first in tasks was searching for the missing persons. Not officially as no authorities had been contacted, at least on the Alliance side. This situation was considered a family matter.

A gnome mage was ‘hired’ by Tiberius; who was more than enraged about the mutiny situation and wanted his son found alive. Granted Vailey is one but he didn’t know much about scrying at the time and they needed an expert. Car, Vailey and Faili did go along with him to meet the old mage…

The venerable gnome mage didn’t want any gold to do the scrying; he was old and money wouldn’t do him any good once he was dead. He wanted to do one last good deed for a desperate father before dying. He just needed something sentimental that belonged to one the missing persons which Tiberius supplied; a stuff toy Tibson would carry around everywhere when he was younger.

The gnome started the scrying and spotted Tibson first sitting around a campfire, along with Coriani and a green haired night elf male- obviously someone who had washed up onshore from a different shipwreck. He also spotted Coriani’s pet, Featherwing sleeping and noted the gryphon seemed to be overweight for her size.

When asked if he saw anyone else and if the location had anything unique, the gnome replied he didn’t see any of the others that were missing. He saw buildings of an unknown style, the island wasn’t a sandy atoll but had a few sandy beaches not to mention lots of gravestone markers; some old while others were ‘recent’.

The old gnome continued to scry and started to mention something about sensing a magical force when he suddenly collapsed into unconsciousness. Tiberius ran to find a healer that he spotted at the nearby inn quickly as she noted his breathing was slowing. The night elf priest came and tried to save the gnome but to no avail as he died a short time later.

The gnome mage had no family but he had a friend who handled the affairs while they quickly made plans for a voyage to find the missing persons. Vailey sent a letter to Uncle Erdin who then replied via note they could use the old family ship, Stormchaser. It was the second built ship in the fleet and currently oldest one left.

They searched for a time for the island that the gnome scryied but couldn’t locate it. They searched many, many islands; Carena lost track of the amount of places checked. The last island (a rocky one with many cliffs) they checked for the missing persons, rogue dragons attacked.

They were defeated but not before the vessel sustained damage; it was still seaworthy after the attack but barely. The ship wouldn’t last if ambushed again by anyone, even the Scourge. Car and Vailey made the hard decision to return to family docks for repairs and talk about the next step to find Uncle Greywell, Cori, Tibson and the others with them.

Once they got back, Vailey sent a letter to Uncle Erdin, briefing him on what had happened so far while Car handled getting the repairs started to the damaged ship.

Their uncle replied via letter that he still couldn’t meet in person as much as he wanted to; Car hadn’t seen him since before… arriving on Kul Tiras. His wife had fully recovered from her injuries but Yale, their youngest son was worsening in health. Not to mention Ellareed, their younger daughter had some serious mental issues going on.

He ordered Vailey to start reading Greywell’s massive book collection at the hidden library at the docks and learn to scry quickly; Erdin felt his nephew had the capability to do so. Car was to re-verify their crew’s backgrounds to prevent a mutiny on their ship when it was ready and keep an ear out for any information pertaining to the missing folks.

Vailey went to reading books while she did the background checks of their crew. Granted, their ship (no name yet) was still no where seaworthy- it still hadn’t been constructed yet due to many, many setbacks.

It didn’t take long for Car to re-verify the backgrounds of their crew. Most passed with the exception of one. The ship alchemist who had a goblin name despite looking like a gnome. While his paperwork did make the claim that he was a goblin that got transformed into a gnome after an ‘accident’, the gnome could be certifiably insane, too…

They sent their first mate, Failiani to Kalimdor for various tasks, including verifying the alchemist’s identity. She was to determine if a goblin with his name actually existed- supposedly the goblin bruiser Qixilixa Quickfuse might be able to help with this matter if she could be found. Something recent had caused that goblin to keep a low-profile.

After they sent Faili off, they talked what to do next. Carena was going to go to Freehold but Vailey heard rumors that one of Car’s enemies was hanging out there with help to ‘get’ her. He was hesitant on his cousin going to that location to obtain information by herself. Car didn’t want to get her twin brother or his fiancee involved and he agreed along with Tiberius who was listening on the conversation.

That worgen then joined in on the talk. He had known Greywell since they were kids and he was very loyal to the business and family. He knew that if there was serious danger, his captain would lay down his life for his crew, especially Tibson and even Coriani. With everything that had happened, her mage uncle would consider the huntress part of ‘his crew’.

While he thought Greywell, Donrick and Malgekk were still alive, they had to prepare for the possibility that they might be dead and the reason they weren’t ‘spotted’ in the scrying. The old gnome never mentioned how recent the gravestone markers.

As it was, they were all convinced that one of markers was for Dale, unless the abandoned island somehow had medical supplies on it and his injuries got treated and he wasn’t dead.

While that was a possibility, one that Car and Dale’s family would love to consider, it was far more likely the island didn’t have anything medical and the worgen had died some time ago. Dale’s older sister Erma really missed her little brother.

After a brief discussion about the Shadowlands, it was decided that she and Gryphy would undergo the dangers and come here to look for the souls in the case they had died while Vailey would continue to learn potent yet safe scrying spells and look for them in that regard. Tiberius would sneak into Freehold briefly to get any possible info before tracking down a few stragglers of Greywell’s crew that hadn’t returned.

They would keep each other updated on progress made. And she had… mostly.

“Does the brightness bother you? Maybe you go back to that Venthyr hole or even back to Azeroth, Carena.”

Car irritably glared at the kyrian female who spoke to her but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t Tamesis who was normally there but two kyrian female- both she didn’t recognize. They seemed to be together; were they what was referred as soulbinds? Was that like a marriage? Who knows…

“Come on, Chloia. At least be nice; she is nearly blind and didn’t have to help with the task in the garden.” The other female Kyrian spoke while staring at Carena, looking intently. “Besides, I sense she didn’t join the Venthyr on willing terms.”

“She must be atoning for past ‘sins’, then. If she had join our covenant, she’d be better off.” Chloia replied before looking up at the sky. “I better head off to training. I’ll catch up with you later, Zoea.” Chloia winked at Zoea before running off to the road and heading north.

How do they know what covenant she was ‘part’ of? Maybe it had something to do with the denizens of Shadowlands knowing her real name. At least a few of them had listened to her request about using an alias.

She was with the Venthyr but that only due to Gryphy being held captive by them. He dropped his um, ‘droppings’ on a few of them while flying in the air and they managed to catch him while she was fighting off a beast in The Endmire.

The rogue tried to convince the Venthyr who took Gryphy to free him; he probably confused them for loyalists to Denathrius, it didn’t take much for that to happen given his recent health decline. It was to no avail. However, they did a proposal. If she did work for Venthyr Covenant for a time, they would free the gryphon once the work she did was completed.

She agreed, provided they treat him well and not harm him. Besides; at the time she figured she could do her original task while doing the covenant work.

That happened… not too long ago but she was getting frustrated. Even with the souls pouring into the Maw, she had no evidence that Greywell, Donrick and Malgekk were there or even deceased. At this point, she figured they were still alive and stranded on that island; perhaps gathering food and were just out of view during the scrying.

After all, the living had no business being in the Shadowlands, something the denizens here had repeated to her many times…

She sniffed the air and almost coughed; her sense of smell could be strong at times when allergies weren’t bothersome- she figured it was make up for her poor eyesight. Her hearing was also heightened. However, the smell in the air made her shiver instantly. It was familiar; Decaying flesh- the smell of someone living who hadn’t bathed in years. Gross!

O fel, not him; the bastard Kul Tiran male. She didn’t know his name or what he looked like due to him wearing a helmet; most of the time. The one time he didn’t have one on, the room was too dark for see his facial features due to her poor eyesight. He was tall and big, quite muscular for one and his accent was still Kul Tiran. And he didn’t bathe due to superstitions.

Had he really come to the Shadowlands to capture her? All she knew was that she had to get somewhere to hide and quick if that was the case. She hadn’t told her family about this threat. Her hands started to shake as she quickly glance around.

Car saw the shape of a tree and hid on the side opposite the road, so in the case he came by he only spot the trunk of the tree and not her. She was hoping she hadn’t been spotted by the bastard Kul Tiran even though he was some distance away on the road. He had worked for Ashvane in Tol Dagor as a guard and had an heightened sense of spotting and capturing ‘stealthies’ as he called them.

Her hands, no, her whole body was trembling. This was the last thing she needed in case the bastard had spotted her, she needed to be able to put up a fight but her body wouldn’t quit shaking. In fact she found herself sitting down, unable to move.

She was startled as this had never happened to her before- maybe because she was in Bastion and it was an unknown effect of being here? Who knows. The Kyrian did purge memories; good and bad ones from folks. There was a kyrian nearby and while she seemed friendly, she was sure if Zoea would help out. Thankfully Chloia left otherwise Car would be screwed.

