Expand searching/sorting

Dear Blizzard,
I love your game, i really do, been playing it for 15 years. I love how there is always more to do, more to collect, more armor classes to complete the transmog lists. With the recent expansion of white/gray quality armor pieces there are now hundreds (probably, i didn’t count) of new choices added to each armor class. However, your search menu still only has one selection piece, “how it’s obtained.”

I think it’s time this sorting menu gets expanded, and threefold. As a baseline I think two items are required: sort by expansion, sort by color; and after that a “random” option.

Expansion: a simple popout menu where i can choose to only look at WOLTK or WOD items. You have this capability in the dungeon journal, why not the mog menu?

Color scheme: I realize there are many colors put into the armor/weapon pieces. I think the best option is sorting the list by predominant color, near-predominant color, accent color. So if I clicked the box for “Red” I would see items are that clearly red, then mostly red, then partially red. Also, keep it simple to a few choices, no reason to overburden the team: White, gray, brown, black, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. You could even expand it to special colors (gold, silver, magic).

This is the QOL upgrade we need.
TLDR; add better search options to mog menu.