Fallen Charger Update

for once i agree with yesuna

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Double Bruhh.


Blizz hates chargers and conspires to ground them!

The OG pally charger needs a ghost pony upgrade!

I don’t see people mimicking me when I bring out the Magic Rooster mount, or even the Spectral Tiger mount, like they tend to do with other semi-rare mounts.

I think there are still rare things in the game that people can shoot for if they so choose.


Why is it that the one time they make a positive change for the community, you suddenly find something negative about what Blizzard implemented


Hear, hear.
To say mine hopes weren dashed is an understatement.


I was really hoping they were going to say that they made it a flying mount.


Soooo this means you can make mounts like invincible 3% more? We’ve been frustrated for 10 years while the charger has been 2 weeks. :wink:


What you see as positive isn’t positive to everyone else, that’s how opinions work.

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A lot of people are being positive in this thread. Looks like you may want to admit it’s a positive change.


A lot of people with opinions, just like mine. Neither side is correct. Opinions are not facts.

Of course.

And everyone on this thread supports that opinion so vehemently.


Hilarious stuff. The times when others find negative stuff, you don’t respect their opinions.

What a blatant hypocrite.


Won’t stop em from trying.

Everyone gets a legendary, everyone gets a mount, everyone gets to do LFR woooo so inclusive

So using the wowhead drop rate it should be a 15% drop. So a reasonable maximum number of attempts anyone should expect this to take is 28. The average number of attempts is between 6 and 7.

It’s easier to get at the current 5% rate because you can hop servers in group finder every time one spawns. After this change goes live you’ll only get one shot a day.


Not all opinions are equally valid. I hate when people hide behind “it’s just an opinion.” You can have bad opinions. People who use that excuse frequently have bad opinions.


To be fair, this is a ghost mount and we do have flying ghost mounts. I don’t know if that’ll help you feel different about them, but I understand your viewpoint. Thank you for giving your opinion in a very mature fashion that can be discussed as such. It’s nice to see. And rare around here. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s an interesting discussion point.

Everything posted here that does not include or centre on verifiable facts is an opinion. There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ opinion. There is an opinion a person agrees with and one they don’t. Now obviously, this is my opinion. You can disagree with that, or agree with it, but not agreeing with it does not make it bad.

If I say, pineapple on pizza is a Good Thing, that’s an opinion and you may go yuck, so disagree with you. While you may think the idea is gross, the opinion is perfectly ok to have.