Execute-Smolerthorn. Welcoming new members

Execute is a Smolderthorn guild established in Classic WoW and we looking for dedicated and mature members to fill our raid group. Our main raid is on Friday’s and Saturday’s from 7-10 PM CST. We also have an alt raid on Wednesday from 7-10 PM CST. We are currently focused on Heroic progress with the possibility of moving toward Mythic.

Outside of raiding, we try to encourage our members to play together. We strive to eliminate the need to PuG anything you would like to do. (i.e. Mythic+, Achievements, Transmog runs, Arenas, RBGs, Alt runs, Questing, World PvP, Guild Events, etc.)

If you are interested in a community that does a bit of everything, please contact any of the officers in the guild or send me a message in discord.

Discord: Ardriena#3092