Fall from Grace

I didn’t know it had gotten this bad. I’ve had Horde toons on this server since Death & Taxes was here. The last few times I’ve logged in its been a ghost town. Couldn’t get a queue for a bg the other day; thought that was strange. I finally thought today I’d check the forums. Once I found them…

Wow. My post is the first in a week?

I guess that’s why they call them the Good Ole Days because they are Old days. =(

I’ve been playing Alliance heavily for the start of BfA; just now starting to level my Horde toons. I’m going to move off to Mal’Ganis. The pops good & there are people leveling across the board from 1-120 so leveling toons in groups is good if you like that sort of thing.

Heck, people probably still don’t even tell each other when they are moving; The community is so dead. I felt I had to say something since I’ve been here for so long.

Hoping it is rejuvenated with Classic. Really miss the community we once had.

I wish the best of luck to those who remain.

For The Horde!

Yea i know what you mean. They should add us to another server like Area 52