Her memories started to flash before her. Yes, she had ended up in Tol Dagar after being shipwrecked on Kul Tiras shortly before the Burning of Teldrassil. She ‘sneaked’ aboard and sabotaged a slaver ship- one that thankfully had no captives on it at the time of it sinking.

She ended up on shore near Castaway Point where she and Gryphy made their way to Ashvane Foundry. What she heard going on there was enough to make her mad and try to do something about it with the gryphon causing his own mayhem in minor damage to the property.

A good and bad idea as she got captured (technically arrested) for freeing a few enslaved human orphans and helping them escape- two boys and a teenage girl. Gryphy got away too but that was due to the rogue chasing him off shortly before the guards apprehended her- an act that caused her to lose control of the the mount until shortly before Nazjatar was revealed…

Carena gave the goons a false name after they ‘interrogated’ her before they transported her to Tol Dagor (without a trial) where she was held in a cell, one that was cold and bit damp but thankfully no cellmates. Apparently she had ‘seen too much’ at the Foundry, despite the fact Car had lost her glasses in that shipwreck and hadn’t seen much, but she did hear a whole lot of intel…

Flashbacks of what this Kul Tiran did to her at Tol Dagor prison started to flood her mind. That’s where she first met the bastard. It was suspected she wasn’t truthful not to mention she might have been a pirate rogue based on her choice of weapons.

Pricilla Ashvane with Harlan Sweete at the time was bullying pirates into joining her from what she recalled hearing from the guards. This bastard Kul Tiran asked permission from Overseer Korgus (whom Car didn’t see in person) to interrogate her; claiming he could ‘get her to talk quickly’ which was given.

Not only given but he was allowed to use any methods of torture he wanted and no one would interfere. None of the other guards got in his way; even when he also found her attractive and… knocked her out before… hurting her in violated ways she didn’t want to think of but happened, more than one occasion.

Tears streamed down her eyes; she didn’t really want to relive those memories right now. Thankfully a riot happened and she was able to escape from the horrid prison. And she hadn’t gone back and wouldn’t now- the one time she might have considered it was when Faili was taken by the Kul Tiran pirate Captain K. Quilendrius and they didn’t know where she was.

Even though Ashvane was dead and dealt with, this bastard survived and was still after her. And no, he was very skilled as a fighter; far more than she was. He had tried to abduct her on two other occasions and Car barely gotten away; her weapons nearly broken each time.

One was due to sheer luck (in her case) as two orc rogues attempting to ambush him at the time. He really hated orcs and dispatched them as she sneaked and used her hearthstone to get away. The other time was due to Gryphy helping her escape. She didn’t have her mount to help her out now and she wasn’t sure if Zoea nearby would be able to help in a fight; the kyrian seemed to be an trainee aspirant. Best to stay hidden.

Light, protect me… One might be surprised to know a rogue; a reformed pirate rogue at that would think about the light. Her eldest brother Venn is a paladin (a cranky one at that) and she as well as her older twin brother Danner had to listen to him read his librams repeatedly as an older child and teenager.

Plus she had a childhood friend, Loriessia that was starting to train as a priest before dying far too young.

Maybe it would help her here or not as she heard him on the road, directly across from the tree as he got off a big gryphon; one of the Kul Tiran types. He got a new mount since the last time she had a run-in. She tensed. Something had gotten his attention. He stooped down and picked up something; glasses and a fabric case that were on the edge of the road.

If it was possible for the rogue to shake more than she was, she did. Those belonged to her. How… when did she drop them? Car should have careful and not drop items but then again; she hadn’t been expecting him to show up.

The fabric case had her initials embroidered on it. She never revealed her name while being imprisoned at Tol Dagor but this Kul Tiran had figured out what it was since that time. He was intelligent enough to figure out who this belonged to.

“Excuse me, have ya seen a pretty human lady recently?” The Kul Tiran bastard asked Zoea who was sitting nearby; his Kul Tiran accent quite strong.

“There have been a lot of travelers through this way including pretty ladies. Mind giving a description?” Zoea asked.

“Ya, I can. She has curly dark red hair, blue-green eyes that are a bit damaged but a pretty face and cute nose. Her teeth are a tad crooked but clean. She wears glasses similar to these. Her skin is fair with few freckles…” He continued to give Zoea a description of her, gesturing with his hands when talking about her height and skinny build.

Car shivered and shook her head when he talked about her small booty (why did anyone need to know that?) before talking about her green leather vest and black leather armor under it as well as her weapons choice of sword and dagger. She looked at her armor, realizing she forgot to bring a spare armor in a different color. No way was she going to wear the armor of the Shadowlands…

Zoea asked, “Why do you seek this person?”

“We are partners and have business that is past due…” The Kul Tiran answered with a smirk.

“I see. ‘Business’ Well, I did see someone matching her description and overheard a conversation she received a… while ago. She got offered a task at the Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus. She said she’d hearthstone back to the covenant to get supplies before flying there.” Zoea replied. “She used her hearthstone and left. I can tell you she isn’t with the Maldraxxi so it’ll take her time. If you head to a flight master and leave soon, you could get there before she does.”

“I better hurry then. I appreicate the help. Come Orcslay’, let’s go.” He turned toward his gryphon and hopped on it. The Gryphon then went south, likely toward the flight master at Aspiriant’s Rest.

Orcslay’? She knew the bastard really hated orcs; to the point of wanting them extinct. Not surprising that he’d give that name to a gryphon but it was still a terrible one, at least in her mind. She thought Danner naming one of Gryphy’s hatchlings Claws was unoriginal for a gryphon or him naming a female black tabby cat Farts was terrible…

Zoea looked up at the sky briefly in the southern direction before getting up on her feet. Car found her body still trembling too much to move as the female kyrian walked over and knelt down. Flashes of dark memories overcame the rogue as Zoea touched her shoulder briefly getting out a bell and ringing it for a short time. Surprisingly, Car felt herself calming down and her body trembling less.

“Easy Carena, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to cause you pain with those memories.” Zoea sighed. “I know the paragons tell me I must purge all my memories to serve but now I realize I knew you in my previous life.”

Car blinked. Seriously, she hadn’t found any souls of anyone she knew, at least friendly souls since arriving in Shadowlands. Zoea wasn’t her uncle or any of the others with him that had gone missing since that was recent; after the drought in Shadowlands started. Still, who was she? “How long have ye been here?” She sighed after asking as that would narrow it down.

“I died a few years before the Cataclysm. Chloia who was here earlier has been in Bastion for many, many centuries. You were very best friends with my daughter; who was murdered by bandits. In fact you visited me some days before my…” Zoea blinked, her voice trailing off.

“Mercia?” Carena sighed as Zoea nodded. Mercia was Loriessia’s mother and as a human had light brown hair, blue eyes and very tan skin and was petite in size. To see Mercia… Zoea with dark blue hair, glowing silver eyes and nearly tall as a vrykul was startling to say at least. “Sorry…”

“Don’t be troubled by my death or even Lori’s death- I saw your memories. I know she wouldn’t want either of us to dwell on it this long.”

Carena nodded with a sad sigh. “Aye. That be true.”

“I always had regrets about not being more protective of my child. I was so busy with my priestly duties. I should have been home more. Even after her death, I still served. My sense of duty must have sent me here.” Zoea reached out a hand to Car to help the rogue stand.

“I presume Lori’s soul isn’t here.” Car reached out to Mercia… Zoea’s hand and stood up. She was still a bit shaky in standing up.

Zoea nodded. “Not from what I know. Frankly, I hope she’s at rest in a more peaceful afterlive that I’ve heard other kyrians talk about.”

"I hope so… " Carena replied, agreeing with that remark based on what she had been hearing during her time here. “Thanks for sending that fel bastard Kul Tiran away.”

“No need to thank me, Carena. I’m doing what I’m suppose to. Protect, even if it’s not with weapons yet. I’m certain he would have cut me down quick in an actual fight.” Zoea replied. “Still, I would avoid Maldraxxus for a time just in case he doesn’t run into the arena and meet his end and instead plans a trap for you.”

“I wasn’t plannin’ on it.” Car sighed; hopefully the Venthyr wouldn’t send her on a task to that location in the next few days at least. As it was, she was hoping to be done with their business soon. She then heard Zoea motion with her right hand for Car to follow along. “Do you know his name? I presume he’s was wearin’ that blasted helmet and ye didn’t see his face.”

“No, I don’t. I can tell you that the others who would know it won’t tell me, let alone you if asked. And yes, he was wearing a helmet so I didn’t see his face.” Zoea let out a sigh. “If I had seen his facial features, I would tell you. That way, you can figure out his identity on your own.”

Carena nodded slowly. “Okay.” She figured they wouldn’t be able to tell her a name even if they knew. “It’s… frustratin’.”

