Experienced Unholy DK, Illidan Server, LFG

You now speak to Ainadi.

He was once a great DK, but now lives like a rat in a sinking vessel.

Humor aside, I am Ainadi, an Unholy DK on server Illidan. The guild that I recently joined collapsed, and I find myself in urgent need of a replacement guild to continue raiding with.

What I Am Looking For:

I am looking for a dedicated raiding guild that is stable. I can raid any day of the week.

I’m available for raids any time after 8:00PM EST. Preferably, raids should not go any later than 10:30PM or so at night.

I would prefer to find a guild on server Illidan. However, I’ll entertain off-server offers.

What I Bring:

I have a lot of raid experience…I joined in Wrath and I’ve participated in every expansion since then. In current content (as of the time that I write this) I am 10/10 Normal and 4/10 Heroic in Castle Nathria, with 41 boss kills between the two difficulties.

I am solid and dependable, and I know how to follow orders from the raidlead. I am mature and even-keeled, and I’ve served as a class officer before. I’ve attained first-string raid status in almost every guild I’ve ever served in.

If I interest you, please respond here or send me a message to Calamar #1688.


Thank you for taking the time to look at this. Undercover Elitists is a guild that has mythic progression as a mind set. We raid Tues/ Thurs / (sometimes mandatory saturday) 8pm-11pm CST. The idea is to easily push and farm herioc as we push into mythic content in each tier. A mature have fun no BS guild that wants to down bosses and have a good time. Raiders recruited are expected to adapt on the fly and be able to handle mechanics thrown at them, take responsibilities for mistakes and can handle constructive criticism well. If you are someone that loves to banter in chat have a good time and loot give us a look! We are currently forming under a broken guild and are looking to fill our roster, we will begin farming normal right away to help gear any potential candidates that are not high ilvl, and continue to develop teamwork.

Currently Recruiting. 185+
Tanks: 0
Pref : Prot Pally / Brew master / DH
(Flex open)

Pref: Resto shaman x2 , holy priest
(Flex Open)

2 MM Hunters
1 Balance druid
(Flex open)

1-2 Unholy DK
1 WW monk
(Flex Open)

If there is a flex spot and you think the guild is for you please feel free to apply.

All exceptional applicants considered. Please contact myself at
Discord: Dragen#4167
Bnet: DragenEireTV#1423

Discord is the best place to reach me.

Alnadi, Purple Parrots is a guild that is trying to grow our raid roster. While we have a core group that is very consistent we are still having to pug about half a raid each week which is really slowing us down. If you are looking to help grow a guild I think we would be a great fit for you. Check out our recruiting thread.


8pm EST weekend
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