Experience Event / Pre -patch

Any date set on this maybe I missed it? Please don’t rush this and launch Wrath two weeks after like TBC.

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Two weeks after TBC.


A few weeks before prepatch until launch, lasting 6-8 weeks total, that’s all the info we got.

You just pulled that out of your back pocket, Blizz said anywhere between 2-8 weeks.

They experience event? they said 6-8 weeks.

Prepatch they said 2-8 weeks


Ah, sorry, I misunderstood.

Their wording puts prepatch at what… around 3 to 5 weeks?

I would be shocked if it is longer than 3 weeks which is what I’m 95% certain we’ll get.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if we only got around 6 weeks of xp buff, gotta sell them boosts right? Can’t have too many people level easy.


I’m 95% certain you’re wrong.

Oh, no!

Whatever shall I do?

The Joyous Journeys event will be the 6-8 weeks prior to Release:

They’ve also said that Pre-Patch will be 2-6 weeks, and people are expecting 4:

So assuming the Pre-Patch is 4 weeks, there’ll be 2-4 weeks of XP, then 4 weeks of Pre-Patch, before release. Which means we have at least 2 weeks after they start the XP buff before we hit Pre-Patch, and they haven’t done it yet.

Have you ever tried being right for a change?


They haven’t given an actual date but the way they’re talking especially with fresh servers there’s no inject they can get away with a 2 week pre patch.

What I hope personally I’m hoping a month at the very least a month to 2 months prepatch So 30 days at least to 60 days.

And I don’t know if they’re going to do that but they do agree that 2 weeks is way too short so The only thing we know for sure No less than 2 weeks no longer than 6 and when you know the experience event is going to be at least 6 to 8 weeks.



Would a hug help, friend?


I honestly wish they’d release the XP event early. It’d be nice to level my alts with.


You’ll probably do that wrong, too.

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The exp event should be going on right now and taking advantage of peoples summer vacations and pulling people back into the game but no.


probably next week or the week after