Excited to be merging! <Make Azeroth Great Again> Looking for all roles to rebuild raid core -- W/Th 8:30-11pm EST

We are a core group of close friends who need some decent dps to fill our ranks. We like to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously. We want to get AOTC but not at the cost of your real life and having fun playing. We razz each other constantly and it’s important you be ready to dish it and take it if you’re going to fit in.

Our Discord is very active and we are often doing M+ runs, islands, etc but the goal here is not to carry you.

If you are interested or have questions feel free to hit me on bnet eluned#11944

what a crap guild name


Thanks! You know, one of my officers suggested changing it because we get responses like yours, but I feel it is a great way to weed out the people who won’t get our humor.


Knowing how the Classic version of this guild name turned out, I get a feeling your “joke” will attract a bunch of “jokers.”

Literally have no idea what you’re talking about. Thanks?

A group of Streamers made a guild named Make Azeroth Great Again as a joke, but eventually as the guild grew larger, more and more people from 4chan started to join the guild.

And the guild just became an unironic political message board.

Sounds gross. I like to say in /2 We need a better wall around Arathi! We do though. That’s funny. Not political. :slight_smile:

Poe’s law fam