Eyes of the Beast

I don’t think EotB was meant to be a chainable ability, that’s why it has a time limit. I actually never even knew you could do this despite maining a Hunter all through vanilla and classic. Not even sure if it could be done in vanilla.

the range is limited by channel duration

it could


Is it? Isn’t the issue people have is that it is chainable. Like you can recast it despite being nowhere near the pet without breaking the channel?

pet must be within LoS

I’ve not even attempted it, I’ll have to test it when I can get back online. If it’s just the 1 or 2mins, then whats the issue?

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let me know if u find a way to cheese it. every time ive tried to be obnoxious with it while camping GY in WSG i run into issues with the LoS

It is unlimited range but it does have a line of sight requirement. You’ll randomly be unable to re-cast it at long distances and you won’t really know why because you’ve gone so far and have no idea what does or doesn’t count against LoS between you and your body.

It’s also very buggy and randomly disconnects you from the server if you re-cast while active.

example: I can go from TM to the hillsbrad fields, but I have to get on a hill to re-cast because certain areas of the fields are blocked by something. If I were to get up higher like on a mountain, I could likely re-cast almost anywhere in the fields besides in buildings.

Have you tried /cast !eyes of the beast

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no but ty that’s a good idea I’ll try that during my pvp grind tonight

Also, if you cross over into another zone it won’t work far beyond that point. IE: if I jump my pet down from TB into the Darkmoon area, I see people walking across the line from TB into Mulgore and they vanish and my pet can walk past that line, but I can’t see anyone in Mulgore unless I move my hunter’s body into Mulgore and cast from there.

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thanks thats helpful

editing this post to lol that it turned into a “how to grief with eotb” post. but anyway yeah it’s not griefing OP

CC the pet. L2P.

Next hunter crying post please

I have never been griefed by it on the pve server. I wonder why that is…

I say this as a Hunter who has abused Eyes of the Beast to troll countless people - it needs a maximum range.

The fact that I can sit in Splintertree’s Inn and kill people in Astranaar (if I don’t get disconnected recasting) is kind of ridiculous.

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Don’t do it from inside the inn, because A) The building itself can block LoS between you and the pet, preventing recasts and B) The talent Bestial Swiftness(30% increased pet speed outdoors) is applied based on if the HUNTER is outdoors, rather than checking the pet(i.e if you are outside, you retain the movement speed even if you eyes your pet into an indoor area)

that’s where you’re wrong.

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You got me on that one.

There is a hunter right now on Living Flame that is hiding at the top of the terrain barrier using eyes of the beast to kill level 20’s questing. He is not only hidden but he is in non-pathable terrain where he cannot be reached. This is greifing

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As someone who has a hunter and use Eyes of the Beast fairly often. I think the best nerf to it would simply be a 50% damage reduction in the damage while under the eyes.

This allows any RP or gameplay elements to remain (as no one should seriously be doing DPS primarily in eyes anyways) while also still allowing ‘PvP’ to occur at a much less oppressive fashion.

PvP Pet VS Player! I just got that.