Exploring Northrend information

So while I haven’t gotten it yet, there are reports of people receiving early copies of Exploring Northrend. One of which has made edits on wowpedia and from what I can see, so far.

Edit: As of 11/26/22 I have fully read my copy of Exploring Northrend.

  • Mithrios, Bronzebeard’s Legacy, one of the weapon drops from the Lich King fight, is given story background. It was Muradin’s axe that he lost in Northrend and is reacquired in the book.
  • Muradin invites the Frostborn to visit Ironforge and forge closer ties with the other clans.
    ** Note: This could be the story hook to give dwarves a Frostborn customization option at the very least or at most make them playable.
  • Their are still Explorer’s League compelled to dig in the Whisper Gulch within Howling Fjord.
  • Though defeated Yogg-Saron’s madness still continues, with its whispers still heard around Northrend and the halls of Ulduar.
  • Yogg-Saron remains imprisoned in Ulduar, and its influence is considered contained.
  • Jotun (the elite watcher who patrols up and down the Path of the Titans in Dragonblight) is missing.
    ** Not even Thorim knows where the guy is.
  • The Taunka don’t really wish to interact with non-locals. The only exception to this is the Horde.
  • Taunka’le Village is a ruin overrun with the Scourge.
    ** One of the Taunka told Brann that the village was a place of too many bad memories, leading Brann to think that they won’t come back.
  • Camp Oneqwah has expanded, due to taking on the Taunka refugees.
  • Icemist Village is still under Scourge.
    ** The brothers hope the Taunka can find a new capital. I just wonder why they don’t take over Warsong Hold.
  • The Shadow Vault is officially back under control of the Ebon Blade.
  • Zeramas, the empty necropolis in Zul’Drak, is treated as a mysterious place with no life or unlife.
    ** The Bronzebeard brothers are rather curious as to what made the population of an entire necropolis disappear and if it was friend or foe.
  • The Grom’arsh Crash-Site, the Horde base in the Strom Peaks, has been abandoned.
  • Fizzcrank Airstrip was attacked by Ironbound Troggs during the Fourth War. Members of G.E.A.R. were sent and pushed them back.
  • Naxxramas is still hovering in Northrend, Muradin feels as if the necropolis is waiting for something and is worried that nothing has been able to take it out of the sky.

There’s a titan-forged lineage chart apparently but it doesn’t show anything new.

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Ok alright that’s pretty cool


This is the kind of info I want.

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Sounds like good news for the dwarves.


The backstory this book gives for Mithrios seems pretty extensive actually. https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Mithrios,_Bronzebeard%27s_Legacy

First status quo I’ve seen: there are still crazy Explorer’s League diggers in Whisper Gulch in howling Fjord.

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I hope we get some Drakkari lore. I refuse to accept that they are a dead tribe.


Added this note and information about Yogg-Saron to the post.

Jotun (the elite watcher who patrols up and down the Path of the Titans in Dragonblight) is missing. last time we saw him was in Legion as part of the holy paladin artifact quest. Later the Bronzebeards ask Thorim if he knows where Jotun has gone and he isn’t sure either.

It’s worth noting that Jotun was Tyr’s friend, helped him replace his severed hand with the new silver hand. May be relevant. There’s no new Jotun NPC added in Dragonflight though.


so anyone got the book yet now that its out or know someone that has? have heard strangely little about this

Is this confirmation that he’s still alive?

Presumably. People generally don’t imprison corpses

It seems so.

Edit: Unless as Doronsmovies pointed out, it could be a Y’Shaarj situation in which Y’Shaarj’s whispers came from it’s heart, even though its been long dead.


Hello! When the next update? :melting_face:

Oh look, a recurring element of many people’s AUs made in the wake of Shadowland’s narrative disaster making it into canon

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Don’t have my copy yet. Its been delayed til Monday night. So probably Tuesday, unless other people share stuff.

I should add that the taunka is not talked about much in the book, outside that they don’t really wish to interact with non-locals, outside of the Horde that is.


I like how the Kalimdor book apparently soured so many people to this book series that nobody here has bought the Northrend one.

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I bought it. And it’s not bad at all.


I did, but the book is worthless. There aren’t any major lore events that would justify buying it. I wanted details of what’s being built and who’s doing what. Basically, we find out its status quo for the most part. Did they even try to imagine what 15 years later would do to a continent with so many changes from the fall of the lich king to the finale of Cataclysm to the Jailer’s control over the Scourge. Barely anything changed that mattered. Like they didn’t even try to research anything. Like someone took wowpedia and copied then pasted the quest lore and say, “Boom and here’s an update! Look Tuskarr.”

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