Exp. Fury Warrrior LF BFA Heroic Guild


Returning back to BFA, very experienced Fury Warrior looking for a Horde Heroic guild that raids 2 nights a week between Tues-Thurs and from 9pm - 11:30 EST.

My previous guild split in Legion shortly after I left (guild consisted of ex Top 30 raiders) and at the time we were server 3rd on Emerald Nightmare progressing on Mythic (I left WoW due to personal reasons at the time).

Looking for a chill guild that can clear Heroic efficiently, granted as I’m just coming back I have some catch up to do. Neck is at 63 working on getting it to 65 and sitting at 414 lvl.

If you want to check my logs please reference Emerald Nightmare Heroic as this is when I was committed to progression.


Well versed in simcraft and getting the most out of my class.

If you want to learn more please feel to reach out to me Hasteo#1714