“I can tell it is and I don’t blame you, Carena. He harmed you greatly in that dark place. I realize you haven’t told anyone, not even your brothers…” Zoea said quietly. “We can talk more at Hero’s Rest for a time; including the reason you came to the Shadowlands. Then I would suggest you head back to Sinfall and rest there…”

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I have modified the story line a bit. I’d consider this a continuation of The surviving hunt thread that I made on Coriani, my huntress alt.

I hope this Car’s reasoning for being in the Shadowlands and Venthyr covenant makes sense and isn’t too crazy. She may not think of Gryphy as ‘evil’ per say but the Venthyr aren’t in the wrong, either.

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“Watch out!”

Coriani Arrowind tripped and fell on the muddy ground. She briefly glanced around to see what had caused her to fall when a naga spear went flying over her. The Sin’dorei sighed; her clumsiness had an advantage for once. She then looked east-northeast and spotted the naga male near the edge of the cliff; not the smartest idea on his part since it was a few hundred feet above a sandy beach on that part of the island.

She glanced at Donrick briefly while getting to her feet, hoping she hadn’t broken anything in the fall as Featherwing came to her. She then motioned for her pet to stay put as it was slippery and the gryphon lately had trouble flying even a few feet off the ground. Better to be safe than have her pet fall off the cliff and get severely injured or killed in case she couldn’t fly.

The huntress then aimed her crossbow at the naga’s head and fired it quickly. The naga staggered before falling off the cliff, hopefully to his demise. He was part of a big scouting party; one with thirteen naga in it. At least that what the huntress thought it was with the amount of those blasted sea-snakes that were attacking.

Not the first attack either; around four weeks earlier an ambush happened with a different scouting party. It had the same number of naga though it had a few sea witches in it. So far only their warriors had been spotted in this one. The weather was different then, too as Coriani looked at the sky and saw thick, dark gray clouds above. A storm, a fierce one was starting to come ashore.

The naga were defeated then but not before ‘Tall’ Dale was fatally wounded in the attack and died later that day; he was wearing a red shirt at the time of his death. He was the first mate of the Henrietta’s Bane- a vessel that had a mutiny takeover happen. She shivered briefly as memories of that event flashed in her mind.

Dale had been severely injured taking back that ship before they had to quickly abandon it due to the ship itself being cursed and got basically marooned on what they thought was an uninhabited island located somewhere in the Great Sea or possibly the South Sea. He wore a red shirt at that time, too.

Thankfully, supplies were found here along with Perlith, a night elf male druid who had been stranded on this island for years- was able to heal the worgen at that time. Good thing as they found out they couldn’t teleport, portal, hearthstone or any transport device to leave.

The island wasn’t in the normal shipping routes. The few big ships seen were slave ones and they kept out of sight of them; Captain Greywell Vhitaker-Vasile (the stand-in captain of Henrietta’s Bane) knew they didn’t have the manpower to take on slavers. This place was basically a prison. Only small birds and sea turtles were able to leave from Cori’s observation.

However, most of the turtles left within a few weeks after they got stranded and hadn’t returned. What few remained of them, Featherwing hunted to extinction. The old tortollan that kept trying to save baby sea turtles would be most displeased at the gryphon if she ever heard of this…

The huntress shivered and her pointed ears twitched as she heard thunder in the distance, bringing her back to the present. They were making last minute preparations before taking shelter in the upper caverns on the western side of the island when Soot, a tall human male who got stranded here ten days earlier screamed.

Not just any scream or yell; the scream of someone being in pure agony. They all went looking for him and found him a ‘short’ time later, his deceased body impaled by several spears. Soot was also wearing a red shirt at the time of his death. Perlith conjured roots that covered the human’s body as they didn’t have time to do a proper burial…

That’s when the naga started their attack; big mistake on their part despite their numbers. Most of them had been defeated already. Greywell had made sure of this and they were currently making sure none of the sea-snakes escaped alive into the water and eventually tell their superiors or Queen Azshara.

As it was, the worgen mage was convinced something had attracted the scouting parties- maybe the same force keeping him from conjuring all teleporting and portal spells; hearthstone and other transporting devices also didn’t work here. He along with her and the others didn’t want these scouting parties to become a regular event or worse…

“Aye. That should be all the naga sea-snakes. I’ll check to be sure he’s dead.” Donrick ran over to the cliffside briefly where the naga fell off. “Yer got him good. Nice shootin’ even after trippin’. Let’s inform the Cap’n.”

She nodded, briefly limping noting pain in her left ankle as they went south. “Come, Featherwing. NO eating the naga!” the huntress muttered to the gryphon as Featherwing squawked in protest but came along. Ever since they got marooned, the grpyhon never seemed to be satisfied with the amount of food given, even if it was far more than what she needed in a day.

Greywell, Malgekk, Tibson and Perlith were checking the western and northwestern part of the island for naga. That was before Cori found tracks of naga going east, then east-northeast a bit earlier before finding the naga scout. They must have finished their search as she saw Greywell up ahead, looking down the hill that had an old graveyard.

The worgen mage was no longer wearing a bright pink dress. Instead, he found a big bolt of green fabric- one that needed to be used in one of the supply boxes and made himself a fashionable sailor-type dress out of it. She and the others with him were perfectly fine with his clothing choices, he was a mage and a bachelor for life. Supposedly the mutineers mutinied due to Greywell’s clothes but Cori figured it was a bad excuse; especially since they wished to serve Queen Azshara.

“Status report?” Greywell asked.

“Found the naga scout. Coriani gutted the sea-snake good.” Donrick replied.

“Aye. That should be all of them, then. Malgekk and Perlith went back to the cave.” Greywell took a glance at Coriani’s armor which was muddy from her tripping. “Are yer alright, Coriani? Can ye make it to the cave?” Greywell asked with a concern tone to his Gilnean accent.

“Yes, I tripped before killing the naga. I should be able to make it to the cave.” Cori winced briefly before looking in the east-southeast direction at the graveyard about one hundred yards away and spotted Tibson kneeling briefly. “Is he checking the sand bags he put near Dale’s grave-marker, Captain Greywell?”

“Aye.” the worgen mage captain replied. “He doesn’t want his grave-marker to wash away. Can’t blame him. He really misses him as do I.”

Tibson was near Dale’s grave-marker on the eastern end of the graveyard. The worgen teenager found some cloth bags and had spent an entire day filling them with sand and putting near the graveyard. The previous storm brought waves up to the heavily eroded wall ruins located near the bottom of the hill. This storm coming ashore was more fierce and powerful. “I don’t blame him- Dale was protecting him. I believe we all miss Dale and wish we could have spotted that blasted naga sooner.”

Greywell nodded. “I should have been protecting him further; it is me duty as Captain. He may have not be part of me flagship but he’s was a member of me crew as I consider yer one. At least we have the consolation that naga wench witch won’t harm anyone else.” He sighed. “I’ll do everything I can to protect ye and the other crew from harm. I know the family is searching for us but there may be thousands of small islands in Great Sea.”

Coriani sighed. He told her long ago that she was an honorary crew-member and would protect her to the best of his abilities. Greywell was eccentric but honorable; he basically told his brother in the family business to quit piracy and reform it if possible via a scrying stone before abandoning the Henrietta’s Bane. After traveling, being imprisoned and stranded/marooned on this island with him and crew, she understood why her ‘late’ mother worked for this family. “I know. I hope they can find us soon.”

“Aye, as do I. I know Carena and Vailey won’t quit lookin’ for us. They both hate having family members get captured and stay missin’.” Greywell motioned for Tibson to hurry along as the wind was starting to get blustery. They needed to get to their shelter, a large cave before the winds got stronger and too dangerous to be out in it.

“I know Car was distressed when Nisensi abducted her twin brother and held him captive as a lab experiment. I don’t think she rested much until she was dead and he was rescued.” the huntress shivered thinking of that deceased high elf alchemist.

“That horrid bloody situation distressed the whole family and crew, Cori. There was celebrating when he was rescued alive and in one piece; even though he was barely responsive when found. I do have yer to thank for that as I remember yer located that secret laboratory.” Greywell remarked with a smile. “I have a feeling yer cousin, Failiani, is also looking for us.”

Coriani nodded, thinking of the young adult blood elf rogue. Failiani was likely blaming herself for this entire situation due to her being captured and enslaved by Kul Tiran pirates; ones that didn’t bathe the entire time of rogue’s captivity. Gross! Not to mention disgusting… “I bet she feels regret over me being missing but I’d do it again to keep her safe. It’s what Uncle Taelis would want me to do.”

“I’d do the same, Miss Arrowind.” the worgen mage captain remarked with a nod before turning to Tibson who was running over. “I see that yer found a little friend, one with a peculiar predicament…”

Tibson ran over with what appeared to be a small albatross in his arms, one that had a glass vial attached to it via metal chains. Wait, what? Poor bird… it was likely tired due to the extra weight someone forced on it. It was breathing but passed out.“I found it lying on one of the sandbags. I think it’s still alive.”

