Exotic Pets for All Specs

For people who are mostly interested in class flavor/feel over the meta, how many feel locked into playing BM because MM and Surv simply cannot use the pets they tamed?

There’s multiple quests or special events to tame rare, special pets-- but specifically for Beast Master hunters. Hati, of course, comes to mind.

Imagine playing a Void Elf hunter and taming that Void Wolf from WoD Shadowmoon Valley’s secret questline, but not being able to use it because your preferred spec is Marksmanship.

Imagine being a Dark Iron hunter and being unable to use a corehound as your pet. Why is that even “Exotic” to you? You live in a volcano.

Zandalari Trolls who almost exclusively have dinosaurs as pets cannot have a devilsaur as a pet if they’re playing Survival to fight toe-to-toe alongside their pet.

The “Exotic” tag needs to be removed from pet taming. BM hunters get the option to have 2 pets at one time and that alone is enough to set them apart from other specs. Edit: Though of course, they shouldn’t feel locked into having that talent just to feel unique. Maybe something else to set them apart?


How come so many people don’t like things that are spec-specific? To me it gives specs such a cool identity.


BM’s biggest attraction is their Exotic Pets to make them available to all hunters BM would lose quite a bit of appeal and flavor.


Also, exotic pets have two abilities. This makes them inherently better than any non-exotic pet. As long as an exotic has an ability that is useful in a scenario there is no reason to use a non-exotic.

They counteract this by limiting exotics to those hunters that are master tamers. Something your average survival or marksman won’t be.


I would say that Exotic pets should be tamable by all hunters after a certain level.


Since BM hunters can now have 2 pets out at the same time(sort of), I would want to see the change of them allowing us to make use of multiple pet-specific abilities. By that, I don’t mean the abilities found in the specializations such as Primal Rage or SotF. I mean things like Spirit Mend or Deadly/Toxic Sting.

With this, I also think that they should ease up on the restrictions put on MM hunters that go with Lone Wolf, at least to a degree.

For example, if you as MM use a pet, you ofc have access to it’s specific special ability/abilities.
If you instead go with Lone Wolf, you will be a little more restricted compared to if you use actual pets, but, you should still have access to things such as additional
Defenses(DRs from Crolusks or Turtles),
Dodge increases(like those of Foxes or Cats),
Mortal Wounds(like from Scorpids or Wasps) or perhaps even certain
“Triggered Defenses”(like from Camels or Goats).

Ofc you’re limited to picking 1 of these if you use Lone Wolf.
SV, can only use 1 pet so, you get what that pet provides.
BM, with 2 pets out, gets abilities/effects from the 2 pets chosen.

Oh, and with that, can they just go ahead and turn Animal Companion into a baseline passive choice for us? Instead of locking it behind a talent.
Make it so it’s only a choice of aesthetics + some small utility, not damage.

If the added utility part is too much baseline, we have talent tiers which focus on utility so…make that into such a talent then. Where, if picked, we can now benefit from multiple pet’s special abilities as BM.

Maybe change exotic pets into exotic skills as BM only?

You can tame all the rare spirit beasts you like, you just do not get the heals from them.


Then maybe they need something else to make them more appealing other than “You get the cool pets and spec-exclusive content to get said pets while the other specs get snubbed”.

Getting two pets out at once is spec-specific, as are the abilities that summon beasts to attack the enemy, like Stampede. We need more of that and less, “You’re can’t have a pet that fits your race because it’s arbitrarily a special kind of pet.”

Why not have those special abilities only available to BM hunters? Moreover, giving other “bonus” abilities to basic pet types so it’s not, “Well, I’d best be using an Exotic pet or I’m wasting my time.”

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There is nothing more spec identity based than Stampede. It was a real shame the ability was nerfed to the point it was no longer viable as BiS. Just as Barrage screams Marksman, we need Stampede back in BiS, as long as you time and point it right. Also, Stampede calling the pets from stables was awesome, we could theme to our endless fun.

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Here’s the only acceptable answer:


Then bm hunters should get harpoon, diamond ice on traps, mending bandage. Aimed shot, scatter shot, and a larger range.

…see how that sounds…your literally asking to take away the benefits of being bm. Exotic pets are what we get. You get longer range on attacks as mm and things that one shot on damage…and really good cc potential as survival and a heal…bm gets it’s heals and ms and freedoms from it’s pets. Even though you can still use a raptor as survival and still get ms and freedom in pvp which imo is dumb. Since bm is forced into raptors or the like for half of not more of their arenas which softens what makes them special over survival as is

Barrage screams Marksman? Lol, I don’t think that ability has been used in years by any marks hunter.

Since they’re capping barrage at 8 targets I doubt anyone is going to use it now. It was my go to pull the room spell but i’m not sure how effective it’s going to be from here on out.

The tuning in it is garbage. Explosive Shot on 6 targets does more damage than Barrage on 8, and Barrage has a higher Focus cost and shorter cooldown, making it more difficult to properly use it in the rotation. Also Explosive Shot still deals more damage than Arcane Shot single target, while Barrage is a DPS loss.

Barrage is fundamentally flawed right now. Needs to go back to uncapped targets (but cap the damage at 8 targets) and bump up the damage significantly to be competitive.

I think we are talking about the animation, and having markman not using it is exactly why we are here.

this would be fantastic