<Explorers Guild> Recruiting!

Hello there all you would-be explorers!

The Explorers’ Guild is a new extension of the Explorers’ League which aims to provide an environment of equality and participation amongst all of its members. Read on to find out more!

Role Playing

The guild's primary emphasis is on role-playing, but we aim to do it in such a way where it still encourages character and content progression.

For example, the guild master might assign a generic "quest" to the guild for members to do a guild dungeon run or raid while role-playing the experience (and perhaps chasing down a particular achievement associated with it). After completion of the dungeon run, members can report back in the Hall of Explorers (headquarters) in Ironforge.

Rewards might also be provided as a result of doing these "quests".

Since the guild aims to be "family friendly", open romantic role-play is generally discouraged unless agreed upon by both parties ahead of time and the content is limited to a "G" rating. Whatever role-play you do in private is your business, though we recommend seeking approval from others involved for any context that falls outside of the "G" rating.

Guild Bank Access

Tired of guild banks being treated as the personal piggy banks of guild masters and officers? Tired of the guild bank being full of things that nobody has access to?

We feel your pain. That's why we want to do things differently.

At the Explorer's Guild, all members who attain "Exalted" reputation with the guild will be granted full access to items stored anywhere in the guild bank (perhaps aside from a tab reserved for "quest" rewards). We believe that making it easier to share resources between guild members will foster a more interactive and engaging experience for all of our members.

Additionally, all members -- regardless of their reputation with the guild -- will have access to guild funds to cover repair bills for their equipment.

We recognize some of the risks involved in opening up guild bank access like this. That's why the funds are largely reserved for quest rewards and repair bills, and access is restricted to those who have played in the guild for a considerable amount of time.

Guild Headquarters

For many role-playing guilds in World of Warcraft, it's difficult to feel like the guild belongs anywhere in the world, like it really matters.

For the Explorers' Guild, we call the Hall of Explorers in Ironforge our home. Regardless of whatever hovel your character calls home within the vast World of Warcraft, you can always find hearth in Ironforge with your guild.


Guild, party, instance and raid chat will primarily be used for "out of character" conversations. Preferably, all "in character" conversations will be done with /say, /emote, or /yell. We're not going to be strict on this, it's just a baseline "rule of thumb" to help guild members engage in role-play with one another.

As an in-game lore explanation to help members coordinate events without breaking character, the guild master Hjodan is a fairly talented arcane mage versed in enchantments and inscriptions and takes care of enchanting all members' hearthstones to operate as a communication device with other guild members.


Since hostile relations typically make the job of the Explorers' League and Explorers' Guild more difficult, hostility towards the horde will generally be discouraged... though not forbidden. If members want to band together to engage in combat with the opposing faction (such as turning warmode on, etc), then that's their choice. Generally, we find things easier to just keep the peace (and keep warmode off).


If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, send an in-game message (or mail/letter) to Hjodan, or reach out in whatever other way fancies you (though I might ask questions if you suddenly teleport into my house).

Thank you for reading! We look forward to exploring Azeroth and the worlds beyond with you!

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Hey there, would you like to be added to the LMRTV Roleplay Community Information post as an RP guild?

Yes I would, thank you!

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Is there a level minimum? I was kind of considering making a new Dwarf.

No level minimum!