[Faerlina H][Vindication] - Sun/Mon - Semi-HC with Strong Pumper Core

Who is Vindication?

We’ve cleared everything since classic pre-nerf.

We raid Sun/Mon 8:00pm ST, 12:00am ST - but aim to One Night Clear ALL content on Sunday. We currently clear everything in ~2 hours, max.

Vindication formed on Medivh during original Vanilla where we were the #2 horde guild at the time. Medivh was the first server in the world to open the AQ gates.

Sometime in 2005 we transferred to Ysera where we reigned as the #1 guild throughout periods of TBC. Back then we were proud to out-perform guilds like
But … there are only a few of us original OGs left, and now we’re older and strive to be an excellent Dadcore guild. We’re more laid back than we used to be – but we still expect you to play well.

We don’t have little “cliques” or penalize you for being new in any way. If you make Thug (our raider rank), you’re one of us.

Who/What are we recruiting?

We have three priorities currently :

	Pumper Warlock
	Pumper Unholy DK
	Pumper Enhancement Shaman

	We have DPS'ers in this guild that will push ANY level player to their limits.

	Check our logs and apply.

Our Discord :
Discord = bbVatzyCmt

Our App :

Members/Officers to talk to :


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We are still looking for dedicated members

Deathknights and warlocks let’s go!

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