Experienced players look for raid team

We are just a couple of experience veteran WoW players who have done it all through the years. From casual, to pvp/arenas, to US top 100 raiding (in retail). We are looking for a place to call home for the duration of TBC. Preferably we are looking for a start up raid team/guild that is filling out its core spots that we can join in on the ground floor and grow with. we aren’t completely opposed to larger guilds with multiple raid teams but it seems that most of those type of guilds seem to have their clicks and groups that they like to run with (which is totally cool and understandable).

We are definitely looking to raid no more than 2 nights a week and MUST be during the week (NO WEEKENDS). We prefer later in the evening usually starting 7p est or later.

If you think you have the right fit for us please reach out. You can reach on my btag @ corv#1911