<Family Aggro> Casual guild looking for more to join us!

Currently 15+ members that have achieved 10/10 normal and 6/10 heroic. Our goal is to clear normal each tier and progress as far as we can on heroic while maintaining our fun and casual atmosphere. We Currently raid on Saturday nights at 10:00 central for 2-3 hours. During the week we have groups doing mythics, pvping or playing other games such as Outriders or Path of Exile.

We not serious - about anything. We are immature, inappropriate and spend most of our time ridiculing each other on discord but at the end of the day we have fun together which is what is important.

If you think you might be a fit please feel free to contact me here.


As a long term member of this guild, I am happy to say we are looking for a few more casuals for the team. I love the jovial atmosphere and the low pressure when life happens. Come join us in killing some demons.