“It is but it’s not doing well. Featherwing, quit eyeing the bird! It’s a friend, not food.” Coriani sighed after noticing the gryphon had hungry eyes staring at the albatross. She briefly fumbled through a small pack she had on her and found a piece of hardtack from earlier; knowing the her pet wouldn’t stop staring without a distraction. “Here.” Featherwing quickly gobbled up the bread happily.

“We best be going; it’s only going to get worse here out.” Greywell briefly patted Featherwing on the head with her making a sweet squawking sound at him. “I can ask Perlith to check on the bird, and get more food for a special gryphon.”

Coriani nodded at Greywell as they started to walk south towards the pathway went along a path on the caverns. The winds were beginning to pick up in speed and it would only get worse. And howl… she shivered as she thought about the storm three weeks prior. This one was more fierce and powerful. They would be lucky to be able to sleep anytime soon.

She shivered and looked around the island’s terrain they were on as the rain started. The island was rocky with many cliffs and steep due to the small mountain on the southern half of it. They weren’t able to get to the summit of this mountain or the southern end of the isle by foot due to the steepness of it.

The western part of the mountain and isle were the location of most of the caverns were located. A bit of a hike as they were located about halfway up on the mountain but they could be reached by foot. One small cavern was on the eastern part of the island a short distance south of the graveyard but it wasn’t suitable for taking shelter in.

There were a few sandy beaches, manly on the northwest and eastern end of this island. This place wasn’t barren as it had some grass, foliage and some trees. Just south and down of the caverns on the western part of the isle was a small creek that had clean water to drink. West-southwest hidden behind trees and near the base of the mountain were a few small pools of water that they used to bathe in.

There also used to be buildings- likely built by island trolls that had been long abandoned. However, they had been built on the eastern shore on the beach and in a state of disrepair. The last few storms had fully destroyed what remained of those buildings.

A bit later, they made it to the largest of the caverns where they took shelter in since arriving here. Soaking wet, sore, cold and a bit muddy, Cori limped over to the small campfire in the middle of the cave with Greywell helping her out and she sat down. “Thanks.” She sighed in relief as did the others. The winds were at the point of being too dangerous to go outside.

The captain smirked and nodded before walking over where Perlith and Malgekk were having a private conversation. Tibson sat down nearby with the small albatross still in his arms. Donrick sat down on a cot located near the northern cavern wall; she could tell the old worgen was really tired but with the winds, she doubted even he would be able to sleep soundly.

Cori took off her boots and noticed her left ankle was a bit swollen but thankfully didn’t appear to be broken. Perlith walked over and looked over her ankle briefly as the huntress heard the worgen captain and Malgekk head over to the huge amount of crates in the south-east part of the cave.

“Tripped again I see. Well, the good news that your ankle isn’t broken this time, just twisted. Ice and rest will help it out, Cori; something that we plenty of time to do.” Perlith remarked, pulling his bright green hair into a tighter ponytail before eyeing the entrance of the cavern as the sound of trees snapping in the distance could be heard. “I have to say, this appears to be one of the strongest storms I’ve seen since being stranded here- shortly after the Cataclysm.”

“Aye; it’s gonna be a doozy of a storm. And yer been here quite some time. Longer than us.” Donrick yawned tiredly before winking at Perlith who nodded with a smile. “And thriving, too.”

The night elf druid had an expression of deep concern when he saw the small bird in Tibson’s arms. It was still passed out and it’s breathing had slowed. Perlith had a deep care of nature like most druids but he seemed to special care for birds and small critters in general. “By Elune! Who would put chains on such a delicate creature; he’s slowly being choked by them. Let me see him.”

Tibson nodded and carefully handed him the small male albatross. “I found him lying on one of the sandbags near Dale’s grave-marker.”

Perlith gently put the bird down on a rock and he knelt down; his hands glowing a faint green glow. He was able to remove the chains and the glass vial attached to the chain off the bird quickly before examining him further. He muttered more words as the bird’s breathing was getting more stabilized. “Messenger here has some cuts and wounds from the chains plus exhaustion from a long flight. His wings aren’t broken, thankfully.”

“Messenger? Is that’s the bird’s name?” Tibson asked with a surprised expression. "Will he recover?’

“It’s his name based on his memories. He belongs to a Quel’dorei male that he got separated from. I do have my ways of communicating with these lovely birds, even when they are… asleep.” Perlith smiled, looking over the small albatross. “He should be able to fly once he’s recovered his strength; he’d have plenty time to do that with this storm.”

Greywell brought over two small crates of supplies while Malgekk carried a red sack that had belonged to Soot. The island still had a few years worth of supplies- if used properly- in hardtack bread, coffee and cocoa beans. There had been a decent supplies of dried Kafa’kota berries store in one of the other smaller caves that until ten days ago were still edible.

In the last week, the dried berries somehow spoiled to the point of growing mold and had to be discarded. The huntress sighed, she had an addiction to Kafa’kota berries but the mutiny takeover/imprisonment had caused her to rethink about it as the berries could be hard to obtain.

Thanks to Perlith, she had managed to switch the addiction to coffee/cocoa beans; something more easily attainable though the druid had hopes one of these days, she wouldn’t be addicted to anything.

The crates with the dried berries were stored under the right conditions where it should have lasted much longer. However, they found evidence of the boxes being tampered with and water inside one of them. As for who did that, they had a suspect or two.

Soot might have done something as he was the most recent person to be stranded for one. Also, he supposedly was held captive and escaped without being noticed from the big slave ship that passed by the island ten days earlier; a big flag to them.

Greywell with his flagship and main crew had raided and rescued prisoners before from such ships. Slavers kept the security very tight and prisoners heavily guarded; after all it was their profit. Soot though tried to explain to them that the slavers were smashed drunk at the time from celebrating a huge profit of the other captives and were ‘sloppy’.

He still had cuffs on his wrists- with the chain that kept the cuffs linked broken that the slavers bound him with when he was captured after the merchant ship he worked as a deckhand on was attacked. Tibson seemed to be okay with the human’s answer but the teenager hadn’t had a run-in with pirate slavers before. Something about the tall human’s demeanor seemed a bit off despite his friendliness.

The huntress was convinced Soot was actually a slaver sent here to ‘investigate’. If there was one thing they were avoiding, it was being taken captive by slavers; hence why they hid whenever their ships were spotted. She told Greywell of her suspicions quietly and he agreed with her, though they didn’t have any proof but he figured it’d come out soon enough; hopefully without slave ships coming to the island.

The tall human didn’t complain and was understanding when they told him he was to be kept under ‘watch’ or have Featherwing eat him. Soot complied with the orders until earlier this morning. Such actions got him tortured and killed by the blasted fel naga.

With Soot dead, they’d be able to inspect his sack and find out if he was telling the truth or a liar, pirate slaver and likely the one responsible for spoiling the Kafa’kota berries.

“Eat first then check bag. See what human up to; good or bad.” Malgekk remarked as he sat down next to Perlith with several disks of hardtack. The orc handed some of the bread over to the druid with a smirk.

“I hope you don’t mind if I save one for Messenger here. He’s bound to be hungry once he wakes.” Perlith sighed before smiling at the orc. “It would be nice to confirm if Soot was telling the truth. It might make it easier to sleep tonight.”

“Aye.” Greywell nodded. “I for one don’t want a run-in with bloody slavers. At least without me flagship and crew.”

“Yer think they have gotten their vengeance for Teldrassil yet? I hope my father is still alive; I miss him and wish I hadn’t had that argument…” Tibson frowned and shook his head.

“Tiberius is a fierce fighter; has been since we were lads. Aye, he’s alive and won’t quit lookin’ for ye, Tibson until he see ye safe and sound.” Greywell walked over to Tibson with hardtack and patted the teenager shoulder briefly. “By now, me surviving crew has gotten their vengeance for Teldrassil; only for it to be replaced against pirates and slavers.”

“That won’t get quenched anytime soon.” Coriani replied with the worgen mage nodding at her.

“Indeed.” Greywell walked over and handed her a few big disks of hardtack bread and a canteen, likely containing coffee before going over to Donrick.

She nodded in thanks even though Coriani was beyond sick of eating hardtack but it was food and vegetarian, at least she was told it was from Perlith who was also one. It was better than starving as she took a bite of the bread.

Featherwing perked up when the worgen captain opened the other small crate, full of hardtack just for her. It may have not been the most 'healthiest meal for a gryphon but Cori hadn’t had time to fish and frankly, her pet wasn’t able to catch much due to the weight gain. It seemed that gryphons could and would eat anything if they were hungry enough and in her mind, hardtack was better than eating a corrupted Naga.

