Faeline Stomp doesn't feel good

It’s a good spell, and I’m running with it… but it really doesn’t feel nice to use.

Reasons why:

  • It is too skinny, making me stress a lot about positioning.
  • We are mobile class; this spell kills our mobility, with is one of the main fun-factors of mistweaver.
  • It’s REQUIRED for fistweaving, too many talents are tied to Faeline Stomp.
  • Is does not reset, and you cannot stack the effect on the ground.

Honestly my only issue with it is there doesn’t appear to be a way to tell if you are actually in it with a weakaura…if anyone knows how please let me know!

If the talent uses the same logic as the covenant ability, then I can tell you from experience that the visible ground effect is much smaller than the actual area that counts as “fighting on a Faeline”.

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Despite what the elitists say you dont need to use it as MW, play around with your talents and do what works for you

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Really wish we got stomp as brewmaster. Would make sense for stomp and bonedust to switch places and bonedust feels way more natural.

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If you want to do a fistweaving build in dungeons, you really have to run with Faeline Stomp. It’s the only way to get any healing through AoE damage outside of Chi-Ji.


I really wish party/raid members saw it after we cast it. Right now, they see it right as it’s cast, and then it disappears for them.

The number of times tanks have taken mobs slightly out of range of the Faeline because they can’t see it…


faeline stomp should put a buff on MW that would fix all the issues


It’s definitely possible; the Luxthos WAs for Monk do have a glow effect when on the Leyline that disappears when off.

I’m assuming it detects the presence of the on-the-leyline buff.

Yeah I figured it out. You can detect concordance.

You dont actually. Surprising? Not for people who didnt rip the build off wowhead.

Also all monks “fistweave” now too. There isnt a difference.

Yep. There are a lot of ways that Faeline could be made better. If we didn’t just have to stand in it all the time it would be a very enjoyable button to press.

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They should really just take it away and give us more damage so we can just heal better.

We shouldn’t have to stand in something to heal. It makes us terrible for M+


It’s not even like it makes us OP… Mistweaver is still a low B tier healing spec, after all this time.