<Faceroll> | 9/9H Fri/Sat - LF ALL!

(Alzar) #1

Sorry, guild has stopped Mythic raiding as of 3/10/19.

There is still recruitment going on for Heroic raiding if you’re interested, reach out to one of the below btags if you’re interested!

  • Healofsteel [Guild / Raid Leader] - Sauron#1367
  • Blackstool [Guild Co-Leader] - Blackstool#1408
  • Nyntein [Guild Officer] - Nyntein#1562

406 Mage Looking for a Guild
409 Havoc Demon Hunter 1/9M AOTC
[H] 401 Mage LF heroic guild
408 BM/MM Hunter
384 resto shaman LFG
405 Demo 1/9m AOTC LF Mythic Guild
414 BM hunter LF raid
399 Rogue looking for new home
398 Havoc DH
405 MM Hunter
404 Spriest/402 Disc and 398 boomy LF guild
[A] 403 Hunter 9/9H LF Raiding GUild
403 Ele LF raidingguild
402 DH LF late night weekend mythic guild
408 RET LF Weekend Raid Group
398 Ele Shaman LF Fri-Sun Raid Team
401 MM Hunter LF mythic raiding guild
406 rogue LF late night guild
Not looking anymore
407 Havoc LF Late night guild
[H] 396 Balance Druid LF Guild
401 Hunter LF raiding guild

We are still looking !! Come do Normal clear tonight with us!


We are still looking !!! Heroic tommorow ! Come join! Full clearing !

(Blackçonky) #4

We will be starting our mythic push this weekend. Don’t wait to get in touch or you might miss a spot.


Late night’s a good time to kill come bosses. Would love to get those interested in solid progression in here as we make it to mythic!


Hi, would your team be interested in a 402 feral? Was playing boomkin before, however, I prefer to continue as feral going forward. Your raid times are perfect for me since my new job is forcing me to find a new team due to time/ day conflicts. My btag is akosted#1120. Thx

(Alzar) #7

Still Looking! Come join the fun tonight!

Of course! We’re open to any DPS specs. Added you on Bnet


Looking to finish off discount Elza tonight and roll into mythic with a vengeance. IF you’re in for progression, let us know!

(Alzar) #9

Still got spots! Come kill Jaina with us!


Still looking for them ranged dps!!!


Looking for solid players to finish out heroic and push onward to mythic. Contact us if this interest you!


Going back in tonight. Get in touch for a trial spot!


Looking for solid players, contact us if you are interested!

(Alzar) #15

Heyo, still got room for some trials!


Come tonight for heroic Jaina and Mythic champs/grong!!!

(Alzar) #20

Budget Elsa Is Dead On Pull #2!

Onto Mythic, Come Join!


Come join us for mythic progression starting next week!!! Add us and let’s talk!


Heroic Tuesday(optional night) then onto Mythic next week! Hit us up if you are interested.


Heroic full clear tonight If anyone wants to try out add us !


Mythic tonight ! If interested add us let’s talk!