Failings of New Customization

Yes, Blood Elves got pretty much nothing good. Farstrider tatoos, jewelry, better hairstyles, anything would be nice. I’ll even take some Light-related stuff.


You got more than most AR. Eyes, hair, ears, earrings, necklaces, armbands, color of jewelry, skin colors…

KT got nothing. Mag’har have barely anything.

Let’s focus on more options for everyone and some of the AR before the Belfs start crying again.


That’s cause, and this is just my opinion, it was treated like an attention grabber rather than a feature.

It was half baked, unbalanced across races, didn’t hit every race, didn’t hit the ones it did in the same meaningful way and ignored widely the cultures of those races.

Blizzard treated it as though it was meant to generate a purchase rather than a feature they would actually work on.

And they’re still treating it that way.


We also lost visual uniqueness to give VEs two visual distinct set of options allowing them to be void and non void.

And BE males cannot use the jewelry, and all human skin toned races got added diversity options (which I applaud) but I’d note for BEs who have 14 skin tones 10 of them are shades of white, 4 new skin tones that should be expanded on as well.


You’re kidding right?

Half of that only applies to one gender.

Blood elves got nothing of any value.

Do most ARs still need stuff? Absolutely.

But don’t pretend blood elves actually got anything.

One thing changed on mine. Because there wasn’t anything to change. There wasn’t anything new.


A bare minimum pass while losing visual uniqueness, and people try to conflate it with “elves” well maybe BEs aren’t NEs, nor are they VEs with two visually distinct themes now.


You’re missing the word night in here.

Everyone got this. It’s a non-factor.

For females only. Males got jack.


No. Please take a look at KT and tell me how poorly off you are.

False. No everyone got this. Some ARs got nothing.

So I see everyone is going to ignore what I said, because “MUH BLOOD ELVES!”

Let’s try again.

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Only the first 4 ARs have had a pass yet. Plus the rest have newer res assets in general. Compare a KT hair to a blood elf hair that was added pre-SL.

I agree with this part.

What I was disputing about the jewelry was that you were using it as a point in saying BEs got so much when they really didn’t.


Really? The most played race in the game didn’t also get the most/best customization options? That’s a shame.
I would say Kul’Tirans got the worst of it.

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I have three of them.

There ain’t a lot of difference on that customization screen.

KT need stuff too entirely but belfs are way behind too.

Belfs aren’t night elves or void elves or Nightborne (Nightborne also need a heck of a lot of work).

No one is contending this.

We’re contending that belfs are fine.

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SL was also sold on core races with no mention of ARs until one AR jumped into the core race pass and again in the AR pass, (I applaud them doing ARs) but BEs lost visual uniqueness which makes their lackluster bare minimum pass felt that much more, and core races are still lacking across the board.


They still deserve customizations. And my opinions add to ALL races, including yours.

It’s still more than others got.

I’m pretty tired of the Belf whining over customizations, honestly.

Everyone deserves more. Not just Belfs.

Please point out where I said “Belfs are fine.” I’ll wait.

I mean … you don’t see where there’s a correlation


I didn’t say they didn’t. What I said was that the belf pass wasn’t as great as you make it out to be. Nothing more, nothing less.

I agree, and never in any of my posts did I imply only belves should get more.


See lanns post above.

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I do feel their very much implying BEs are fine / trying to paint BEs under the umbrella of “Elves”

I’d rather have this current patch go back to core races but yet no customizations are being fit in. BEs got to see more visual uniqueness lost in both passes they’ve done so far though.

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It’s not. Because I never said Beofs are fine. I specifically said they got more than some ARs and then specifically Gabe options for EVERYONE. That includes Belfs. Or are we unclear on what “everyone” means?

Lann’s post is totally wrong.

Try again.

Well, you’re comparing belves to ARs, specifically ARs who haven’t gotten a pass yet. The first pass was core races, and the belf part of that was weak. The second pass was the Legion ARs. The BfA ARs haven’t had one yet.