Faerlina Auction House

Will anything be done about the mass lag and general un-stability of the auction house on our realm? It’s taking at least 20 minutes to post my items… It’s a bit crazy

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The WOW team is looking into some optimizations for the Auction House in general. I don’t have an ETA I can offer at this time though.


Making the game unplayable… Please fix.

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They did add upgrades with the restarts via hotfix, but if you get on and it has not improved you should add to this post in the classic forum.


I keep getting Internal Auction Error. Do you know how to fix it?

Not if it is a server issue, you could try a UI reset to rule out other things.

Since the “fix” yesterday my full scans are taking nearly 30 minutes compared to a previous average of around 6 minutes. I am also getting frequent stalls. I have gotten a scan failed, server not responding message a couple of times. I can neither buy nor post in any quick manner manually. I am using Auctioneer.

I’d suggest posting in the Classic Bug Report forums or adding to an existing post there. Also, be sure to try it without the addon or even with a complete UI Reset.


I did join a thread in the support forums as well. Thanks.

Has Auctioneer been updated since the AH changes?

How about limit the stacked items higher than 1’s, before tbc went live, the auction house was avging 30-35k items, the last scan that worked for me was pushing 100k items. Just searching the word “netherweave” in trade/cloth brought up 81 pages lol.

That would be better off in general or use the ingame suggestion feature kalv isnt a liason to the development team.


I saw a post on MMO champion from Kaivax that they are aware of the AH issues, and are working on a fix from the EU forums.

Though change would have to come from development, so please add to the voices on the Classic forums. The Mods here are for support and do not provide feedback to the development team, nor make changes to the game.