Family friendly casual levelling and dungeons guild

Hello Windrunners,

During Covid, my wife and I introduced our children to the joys of WoW and we’re now looking for friends to play with.

We’re both former HL players who left the game a decade ago to focus on our family life and our 2 children. I’m a tank, my wife is a heal and our children are a rogue and mage DPS duo. We clear all dungeons easily the 4 of us in heroic mode, thanks to “good old days” raiding habits.

However, we’re seeing the limits of playing without an extended community - if only for the guild benefits, but also to explore the raids, complement the group when one of us wants to chill, etc.

If anyone reading this is interested in a family friendly, casual dungeon and leveling group or guild with “wow veterans” and “wow kids” who love playing with each other, please let us know.

We only miss one signature to create a guild, and would be happy to join you if you already have one which would welcome us.

A few more things:

  • Anyone reading this and interesting in reaching out should either have children or love playing with children. When we say family friendly, we mean it this way.
  • We don’t rush the dungeons. Most of them are gorgeous and fun to explore. We can spend an hour in Shadowfang just for the fun of it, and clean it down to the last mob just because this foul place has met its reckoning. Yes, we care for the story!
  • We’re obviously not spending 5 nights a week raiding anymore, and probably never will again. We usually play during daytime in the evening weekdays, and on weekends.

One last thing, we relocated from France to the West Coast a few years ago and had to create new Blizzard accounts (and wow characters) from scratch. So, no heirloom, titles, armory, mounts. We’re starting fresh, it’s an interesting experience - and the reason why we’re also rebuilding our wow community.

Have a wonderful day and happy gaming!


I’ve been in a casual, family guild on Windrunner for years called Guardians of the Flame. Many of us have our children in the guild, though none seem quite as active as their parents. We mostly do mythic plus runs, horrific visions, and the occasional raid together. It is a pretty low-key but enjoyable way to spend an evening. (We aren’t very active during the day.) If you are interested in grouping up for runs or ever just need an additional body for something you’d like to do, feel free to reach out. It’s a fantastic group of people. Felicee is our recruitment officer and the best person to contact if you’re interested. If not, no worries and best of luck building your guild!

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