Experienced Prot Paladin LF raid guild (fully raid geared prot and holy)

As the title suggest I am looking for a new guild and raid team.
I have cleared all TBC content weekly since launch and have spent way too much time in azeroth and raid content for my own good.

Reason for looking:
My current guilds’ raid team that I was part of lost their lead and have suffered bad turn ups in the last few weeks.

What do I bring:

  • 10+ years of main tank experience across all content since wrath of the lich king.
  • Experience as a class leader for paladins in several expansions, also small stint as priest class lead in cataclysm.
  • Raid leading experience
  • Cleared most raid content since wrath, including mythic raiding since Legion.
  • I am also hilarious
  • fully geared Prot and holy sets (bar a few pieces(tier shoulders))

I live in Japan which is one timezone earlier than east coast AUS.
guilds that start a little later are ideal as work can occasionally drag out. #salaryman
I am open for any interested party. hit me up. always open for a discord call.

Not necessarily looking for a cutting edge guild, but I am looking for a raiding guild with an established raid team, not a guild which pugs half the raid every week.
Primarily seeking a guild where I can play protection, but open to fill in as holy and potentially ret (when I have a set for it).