Extended Queues Expected on Select Realms (Updated Aug 20)

This stuff is so funny. I’m so amped man.

I find it hilarious that people are actually managing to be upset. Like genuinely raging mad because the servers are going to be bustling with people.

I honestly couldn’t care less, at some point its time to enjoy the good fortune. Cant wait for launch.


I have never been for layering and have been very outspoken against it from the beginning pretty much. I was hopeful at first, until the more I experienced it in the stress tests.

You all misinterpreted less servers plus layers for population control incorrectly. I was pretty certain there would still be queues, which was obvious from the stress tests as well. Layering is what they are using so there aren’t tons of people in an area at launch making it hard to complete quests. They don’t want overpopulation to scare off the tourists. But hey, I suppose as the years has went on mmo’s just don’t have the same meaning. Got to make that easier! I mean, let’s not dare have to work together or see others in an mmo. Anyways, that’s one reason.

Their other reasoning for it is to avoid dead realms later on down the road, so they say.

So I just find in interesting that for all these months, many people have argued for layering because they didn’t want queues and thought layering would cause queues to be not be there. Nah, just not true.

See, I don’t mind queues. As I said in another post, back in Vanilla I would just attempt to log in 30 minutes to an hour before I could actually play. If I was just getting home, I would immediately log in and would be in the queue while I was getting a few things done after getting home. It sure wasn’t the end of the world and I played on Illidan for a time where I would be in a 45 minute to hour long queue most nights. Did it suck? A bit of course, but once I started logging in before I could actually even play, it just didn’t even matter.

But, here we are with layering, and queues, and people phasing in and out, exploits happening, layer hopping, people not being able to see people on their own realm unless they invite them to a party, people getting layered while in a party and almost dying because their party phases out and all that good stuff to come. I would much rather layering was nonexistent and I would happily play on my realm and log in early while it’s in queue. Isn’t layering awesome! But hey, let’s hope it actually gets removed in a few weeks like promised.

And hmm, I wonder what Blizzard will do later on years down the road when there are some inevitable dead realms? I mean, part of their reasoning for layering is for that to not happen. Let’s be real here, no matter how much of a success this game becomes, there will still be some dead realms in the end years from now.

Come to grob and enjoy the smooth experience.

So when you going to tell us the horde to alliane ratios?


I can understand blizzard being cautious with realm pops, but I still think they are underselling the popularity of classic. What I dont understand is the realm name choices. Pitting pvp est faerlina and thalnos vs herod ( possibly the most memorable 5 man boss in vanilla for many reasons including the gear drops) and pvp pst fairbanks vs whitemane. Derp, who could have guessed this would happen.

Faerlina - PvP is now showing as Full in the realm selection screen.


Don’t worry though, there are definitely enough servers, and ““Layering”” (Shardings weird younger brother) will fix it.

Would love to know what numbers “Full” is. Are we talking 10,000? 50,000? 100,000?

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Thanks for the update Bornakk

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Yeah that’s not gonna happen.

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Full is full. As my dad used to say. Are you writing a book? Then leave that chapter out.


How many people are on the “Full” servers? 2,500?

More servers more servers! Maybe 4 or 5 more!

Most people do not want to be on a dead server in 6+ months. The problem is that Blizzard historically does not offer free transfers off of dead servers. So people are trying to ensure they are not on a dead server in 6+ months. Playing on a dead server is far scarier then not getting my preferred names or waiting in a queue to log in.

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How long until every server is on that list.

I think some people have the wrong idea.

Layering is being added for only ONE reason… to prevent empty servers in a few months. Period.

Blizzard expects a certain amount of fall off… what is that expectation? Who knows… but layering is being used so that the initial amount of players can have reasonable access to play the game… but when it lulls… be able to “funnel” those players into just one layer.

It was never to guarantee everyone could play without queues.

Now Blizzard is faced with a quandry. Perhaps a server max population is 50,000 accounts having toons on it. It’s likely all of them will try and log in at launch and play. If they want to try and limit each layer pair to 3000 max players… to best simulate the maximum amount of players in the world at any given time back then… They would have to have upwards of 18-20 worlds or 36-40 layers. This alone may a hardware limitation… then again maybe not.

Then there is the world itself… back in Vanilla, you had max 3000 players in the world at any given time… you may have had 50k players rolled there… but only 3000 players concurrently.

Think of that as 3000 man hours. Only so much server progress can happen in that time… only so much leveling… only so much guild growth, only so much materials farmed, only so much professions.

Allowing a tsunami of 50,000 players to be in the world would allow about 17 times the progression to occur… 17 times the mats available, 17 times the guild progression/contribution, etc. This would be massively detrimental to the server’s timeline and longevity.

I’m sure this was a consideration when discussing layering and it’s negative effects… and some limitation to how many layers they were willing to add for “convenience” at the cost to the server.

Clearly, they knew they could not allow 50k players on at once… and maybe naively they thought it wouldn’t be an issue.

But it is.

But here is the deal… layering makes the problem better… without undue detriment… and is WAY better than capping each server at 3k and making a bunch of servers… then forcing transfers/merges later.


I think the populations are going to continue to rise as we draw closer to release. There is still a good amount of ppl that aren’t subbing until right before since they don’t care that much about names. I have several friends who are subbing 8/25 to get a few things prepped.


This… only about half of the people I know playing Classic subbed for name reservation. A Tsunami of players will sub day of launch.


For god sakes man! Advocating that someone lose their livelihood over something that can be easily scaled up and in no way threatens anyone life is just childish.

Get a life!


There are several podcast related guilds going to Pagle, not just AIE. CTR (another very large guild) is representing Ally side. From what I’m seeing, we need more Horde before the Alliance take all of our fish!

Join Pagle Horde and you too can angle all day , party all night!

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