Explore the Dungeons of Shadowlands

Explore the Dungeons of Shadowlands

New adventures await within the 8 new dungeons in Shadowlands—4 leveling dungeons and 4 max-level dungeons.

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Oh in first and nicely done xD

That picture reminds me of something in diablo.

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Here’s hoping I can gear through arena and won’t be doing each of these dungeons 500 times.

Hope they are fun!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: the dungeons have been not quite as memorable as before. They all look so beautiful though.

Yeah but Fairies…FAIREIS Tantrum I CAN’T DEAL RIGHT NOW!

What are you talking about? I will remember the hate I have for Tol Dagor until the end of time :joy:


“Bear tank, kick him!” :bear: :cry:

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Yeah they are unbearable.

See the undead guy on the Plaguefall description image? Give us those Forsaken customization options: Noseless, pointy teeth and exposed brain.
Dungeons seem thematically great btw. Nice job.

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I took like a six month break from being max level and completely forgot all of the dungeons and the mechanics. Even did some mythic stuff before I stopped, also forget the way through most of them. I probably couldn’t even tell you the name of most of them lol!

Always been a dungeon person too. :woman_facepalming:t2:

I hope we get another epic dungeon like kara and mechagon

I’m not going to read this because I don’t want spoilers. Just make sure all this dungeon lore context is in-game, for all players (not just for Horde/Alliance or specific covenants).

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So following the player guide where we just do campaign, we can not do dungeons. We are either to low item level to get in or do not have the quest to get in. Don’t worry I am told they all open up at level 60. Fine. Get to level 60 and have to have 144 item level to get into level 60 dungeons! I am not getting 144 item level rewards so how can I increase item level? Oh do pvp. I hate pvp and don;t want to. Well level up your professions and finish campaign to get covenant. So by now most of the runners are already into mythics SL and I just fall behind even further. Oh plus I can not learn mechanics of dungeons because I can not run them so now have to watch utube! Not impressed. I want to play the dungeons not watch utube.

relax…you do not have to pvp to get into dungeons…just keep questing, you’re gonna gear up from the quest rewards there…it’s very linear and will gear you up for normal dungeons.

then it’s the formula wow has always been - gear up in normals (if you despise pvp) and then enter heroics…after heroics do mythic 0’s…you’re gonna make it through this :slight_smile:

if you want to learn your class naturally without youtube, and you’re struggling in game - i’d join a guild or ask for help on forums/in game…

you aren’t falling behind…and if you can’t do normal dungeons, you shouldn’t even be thinking about mythics right now…

I was able to get my ilvl up to normal dungeons without pvping. And I love to pvp. It was also pretty quick for me to get up to heroic level (still w/out doing pvp) and after a couple of heroic dungeons and gear upgrades, I started to pvp and fill out slots I didn’t get with heroics. All in all a pretty fast gearing process if you do both. And you don’t need to win either I lost most of the games I played. Alliance are dominating the matches I’ve played for the most too. Point is, you can gear up w/out having to touch pvp but it’s faster if you do.