Fallout fans?

Any other fallout fans here? I love the series, they have great replay value with mods. FO4 is really addicting with the settlement building system, even if doing it can be annoying. I kind of wished they put more effort into making it easier just to place objects where you want them.
I hope they revisit the west coast soon because NV was really good.

I haven’t play 76 yet, but have seen videos. Thinking of buying it soon. Anyone recommend it?

Love em, Fallout Tactics was my personal favorite.

I’m still playing FO4 - another person who’s hooked on the settlement system. Plus, I lived in the Boston area for years (fun fact, the “Quincy” in game bears almost no resemblance to the real life city of Quincy. Except maybe the Gunners).

I tried both FONV and FO3, but I just couldn’t get into either one. But that might be because I played FO4 first.

I know what you mean, I grew up in Dedham. Somerville place is on the other side of Boston.
I love love the settlement system. I love being to build on the overpasses, it reminded me of Arefu in FO3. FYI there is a mod that lets you build inside the buildings in Hangman’s Alley, which makes it so much better.
I played FO3 first so its dear to me. I love the emptiness and brutalness of it. I can see why you may not like it because how different it is compared to the forth. I highly recommend going to Paradise Falls, Vault 112, Oasis, and Andale if you haven’t yet.
FNV has a really good story, and does a good job of giving your character choice. There are so many different possible endings depending on your actions.

I need to try the older ones, they look really good.

Favorite ambient music in any game. Inon Zur is a god.

I remember when Fallout was called Wasteland.

Back in MY day…

Yep. It’s a ritual for me. About 1700 hours into FO4. Who knows on Fallout 1-3. I’ll usually mod it up with something new and do a complete playthrough or at least until I’m bored. I do this once a year I think.

It’s rare these days that a game captivates me in this way. The only other games that do this are the Souls games.