Exploit banhammer has begun

The important part is deleting everything they got from exploiting, gold, gear, everything. Plus 30 days to watch everyone get ahead of them.


The important part is that they’ll come back and cheat freely because a month suspension for an exploit of this magnitude is soft. Not as soft as what you’d get if you were a streamer of course, but soft.


That’s what I wanted. Why would you think I wanted more? Go read what I wrote, I never advocated anything else.

Blizzard actually implemented a fix for that exploit, so when they come back they will have to find a new way to cheat.

Oh, did they? Where is the proof that they did? Do you work for the company, and help engineer the fix? No you don’t, so you shouldn’t go around stating things that you have no facts to back up except hearsay.

Settle down, there Mr. Rogue. Let your emotions calm for a few min, then click on the official Blue post regarding the fix.

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Meh 300g isn’t really that much at this point for some. That’s how much I have and my playtime has slowed down dramatically the last week(damn work).

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I knew of the post, and the fix they say they implemented, but I have yet to hear of people saying the exploit is no longer working.

ROLFMAO - so you were waiting on hearsay for the fix to be done??? LOL im sorry. just … these forums…


Should have been more specific, but I would have to see actual proof (video wise) to make that determination.

That’s not a correct understanding of the economy. Gold gets injected into the system through mob killing and exits the system via gold sinks that Blizzard has to implement. Anything else is simply recirculation. That 300g went from one player’s account into another’s–it wasn’t removed from the economy. The exploited gains will circulate throughout the economy until they are removed via sinks. Since we already know what the gold sinks are, and since no new ones will be implemented, and we know the original game never intended to account for 100Ks of extra money flow through the system, the illicit gains are here to stay and impact the economy for as long as Classic servers remain.

A similar issue occurred with other game mechanics, most notably in WoD. Those gold gains are still damaging the economy today even though Blizzard has explicitly coded into later expansions ways to remove that gold (5m mount being one of them). In Classic’ scenario, we can’t even put a 5m mount into the game to get some of this gold out so the only practical way is to manually remove it via GM command.


The most important question from this:

Will my queue go down on Herod now?


Even in an MMO, they think it’s a single player game. Probably highlights that even in life, they walk around as if in a single player game. No regard or concern about their impacts on others enters their minds. They are fully atomized.


There’s this dude on Faerlina with 2400 gold lol just from Princess runs

for a second I thought you meant the boar on that farm


got a link to that video?


The funniest part about the people crying that the people who used this exploit have “ruined the game” with the money they made is that the Chinese gold farmers/sellers have been in game and advertising since week 1 of Classic. The spam from them was so bad that I had to turn off channel invites in my settings. Literally anyone with a job and a debit/credit card can buy gold online right now but yeah, it’s totally the few people who exploited their way to BiS gear that ruined the economy. :woman_facepalming:t4:

I don’t condone cheating in any way, but the posts from the complainers are more than a little over dramatic.

You realise that gold farmers existed in vanilla and operated even more blatantly that they do now right?

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Yes, but again…pay attention: the only gold that can be injected into the system is the gold that comes from farming. Gold farmers extracted that gold and recirculated it into the economy. They did not bring it from an external source.

In this situation, exploiters brought gold into the system from outside the system (from one layer to another). Layering didn’t exist during vanilla. Even in retail players can’t bring goods from one shard to another…players are explicitly restricted from trading in cross-realm groups.

Why do you think that is? Because the economy is supposed to be self-contained. Gold farmers operate within the economy; all they do is farm resources quickly and sell them to others on the same server–they don’t create “extra” resources like what happens when items are duped or layers get exploited to bring resources from one server community to another.

Layer exploiting and resetting instances is item duping, like Diablo item duping, not gold farming. You could be a gold farmer right now and all that would accomplish is you get X+ resources compared to the player next to you who doesn’t farm and only gets X. That’s not the same thing as generating resources through a mechanic the game never accounts for–like layer exploiting does.