Something about her gryphon’s condition since being stranded bothered her. It wasn’t a curse, at least Perlith and Greywell hadn’t been able to sense one but they agreed something was wrong with the beast. Those fel blasted mutineers didn’t fed her much, if anything during the takeover. Did the mutineers hurt her pet in some other way or was it a mental issue?

The huntress would have to get Featherwing to a healer once they got off this island. She knew the horde held a medical clinic in Orgrimmar, at least they did before she left and got into her current situation. Were Da Doctas even around to have one? She certainly hoped so but with Nazjatar supposedly being revealed plus the on-going faction war, who knows.

She sighed and took another bite of the hardtack as more trees started to snap in the distance. It was something to worry about once they were found and able to get off this island. Hopefully sooner than later and by family and friends, not pirate slavers…

(( I meant to get this up a bit sooner but got delayed. There may be small edits- mainly for spelling/punctuation.

Coriani and the crew of the Henrietta’s Bane have been stranded/ marooned since around the time Nazjatar was revealed on the ocean floor so they aren’t aware of any recent events.

The mountain which basically makes up the island is somewhere between 899-1025 feet in height. The length of island is about 5.55 miles and width is no more than 2.05 miles (before this storm). I’m trying to make the island size similar to the ones in Island Expeditions but I don’t know how big those islands are in comparison. If it’s too small or big, I can edit.

Only 9/16 of the island is accessible on foot- via the northern part. The southern part and summit of the mountain is inaccessible by foot with steep cliffs and drop-offs.

The very northern/northeast part of the island also has cliffs but the drop-off is less than half when compared to the cliffs on the southern end of the island.

Two sandy beaches exist on the island- One starts on the northeast-north part of the island and extends on the eastern shore of the island until it hits the steep slope of the mountain about halfway. That beach is slowly eroding away due to the storms.

The other beach on the northwest shore- it starts on the western end of the northern cliffs and immediately heads southeast for a bit and then curves west (kinda resembles a half moon). The sandy then extends partway on the western shore before it gets replaced by rocks and the creek. Ships can potentially anchor off this beach due to deep water found offshore.

The type of trees on the island are similar to the ones found in Stranglethorn Vale and Zuldazar and other tropical like places on Azeroth. I would say the climate of the island is similar to those places- it doesn’t snow naturally.

About the storm; I recall pandaren in Krasarang Wilds mention ‘typhoons’ hitting there. Other than the Maelstrom, I don’t know if Azeroth get those type of tropical cyclones as Earth does. Even if not, the type of damage done to the island is similar to them I’d say. ))

((Sorry about the long delay. Various real life came up including moving, house renovation nightmares and surgery. As the OP, I figured this post is still relevant to the story but can move it to new thread if needed due to the amount of time between posts. ))

Carena winced before opening her eyes, not being able to see much at all thanks to the darkness surrounding her and not having glasses on. How long had she been unconscious for? She didn’t know but she was a bit groggy. Her body hurt; especially her right ankle that felt swollen. Likely heavily sprained based on pain level, not to mention her toes on that foot were hard to wiggle unless she concentrated hard. Something seemed to be surrounding both wrists and left ankle.

She moved her hands briefly and blinked, a bit startled as she felt handcuffs on her wrists. Not again! Sadly, it wasn’t her first time waking up to being bound in chains. Luckily, she always concealed lockpicks purposely not in her belt and was usually able to escape. A good rogue, even a reformed pirate one was always prepared for all types of situations.

She listened briefly to her surroundings, last thing she needed was a captor sitting nearby and prevent her escape. Car didn’t hear anyone, not even a critter in the same room or small cavern space? The human blinked; based on the sounds, this reminded her of the buildings built into hillside/mountain that Zereth Mortis had too many to count, one that might be starting to cave-in based on the dirt covered floor her lower back and legs felt?

Wait, what? Why wasn’t the her long sleeve shirt and dark pants keeping her body covered? Unless… she wasn’t wearing them. That thought made her shudder. Even with cuffed hands, she could still bend her elbows and move her arms a bit as she checked herself. Even in the dark, Car realized all she had on was a sleeveless cropped shirt and low rising shorts that barely covered her small booty.

WHAT THE FEL? Waking up in pain and her wrists and one ankle shackled was startling enough; it was horrifying to wake up bound and in skimpy clothes. This reminded her of Tol Dagar experience although it didn’t seem that her captor had… taken advantage of her thankfully, at least it didn’t feel that way. Still, she was horrified, irritated and embarrassed right now.

O no… she sniffed the air and shivered quite noticeably after noting the foul decaying flesh smell still lingering. At least she knew who was responsible for her current situation, fel damned Kul Tiran bastard; escaping would be difficult if he were around. Considering what he wanted to do with her, Car was thankful to still have clothes on.

Car even knew his true identity; Irolent Peril Coremedelars thanks to her Kul Tiran human shipwright and crewmen, Unity Holli or ‘Uni’. Memories started to flash in her mind along with a worrying feeling.

After finding and aiding Unity- the Kul Tiran shipwright crewmen from a few big Mawsworn that had started to shackle her, Car fainted; likely from having too little food. Unity managed to get her on Mischief-Essa, Car’s new mount and get to a ‘safer’ location in the Endless Sands. After waking, she and Unity ate a small meal of root vegetable chips, dried fruit and water while the giant feline munched on fish jerky.

While eating, she got a much needed progress report on family and the on-going search for Coriani, Uncle Greywell, Tibson, Donrick and Malgekk. Uncle Erdin hadn’t heard from Vailey, the rest of her and Vailey’s crew after they left on a hired ship for the blasted island. Hopefully they hadn’t been marooned or worse, taken prisoner by that hired ship’s crew.

They were about leave Zereth Mortis for good when the Kul Tiran bastard appeared. Unity recognized him and panicked- her late father was murdered by him and she unfortunately witnessed it. Irolent was supposedly ‘executed’ for his many crimes over twenty years earlier but clearly the wrong person had been put to death instead.

Irolent also recognized the shipwright and was more than prepared to take them both on. He though mentioned that he wanted to deal with Unity ‘permanently’. Even though Car felt a bit weak, she engaged him after sending Uni and Mischief-Essa to get addition help from family; she wasn’t going to let him kill her crewmen if she could prevent it. Unity was a former tidesage turned shaman but her powers were… unpredictable at times.

Car was able to fight Irolent better than expected, at least she thought so compared to few other times he had ambushed her; a prior battle with a female orc shaman (that he killed) still had him limping. Granted, the battle consisted of her parrying his weapons, firing her pistol and running a bit before parrying his attacks. He actually seemed to be getting injured from her weapons this time around.

That was until he leaped into the air, landed and stuck her weapons with such force that it broke her sword and dagger into pieces. Another blow knocked her pistol from her hand and before she knew it, she was lying on the ground, a bit dazed and her ankle hurting with his sword a few inches from her face. She thought she heard more footsteps approaching before blacking out.

Car then heard dirt falling from the ceiling at the left corner, interrupting her thoughts. The human attempted to sit up only to be hit with extreme disorientation and dizziness to the point of feeling very nauseous. She quickly laid down on the dirty floor and winced. Her ankle wasn’t sprained; it was broken.

Fel blast it; she had to be under some sort of nasty potion- one that she didn’t remember taking and wouldn’t take under willing circumstances. Bastard must have shoved it down her throat after knocking her out.

Irolent managed to capture her before in Revendreth- due to him paying off a dredger that gave her a drink spiked with a similar potion. Luckily for her, she woke up with him not being around with her still wearing clothes and leather armor- save for her glove and boots. Even with feeling ‘moderately’ disoriented, she managed to escape her binds, find her boots and gloves and still get away.

Clearly he learned a lesson from the last time he captured her and been more prepared this time. Escaping would be difficult, nearly impossible now even if Irolent wasn’t in the cavern-like room. If he wasn’t at the entrance, he had to be pursuing Unity. Hopefully Uni was able to send for help and stay hidden.

She starting to cough only to realize no sound had come from her throat. Likely a silencing potion and a strong one at that. She could scream from her lungs and maybe a tiny whisper could be heard. How many potions had he forced down while she was passed out? Far too many. She shivered; now she felt vulnerable in addition to feeling horrified, irritable and embarrassed.

She sighed and thought about everything that had happened to her since she first spotted the bastard. The Venthyr had her help with more various tasks after she got back to Sinfall; thankfully they didn’t send her to Maldraxxus.

Right about the time Korthia was found, Zoea sent a letter stating an adventurer had found and rescued the soul of ‘Tall’ Dale from the Maw. His soul was safe in Bastion. His death was due to naga and happened months later. Dale’s soul ‘explored briefly’ before ending up in the Maw. Either a magical orb or elemental creature located in a cavern on the inaccessible southern part of the island was responsible for the no teleportation. Plus the small island was potentially ‘active’.

