Experienced Healer/Tank LF Guild

My friend and I have been looking for a guild to run keys with for season 3 and beyond. We basically fell into the LFG trap since both of our previous guilds have fallen apart since BFAs launch. I have enough experience to play any healer/tank in both M+ and Raids, and she has been a main healer for many years and we also have toons on both Horde and Alliance. Our primary goal is to push keys as often as possible and might be interested in raiding to supplement our gearing in pursuit of higher M+. Raiding is definitely secondary but we will consider committing to raid nights if we find some chemistry with a new guild. Thanks for reading and good luck in 8.2!!

Hey Murdock!

Moted is an AotC focused guild, that also enjoys pushing some mythic content when we’re able, but mythic and CE is not our focus. We enjoy raiding in a lighter environment that ‘hard-core’. We raid, we m+, we HAVE FUN! We have an active disord and ingame player base, we’re online most nights. This is not a ‘log in for raid’ type of guild! We’re active!

1/9M, 9/9H(week 5), 2/2H(week1)

We raid Tue & Thu from 8p-11p EST with an optional ‘fun-run’ on Monday where we clear out mythic champs a few times for alts, and do normal/early heroic. We also open up our weekly heroic clears to alts!

Add me if you’d like to hear more!

Discord(preferred): Jaystir#1204
Bnet: Jaystir#1960