Experience + Rest Experience

I have show experience gained in chat. Each time I kill something like I just did on my lvl 50 mage it shows in chat “Venomtip Scorpid dies, you gain 678 experience. ( + 339 exp rested Bonus)”. but my XP only goes up the regular amount the 678 not including the Rested XP +339. So I assume this is a bug as all my characters get only the regular XP not the rested +XP. So is this correct or if not my character have been loosing a lot of XP which means my character should be way high lvl if the Rest XP had been given as it states + Amount. this has been going on like this since I started playing Classic when it opened.

Rested xp means you will get double the xp you normally would. The Venomtip Scorpid was worth 339 xp and you being rested earned another 339. The way it’s reported confused me at first as well. It basically means you got 678 xp of which 339 was rested.


Then if your right it shouldn’t be saying you get X amount of XP ( + ) X amount of rested XP. The (+) amount should be saying (Included Rest XP) not a +. Also I used all my Rested XP to see what I get without it and still got the 678 XP with no rested XP, So it shows that the Rested is not part of the regular XP. But a extra XP that should be added to the amount.