She sent Vailey informing him of the info found. She hoped then the contract work was done and the Venthyr would release Gryphy. Nope, more tasks which really irritated the rogue; she wanted nothing more to return back to Azeroth and help locate the blasted, cursed island Coriani, Uncle Greywell and others were stranded on.

Shortly after Sylvanas Windrunner was apprehended, she got word Gryphy escaped his prison. Based on the dead bodies, there figured a dreadlord instigated it. Evil gryphon! The venthyr had her track down Gryphy. She fought him after noting his corruption, with the intent of ending his suffering. Irolent ambushed her and the gryphon then. Gryphy attacked the Kul Tiran with full rage and she used the opportunity to escape.

A bit later, she went back with a Venthyr soulhunter and his recruits only found the gryphon’s severed head; the rest of Gryphy’s body was missing. They found out about the Kul Tiran and decided to pursue him; that action cost them their lives. She then was pursued by Irolent, barely evading him for a time until that dredger offered her that drink and ended up prisoner.

She escaped and got back to Sinfall with help from two Venthyr- both who might have been ancestors of hers on the mother’s side of family. She slipped though the portal to Oribos while the Venthyr weren’t watching- the rogue figured she could crawl if needed to Stormwind’s portal.

Apparently she had been disoriented enough to forget Oribos’ portal destination point had been moved and… she survived the fall into the Maw and managed to avoid capture by the Mawsworn. The Maw incident was ‘brief’ and terrifying. The human lost her hearthstone, glasses and a majority of her medical supplies but she got Mischief-Essa from his dying owner.

An elderly female orc shaman she befriended (blame Alteraci heritage from mother’s family) taught her to improve writing in Common language after mentioning orc peons had better penmanship. The orc was very educated in Orcish, Common and had a engineering mailbox the rogue was surprisingly able to use. Car received an unusually harsh, insulting letter from Uncle Erdin; at one that was addressed from him and wanted to respond.

After writing that letter and one to Danner before sending them off, not noticing a cut on right hand, she helped the female orc deal with the mawsworn who forged her late son’s soul into armor. Irolent escaped Revendreth and was crazy enough to jump into the Maw where he found her and ambushed them. The orc lost her husband many, many years earlier to a Kul Tiran human and wanted to battle one without aid and had Car leave with Mischief-Essa.

Near the entrance to Korthia, she found a broker who brought her and Mischief-Essa to Zereth Mortis via a portal he attuned as a one-way trip. She would help him with one task and he would bring her to the waystone portal that’d take her back to Oribos. Sadly, he met his gruesome end after falling for a red sword trap ambush by a covetous broker within a day of arriving…

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard something near a hallway. Car kept still in case it was Irolent checking on her but no, it seemed to be a stream of dirt falling. Her thoughts drifted again.

Up until her brief maw experience, she and Vailey kept each other informed of everything. They would need a new alchemist. Faili sent word; the former one didn’t fully break ties to the Venture Company. They didn’t have to deal with Kip as he was killed shortly after entering Thunder Bluff in his ‘gnome’ body…

Failiani also had to rescue a small albatross named Messenger from pet poachers. The bird had a humane-type harnass around it with a pouch; one that contained letters and S.E.L.F.I.E camera photos from the missing folks, it apparently had been to and from the island. It helped with the news her missing cousin’s pet crawler was found dead. Coriani would be most upset once she found out.

She sighed; thanks to the albatross, Vailey located the cursed island with scrying but the action caused him to faint and be sick. He was still ill when he sent his most recent letter to her a few weeks after his scrying; she received it right after she escape Irolent’s first capture of her.

He found and hired a ship for passage since the Stormchaser wasn’t quite finished with the upgrades. They would leave once she returned and Tiberius got back from locating the last straggler of Greywell’s flagship crew; Sonny Day, the second mate.

Granted, she was disoriented but she was concerned at the mention of the vessel her worgen cousin hired; that ship crew’s activities were ‘shady’. She sent a letter before heading through Sinfall’s portal to Oribos but it was ‘unreadable’ according to Uni. That wasn’t the only letter Vailey had trouble reading; he and the rest of their crew thought Gryphy was a dreadlord according to the Unity. Hopefully she’d be able set the record straight…

Footsteps were approaching from the hallway as she tensed and closed her eyes in an attempt to act passed out. Irolent was coming and was holding something in his right hand. She knew what is was moments later as a whip came down on her right ankle; as if it didn’t hurt enough already from being broken…

Irolent walked over with a limp and bent over enough to grab both of her arms. He dragged her back to the wall behind and forced her to sit up, causing her disoriented feeling and severe dizziness to return. The Kul Tiran then knelt down next to her.

“Open ya eyes, pretty Car Car; I know ya awake. Can’t fool me. Those potions will dissipate in good time. Do keep still, it’ll help with the dizziness I’m told.” He then touched her face. The rogue inwardly shivered greatly and was grossed out but kept still, noting even his breath had putrid foulness to it. He put a pair of glasses on her. Irolent got up to his feet and walked slowly over to the opposite wall where he sat down.

Car hated his nickname for her; it sounded that of a hozen. Thankfully he moved; his odor might be more tolerable with him sitting some yards away as she coughed, silently. The sound of a whip cracking near got her to open her eyes. Based on the strength of the lenses, this pair was the one she dropped in Bastion and he found some time ago. She had been using a pair of pitiful glasses she found outside Pilgrim’s Grace.

Even with this pair of glasses, she still couldn’t see much due to the only light source being from a lantern but the ceiling of the room she was in might have been curved? Clearly the building was abandoned and disrepair. like being held a long, dark crumbling cavern. But yes, provided she didn’t move her head, the dizziness was minimal.

“Ya must be gettin’ hungry. Want some? I made it from what his name, Gryphy? I know he wasn’t a Kul Tiran gryphon but he made some fine tastin’ jerky.” Irolent held out a big piece of meat. He chuckled after Carena gave him an angry glare. “Fine. Don’t eat. Ya’ll regret it in time…”

He ATE Gryphy? Her late mount? That would explain why his body wasn’t found. Still, one had to insane to eat meat that was from a sick and corrupted animal. Granted, the rogue was hungry from rationing and skipping meals due to her having low food supplies; she hated broker food and had allergies to shellfish and bread (at least the type made with grains). Still, she would rather starve than eat gryphons; they were friends and allies, not food.

“Cheer up, Car Car. Ya lucky my bumbling associate dropped his reagents for portal casting otherwise we’d be back on Azeroth havin’ a bit of fun. We certainly had somethin’ special at Tol Dagor.” Irolent smirked.

The footsteps she heard before getting knocked out cold by Irolent must have been from his associate. Maybe it was the whole forbidden afterlife realm thing but the fact his mage needed and lost rune reagents was amusing. Hopefully the runes were ruined once found. Car certainly didn’t want to relive her experiences of that dreaded prison but he did. Fel blasted Creep!

“Fate had a reason he dropped them, I hadn’t been expecting to see Unity Holli; she has grown over the years. I met her father Perrin; my ill-manner cousin dated him after his divorce.” Irolent shook his head. “My associate was supposed to have dealt with her years ago. I’ve given him the chance to redeem himself by findin’ and endin’ that shipwright life. He’ll be here once he finishes his tasks.”

With any luck, the shaman and Mischief-Essa had already reached Pilgrim’s Grace and sent a letter; letting Uncle Erdin know of the situation and requesting urgent help. Hopefully Uni was staying out of sight right now…

Knowing her relative, he’d respond quickly and if Erdin wasn’t able to go himself, he’d send at least three members of Greywell’s flagship crew to help- likely more. If Danner and his fiancee Mandi were visiting Uncle Erdin at the time of the letter received; they’d come in a heartbeat. Her twin brother had the time now since he left the Alliance military.

“Ya and I have much in common from my research. Both born on land. Both had our parents die young. We both are also the only child of them. I know ya cousin Vailey could be a ‘half-brother’; ya father Lerroy was the identical twin of his father, Bailey. Quite a cruel, ruthless slaver he was. Never met him but even his own crew got tired and sold him into slavery.” Irolent chuckled. “Not surprisin’ Bailey would abandon his son.”

Yes, he somehow gotten private information about her but thankfully wasn’t fully accurate. She wasn’t an only child. Venn was born in Gilneas but she and Danner were born on a ship that was docked at Menethil Harbor. Even if she wasn’t under the effects of a silencing potion, she wouldn’t tell him about her siblings.

Bailey was the wild, rebellious child with numerous run-in with the authorities of Gilneas while his older twin Lerroy was tame, mellow and for the most part lawful. Greywell and Erdin both mention the headache their one brother caused their parents and family business. And yes, Vailey was abandoned to be raised by other family members when he was six months old; something her cousin resented and yet was thankful for.

