Experienced Raider LF TBC Raiding Guild(Horde) - Holy Priest

Class - Holy Priest
Bnet Tag - Notfadeaway#11103
In Game Name - ImFaded(Main) / Thefaded(Alt - Rogue)
Disc - ImFaded#8496
Professions - Alch(300) / Herb(300) / First Aid(300) / Cooking(300)
Availability - Currently open, but able to raid Sun-Thurs nights, and possibly Friday or Saturday night, depending on work schedule.

Been playing WoW since vanilla TBC came out 15 years ago. I’ve played off and on since then (Wrath, Cata, Legion, BFA, Shadowlands, Classic, Classic TBC). I raided Classic WoW with my previous guild (Death) up until Blackwing Lair and stopped playing for several months due to life. Picked back up when Shadowlands came out and started playing Classic again a couple weeks before pre-patch dropped. Was one of the top parsing healers for MC / Blackwing, and looking to get back into raiding for TBC.