Eyes of the Beast

0 problem with pvp, with dying, getting ganked, camped, w/e. But this isn’t pvp, it’s griefing, just like WB dispels.

Disable Eye of the Beast in SoD.


PvP happened on a PvP server.


It isn’t PvP, it’s griefing.

I’d argue there’s no such thing as cross faction griefing on PVP servers.


It is pvping though, as the hunter pet is just an extension of the hunter. I think pretty much every class has the ability to cc/kite away from an eyes of the beast pet as there’s no hunter around to wingclip or concussive shot to ensure the pet has constant uptime.


Easy fix. Play a hunter yourself.
Most ppl are just jealous that hunters can farm level 30 elites.
They find all kinds of issues to nerf hunters.
But I also get nuked by star surge or chaos bolt. Or whatever a priest has. Even rogues can nuke me in melee range….
I don’t think I will cry for nerfing them, it’s just the game design….

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I have 3 25s, including a hunter.

There’s no such thing as griefing on a PvP server.

Completely disagree

If you’re dying to a pet, it’s a learn to play issue.


Blizzard doesn’t.

A Hunter’s DPS is 50% them and 50% their pet. If you lose against a pet 1v1, you are losing against 50% of a player.

This is a massive skill issue.


The problem isnb’t dying to the pet, it’s Eyes of the Beast teleporting the pet away from harm by cancelling the spell, denying any for of recourse against the hunter. The problem isn’t PvP, it’s abusing mechanics to grief.

If Eyes of the Beast isn’t diabled, then Eyes of the Beast should disable the effects of the Beast Mastery Rune.

So should we just disable all abilities and runes people believe are inconvenient to play against?

I really dislike when a mage polymorphs me and I don’t heartbeat out and sit 24 seconds of crowd control, therefore polymorph should be disabled in pvp. Like what?


Eyes of the beast is broken, I already posted about this. The skill sometimes disconnects you when you try to recast it. Please blizzard, fix this disconnect issue, I can only get 4-5 kills per cast and it’s annoying to have to run back 30 seconds from my safe location to start killing people with my pet again.

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PvP servers are purely about griefing. The entire ruleset enables ganking of people in unfortunate circumstances, usually when they’re outnumbered or outgeared/outleveled or almost dead fighting mobs.

Never in the history of the game have PvP servers been about balanced or fair WPvP. Not a single second of a single day of their existence.


disable frostbolt, counterspell, penance, pom, chaos bolt, starsurge, hamstring, cheapshot, pounce, stealth, rejuvenation, and windfury in pvp. its griefing

I agree. I play Hunter, might main it over my pally even at 40 and I can see this being an issue now that pets are good. It’s not that people are getting killed by the pet that bothers me but rather that ending the spell instantly teleports the pet away so you can’t even kill it.

If rogues can use vanish and mages can use blink, my pet should be able to instantly teleport 10,000+ yards back to me whenever I feel like it. That’s just called balance.

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Nerf mages sheep and blink. It breaks my feeling about PvP

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