Exploit banhammer has begun

Someone posted a video on YouTube showing an official email from Blizzard:
30 day ban, and all resources gained via the exploit are being deleted.





good to hear!

Not that I think it will cut down on the amount of chickenlittles here screaming about ruined economies and cancelled subscriptions.


Streamer apologists will be out in force.


The economy was definitely affected, but probably not nearly as bad as it would’ve been if Bliz didn’t get on top of this right away. Long term prospects should still be fine.


I’m hoping, just as I posted on Twitter, that anyone that knowingly took advantage of this exploit and abused it over and over, gets a very server punishment. I’m talking 6+months.


any effects are temporary, most reasonable people would understand that.

but we do not deal with reasonable people


Life is temporary, most reasonable people would understand that.

So should we not be concerned when something affects our lives?

The fact is that the servers just opened, people are vying to be among the first to get to 60, raid, PVP, do whatever in the game. The people who don’t exploit are behind those that do so, penalties even the playing field a bit. In addition, if there are no consequences to getting caught exploiting then you might as well exploit with abandon.

Should the exploiters receive massive punishments? No, just ones that will roll back the exploits and discourage them in the future. Extremely long bans are uncalled-for in most cases.


Link? Or name of video?

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Dammit. I farmed Hogger 27 times within 2 hours. I’m concerned.


I didn’t see any affects personally

He is talking about negative effects of exploits. Is life a negative effect? No? Then your analogy doesn’t hold water.


As am I. Everything that someone does around us affects us.

In the game the exploiters might be on a PVP server and then use that gear to go out and defeat other people who haven’t had the advantage of exploiting. Or they may have gathered extra materials and given them to others who now have an advantage over other crafters in recipes and renown. Maybe people were able to recruit others because of all that shiny new gear, so their guild is larger and more successful than other ones.

The point is that each player does not exist in a vacuum. There is a society going on here and the actions of any portion of it have ripples throughout it. Exploiters need to be punished so that they are examples of what not to do, as well as limiting some of the side effects of the actual exploits. You can’t un-ring that bell but you can at least minimize the ripples from it.


Last night a guildie looted an epic ring (think it was called freezing band?) On advise from another guildie, he asked 300g for it, and less than a min later someone gave him 300g for it. It’s pretty early in the game for someone to have that kind of money laying around. Sure, people that play the AH can get money fast, but it requires A LOT of items cycling through to get it that fast.

The economy will take care of itself. As time goes along, only a very small % of people will have benefited from others’ exploits (they themselves would not be in trouble if all they did was play the AH). With less money going around, the prices will fall until it matches affordability again.

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Woot! There we go!

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And he is right, the negative effects are temporary.

Blizzard has patched the problem and have taken corrective action to mitigate some of the negative effects. What more do you want?

It’s a 30 day suspension, not a ban.
Bans are permanent, suspensions are not.


The punishment is not enough…

Blizzard should turn them all into boomkins and disable respecing.


Semantics. There’s a reason people specifically say “perma ban” - because banning does not necessarily mean permanent.