Exp Resto Druid Looking for Mythic Guild

Long time resto druid looking for a guild. Been playing since vanilla (minus Warlords), been playing druid main since Wrath. I’ve been resto and balance over the years, but prefer resto heavily.

I’m looking to continue mythic level progression. I’m not looking for a super hardcore guild, as I have kids and I’m a nurse, but I also have no desire to bang my head against a wall with a group that can’t figure basic mechanics out. Historically, my guilds and I have made it about midway through mythic each raid tier; however, most of those guilds fell apart all together before we could continue.

My biggest issue is my work schedule, as I only have Tuesdays consistently off. Every other week, I work one of the other days (again, I’m a nurse, ugh). I also work nights so a late night guild would be great. It’s possible I could get a day changed, but it’s very difficult to do so. Anyway, if that’s something you can work around, please feel free to reply or message me on bnet- CareBear#11748 or on disc CareBear#4510. :smiley:

Note: I’m also open to any server/faction.