Experienced Player LF Guild

Hey everyone,

I am looking for an active guild for Shadowlands. I am 40 years old and look to play in my off time with a group of like-minded adult people. I am married and have 3 children, so I do have limited time to game as most professionals do. The guild should be active enough to have regular mythic key groups and raids.

I have done up to Heroic progression content since WOTLK. I am not an amazing player, but I think I can hold my own and consider myself a competent player who can learn and adapt. I did not do Heroic content in BFA, but did run regular mythic keys. Although it has been a while do to the inactivity of my guild. I would imagine that I have some rust.

Summary of Experience:

Max Level Alliance characters include: Priest, Warlock, Paladin, DK, and DH.

I am currently working on leveling a druid and a shaman, but have no plans for them at this time. With the current leveling adjustment, I think they should be max level in good time if I put my mind to do so.

Any (all) of these toons would be available to the guild for dungeon runs and raiding content. I am not looking to change servers. I am on Hellscream. I am not a mythic raider, although I think I could learn with the right group.

Reason for new guild:
I took a break toward the end of BFA and when I returned my guild was pretty much gone too. I have not seen players online for several months now and figured it was obvious that the guild was not going to come back. I loved my guild and played with them for my time in BFA. I hold no hard feelings toward them. I just wanted to be able to have a solid group of people who are going to be active in content.


I am online quite a bit - probably more than I should be. lol

I am not available on Wednesday nights due to my professional schedule.

Optimally raids would begin around 7:30 pm CST and end around 10 pm CST.

Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays are doableā€¦but not all of them. My wife would be very unhappy. Two nights would be optimal, three would be pushing it depending on how many hours of committed raiding.

The key for me is scheduling.

Thank you for reading my little ad. I look forward to Shadowlands!