Exiting Lesser Vision bug?

For the past two nights, after I have completed the Lesser Vision daily in Uldum and clicked on the portal/obelisk to zone out, I’ve been instantly killed, then automatically rezzed beside the quest giver back in Uldum proper. This is the first time I’ve encountered this problem.

I check my logs and see nothing to indicate a mob or even enemy player interaction. It just says “You died”. The only noteworthy difference is that I’ve had the Darkmoon Faire buff both times I’ve tried it.


This has been happening to me too. It’s a little annoying racking up a repair bill despite still having 90% of my sanity bar left while leaving the lesser vision.

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So this was also happening on my druid. Tonight I went in without any DMF buff (not sure that even matters but, still), and I actually made it a point to not be in travel form, and I didn’t die. I have NO idea if any of that is related, but hopefully Etamalgren it might help you out!

This has been happening to me too. Very annoying to see, you have died, when exiting. Not even in combat or near to run out of sanity.

Just had the same thing happen on my druid when exiting a lesser vision. I clicked the [OK] in the dialog to exit, and just saw the flash of what looked like another dialog box as the exit dialog was taken down and the load screen brought up.

I hadn’t even realized I had died until I noticed that my Ghastly Goulash buff was gone. I believe I was in travel form when I left the vision.