He continued, “Speakin’ about that family of ya, Car Car. Greywell has made a number of enemies; slavers, pirates and such from his raiding of their ships and freeing the slaves. Some who are willing to spend a ridiculous amount to get their hands on him. I know of two Lordaeronian slavers; brothers with a fleet of ships are getting close. If they hadn’t already captured Greywell, they will soon.” the Kul Tiran smirked.

She glared. If the slavers he mentioned were the ones the she was thinking; they were a minor crime family from Lordaeron. Two surviving brothers- technically half-brothers (their father had a ‘secret’ affair that led to an illegitimate son being born) were the masterminds and owners. One brother was still living while the other was a forsaken undead.

They had small fleet; it was one of their ships she sabotaged and shipwrecked before ending up in Castaway Point. If those brothers found and captured her missing uncle, Coriani, Tibson and others with them, she had no doubt misery would come to the missing folks and then they’d sell her mage uncle to the highest bidder.

“I also worked as a supplier of sorts for slavers for years after my people thought me dead. I still have maps to many of their headquarters. Oh, I see I got ya attention. I even bought the occasional curly red haired female wench here and there to have some fun with. Sadly they never survived long; maybe two days tops. I think ya be different.”

Car perked at the mention of the maps. Granted, if he was telling the truth, they were probably old, too outdated or fake but maybe one map was genuine. It would be interesting to find them. An intelligent slaver would have a drop-off point for supplies at one place with their base of operations elsewhere.

The fact he bought and tortured curly redheads for ‘fun’ disturbed her for obvious reasons; it was likely the reason he was creepily interested in her. Car had a pain tolerance but it had limits. Thankfully, it seemed he was going to save the excruciating, likely violating painful torture somewhere in Kul Tiras on Azeroth. Unless he changes his mind. She inwardly shivered.

She had hopes of a rescue or escaping; though it would lessen if his mage associate came and was actually able to create a stable teleporting portal to Azeroth. Her best hopes right now was in her Kul Tiran human shipwright. Light, Elements; something help Unity fight, survive and deal with his associate. The rogue didn’t want the shaman dying at all. Uni was a crewmen and friend.

In the meantime, hopefully the cave-like building wouldn’t collapse and she would have to endure and survive; including his horrid foul decaying flesh stench. There were forsaken and death knights that took better care of themselves than Irolent. Hopefully blood elves and nightborne would pity her current plight.

Car turned her head at the sound of more dirt falling to the left corner of the room and regretted it. The severe dizziness returned swiftly with a vengeance to the point of feeling she could faint; something she dreaded with him around. She heard Irolent chuckle and the shape of his figure flickering his whip as she blacked out…

(( More OOC. I’m going to keep this part of the RP forum-based; this is set shortly following Sylvanas Windrunner’s judgement after the Jailer’s defeat. Timeline of Shadowlands is a bit confusing. I’m trying to keep stuff vague and hopefully not too graphic to keep the rating down best I can. More edits can happen if need be.

A synopsis so far; basically, Carena’s had a serial creepy criminal pursuing her for some time while she’s trying to finish ‘contract’ covenant work so she can get back to Azeroth and rejoin the on-going search for the missing folks of Henrietta’s Bane and he’s finally caught her.

Meanwhile Coriani, my blood huntress alt, is still stranded on the island following the events of a mutiny takeover, taking the ship back and then abandoning the Henrietta’s Bane with Car’s uncle Greywell and the rest of that crew. They’ve been able to evade the occasional slaving ship and fight various naga scouting parties, not knowing big trouble is headed their way.

Currently, Car is too disoriented/drugged to notice her left ankle is sprained, plus she’s underweight, borderline-anemic and such. Car’s getting rescued alive in one-piece at Zereth Mortis; as to what state she’ll be in remains to be seen but it’ll likely be much long recovery than she likes- may even take the rest of the expansion for her to fully recover physically.

In-Game Roleplay can happen. Prior to Car’s reformation, she did some mischief in Stormwind (no serious injuries or death happened) during WOD and no restitution has been paid by her to my knowledge. Can a member of Stormwind Union confirm what would happen in cases like hers after she back to Azeroth at their convenience? It can even be in-game ooc mail due to me being a late night West Coast player. I’d imagine she’d have a hefty fine at this point…

I’m hoping to have more posts from my alts soon-ish to get this going again. At this point, the on-going search for Coriani and the others missing people will transition into a raiding rescue party. A goal is to finish this RP before Dragonflight. I can answer any questions in-game on Carena or Coriani. ))

((This is Carena on another alt. I can edit if need be.))

Danner Hans Vhitaker-Vasile sighed heavily, looking around Oribos. He glanced at his fiancee/wife Mandi briefly as she carried a brew keg and staff. He and her got a marriage license about month earlier that they thought was valid everywhere. Nope, only in Steamwheddle cities. Even then, they were committed to loyalty to each other forever and already considered themselves married.

The warrior sighed, looking at Mandi’s graying black hair and almond-shaped grey eyes. He loved and cared for her deeply regardless of the situation and likewise with her. They didn’t have much trouble getting permission from the Ebon Blade going through the portal they controlled from Stormwind. The death knights stopped a young human boy from entering right before he arrived.

He came to Shadowlands to find and bring Carena, his twin sister alive back to Azeroth. He was the older twin by four minutes and thirty-two seconds. Their elder brother Venn was older by four years, two weeks and one day. He used to keep track of time when he was a child and teenager; not so much as an adult thankfully. Carena wrote him a letter; one that appeared to be a bit more legible. She apologized for not contacting him. One of her enemies was pursuing her in Shadowlands and needed help in getting back.

Granted his sister could put up a fight. All the siblings had been training to use weapons from the time they could walk- per their late parents last wishes. Even then, she had disadvantages in fighting certain individuals; especially agile, strong brutal warriors and paladins that could see through her stealthy mode. She was likely injured which put her at a further danger of being caught based on the blood spots on the letter. Hopefully they’d find her before that… creep.

While going through the hallways of Oribos, the warrior thought back to the last time he saw Carena in person and the events to it. He and Mandi visited her on the old family vessel, Rowdy Wench a few weeks before the first Broken Shore battle. The ship was the first one built by the family; originally a pirate ship his late grandfather Eddie Vhitaker-Vasile (then Eddie Vhitaker) captained.

His sister was the owner but not the captain; that crew didn’t see anyone but Eddie as ‘captain’ even after his death years later. O’Dean, a worgen shipwright and old family friend for many decades kept order as he was the packmaster of the other worgen on the ship. They regarded his orders; most of the time.

He went mainly to spend time with Carena and apologize to his twin. He recklessly named her as a suspect in a military investigation report over a series of incidents at his former station at Lion’s Landing following his return to duty after barely surviving being held a lab experiment captive. Further investigations and scuffles found the real culprits responsible some weeks later and his superiors cleared her as a suspect.

One might wonder why he would even need to apologize in person. His sister and uncles found out about investigation and she stayed away. Even after being cleared, she still didn’t visit and all letters were returned unopened. Car could be moody at times. Still, she accepted his apology. The rogue noted he wasn’t his usual ‘nosey’ self at the time and returned far too soon to active duty.

Car, Danner and Mandi then left the ship and flew to Westfall’s shoreline and continued the visit there after nearly getting hit by bird droppings. As he found out, his twin was busy with various issues including the Rowdy Wench becoming an unofficial sea bird sanctuary with hundreds-possibly over one thousand of them inside and outside the ship with more coming every day.

On the shore, he and Mandi informed her of their recent engagement. The rogue was really excited for them; it was a way for her to continue the Vasile family tradition of crashing wedding receptions. Due to a threat and having to lay low (she faked her death), Car didn’t attend Venn’s wedding and she still managed to crash his reception from afar. Venn’s wife Jadelynn was still angry about it…

Anyways, they ended up spending the rest of the evening with Carena and he got to test a compass- one that seemed to be able to track her for some reason. They hadn’t had much time to spend with each other since becoming adults. He enlisted while she was being an honorable mercenary ‘rogue’ and adventuring. Hopefully he and Mandi would be able to find the time to visit more; something that would be possible since he left the military.

Yes, he didn’t tell Car that he got a medical/honorable discharge (he wasn’t paying attention to the type) a few days before visiting her. Between his terrifying imprisonment, the grief from the soldiers after he returned and the incidents at his former base; he didn’t feel he was emotionally recovering at all. After hearing scuttle of possibly being reassigned to an even more hostile unit; he decided to break ties with Mandi being very supportive.

Near midnight, a cannon onboard the old vessel fired a gnome toward the sea; his sister was ‘escorting’ gnomes mercenaries that were a bit strange. The sea birds were perfectly content to stay even with cannons and pistols firing. Something terrible had to be happening in the Great Sea somewhere but as to what, they didn’t know.

She then had to go check on the ship and make sure it was ready to sail; they were leaving once Xing Quai arrived. Goblin slavers had taken the pandaren’s nephew and one of the gnomes mercenaries’s siblings captive. They were going to rescue them. The rogue told him she’d talk again once she got back. Car let him give her a hug before leaving and that was the last time he saw her.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” Danner asked, his thoughts moving back to the present as he watched his fiancee stop.

“Fake baby is not being nice to me.” Mandi let out a sigh and winced, holding a hand over her stomach briefly.

Danner nodded, putting a hand on her shoulder. Mandi wasn’t pregnant with any baby but she was currently suffering from a false pregnancy where her body thought it was and put the weight on accordingly along with other symptoms. This was the fourth time it had been triggered in the past few years, only her body hated the smell and taste of all fish, shellfish and meat this time around.

They both shared a love of meat and had been quite hard for both of them to stay away from it. Thankfully she was still able to eat eggs, at least from chickens. “Anything I can do?”

“Crackers?” She looked through her pack frantically. “I must have ate them all up…”

The warrior quickly pulled out a small pouch of saltine crackers from his dark blue pack. Mandi got strong cravings for certain type of food with her false pregnancy. Thankfully this time around, it was for crackers, plain rice with chicken eggs and bread. He shivered briefly thinking of the three previous times this happened; prison food and military rations were more edible compared to what was cooked and brewed by her. It just prepared him and her for the future when real baby happened.

“Thanks, love.” the brewmaster monk smiled brushing her hand through his light carrot-reddish hair before taking the pouch. She sat down and ate quickly. “This would be easier to deal with if fake baby was a real one.”

“I know.” He sighed and nodded.

“We best make sure we got everything before heading out. I doubt this Maw place has supply vendors.”

He looked through his packs as his thoughts drifted. They were visiting Uncle Keeneth; his late mother’s brother who was staying at Venn’s property. The older kids Kayleslia, Yvette Rain, twins Taya and Lisanna were there along with younger kids Norris and Rosa Loriessia. Thankfully Venn’s wife parents were staying and helping out. Shortly after dinner time, he got the letter from Car and they left hastily with the relative’s approval.

His rogue uncle would have come and helped but Keeneth’s energy and strength still hadn’t recovered much from being held captive on Argus; walking down stairs tired him out greatly. Frankly, his tall relative was very lucky to survive the brief imprisonment with the amount of grievous injuries he had.

Venn and Jadelynn weren’t home at the time otherwise he’s certain his older brother would be here. Both he and Venn hated creeps that attempted to or attacked any of their relatives; especially their sister. Car may have not told informed them of her situation until this letter but the family knew she had a very traumatic experience at Tol Dagor due to her withdrawal from having contact with most of them, laying low and not eating much.

Reading her letter gave him flashbacks of his experience. He was beaten and experimented on by the high elf alchemist not to named but she was beaten and assaulted in a violating way that enraged him greatly. Why the fel didn’t the other guards intervene he didn’t know. Then again, Tol Dagor had criminals on both sides of the prison bars at the time.

He didn’t leave a note for Venn and let him know of his whereabouts or the letter. Granted, Uncle Keeneth would tell his oldest nephew of it. Danner sighed as he realized he left Car’s letter on Venn’s dining table as he didn’t see it in his indigo-colored bag. Assuming his uncle Keeneth or one of the kids hadn’t moved the note, it was likely still there waiting to be read.

The warrior then looked in his light blue pack. He bought healing/beneficial type potions for Car in case they were needed while passing through Stormwind to the portal. He rarely drank them following his imprisonment experience but given Mandi’s limited healing abilities, it would be good to have something else on hand. Vegetable chips, dried fruit and mushrooms as food for her. He even got raw fish for her mount… Or did he?

“You forgot something, love?” Mandi asked quietly.

“The raw fish. I thought I brought it from that merchant. I don’t think she’ll be happy with vegetables chips or dried fruit…” Danner sighed briefly. He always had to forgot something. His sister’s letter mentioned she didn’t have much food left for her mount. He swore he bought raw fish sealed in a container from the same vendor as the potions and other food. Then again he was distracted.

“Oh.” Mandi looked through her packs briefly. “I know I saw the container… sorry, I don’t have it. It must have been dropped somewhere.”

“It’s fine, Mandi. We need to find a vendor here. I for one don’t want to deal with a potentially enraged hungry giant feline.” Danner sighed, thinking of his black tabby cat he used to have before giving her to a pair of siblings that lost their parents during the recent scourge invasion. Farts would get really cranky if she went a hour past her usual meal time.

The monk nodded as Danner helped her up. “Me neither. Let’s hope Mischief-Essa isn’t picky when it comes to meat and fish.” She picked up her brew keg and staff.

A few minutes later in another hallway, Danner and Mandi found a vendor and trainer; a broker. The broker kinda reminded him of the ethereals. He had a container of raw fish that looked eerily similar to the one they lost. He was willing to give it to them for free, provided they attended a short cooking training session.

They did and got the container some time later after learning to make food that never should be mentioned again. Mandi was looking nauseated toward the end; thankfully the broker didn’t have try any of the food. They left and went down another hallway. He noted the container was the same one he bought on Azeroth; it must have been dropped and the vendor picked it up. He hadn’t heard anyone get close enough to steal it. He sighed and put it into the light blue pack as they entered a large circular room.

“Danner! Over here…” a male human voice yelled.

The warrior sighed. He knew who that voiced belonged to; Venn. He turned in the south direction and saw his older brother wearing plate armor with his mace latched on the belt and his shield on his back. He seemed to be agitated and worried. The paladin was also holding Danner’s helmet- something the warrior didn’t realize he forgot.

Wait, he did forget it; at his Uncle Erdin’s place at the family docks over a month earlier. Since that time, his worgen uncle fainted and was quite ill. Not surprising given the amount of on-going stress he was in with all the various family problems. He and Mandi had been planning on going to visit his relative once he was feeling up to it. Now he knew where Venn and Jadelynn had gone…

He and Mandi quickly ran over to where his older brother was standing.“Venn.” Danner muttered as he took back his helmet and held it. Having his helmet would be nice to have in in case of a fight. Danner had forgotten to pick up his spare one he kept at the bank’s vault.

The warrior then noticed three male worgen, a tanned blonde haired skinny human male and a female night elf wearing orange robes in the hallway behind Venn. He sighed; he recognized them as part of Uncle Greywell’s flagship crew. He then saw the parchment sent to him in his older brother’s left hand.“I see you found out about Car’s letter.”

Venn nodded. “Yes. Kayle found it on the table and has been distraught since. Uncle Keeneth contacted and sent it to me as I was still checking on Uncle Erdin and his family.” The paladin sighed with a frown.

The younger brother shook his head. Kayleslia or ‘Kayle’ was their cousin; Vailey’s younger sister and only surviving sibling he still had. She was sixteen years old now. Two of the mutineers of her father’s ship raised her as their own child in Kul Tiras until they died. She was one of the orphans Car rescued from Ashvane Foundry before being arrested. Not surprising the cousin was distressed. “I didn’t mean to leave the letter, let alone have Kayle find it.”

“I know. Car also sent a letter to Uncle Erdin; the letter couldn’t be read. As it is, those letters were delayed, the one sent to you more so. She sent them some time ago.” The older brother sighed. “The situation concerning our sister has gotten more dire.”

The warrior tensed. “Explain.”

“We got the name of the fel-blasted creep after her.” The paladin sighed and shook his head. “He also… has her in his grasp.”

Danner’s facial expression instantly changed to that of rage. He watched Mandi shake her head and frown before putting a hand on his shoulder. Foul language not meant to be uttered entered his mind. He knew his sister was suffering right now. “When?”

“At most… fourteen hours ago now according to her Kul Tiran shipwright crewman that witnessed it from afar. Uncle Erdin got a letter from the lady less than a hour ago.” Venn looked behind him as one of the worgen crewmen was motioning to the others to get moving.

“Unity?” Danner asked as Venn nodded. He met the Kul Tiran shaman before during a previous visit. The few elementals- small ones he saw her summon would rather play than give aid in a fight. He watched Uni get easily defeated by Failiani Arrowind; the young adult Sin’dorei first mate of Car’s and Vailey’s crew. The blood elf was still relearning her abilities due to a case of severe amnesia. “I assume we’ll have to find her first. Are we even…”

“We still have time but hurry along. Uncle Erdin sent them in his stead. I’m told they are ‘experts’ in this type of situations. Light willing, we’ll still find Cara conscious and give that bastard creep one righteous reckoning long overdue.” Venn commented as he headed towards the nearest teleporting pad. “I’ll tell you more as we go to Zereth Mortis. A yellow waystone portal will lead there from what an attendant told me.”

“Let’s get going.”

((OOC. I’m doing my best to keeping stuff vague and taming language intentionally for the innocent forums. Danner is ex-military and tends to use more colorful words IC wise {even in-game it’d be this way currently due to rules}.

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